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Dream About Yard Work meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Inside story:
I had to dump this friend. I'm not going to tell you the whole thing, because it was pretty immature and I could have stopped it before. Look I'm going to the right path of maturity.

Dream #1
Someone rings the doorbell and I go open the door. I see my ex best friend with her mom smiling a lot to me. Behind them was white meaning it was bright.

Dream # 2:
For some reason, I was a penguin in Club Penguin (yea I'm 13 i still play it HA HA) and she was there and was said something rude and I said don't shut it or something like that.

Look I do not miss her. She was a real jerk to me. She was probably jealous of me and tried to tear me apart. ALMOST worked. But then I got a "slapped on the face" and went straight on to mature.
I don't want to have friends like her. SHe's not even supportive but she was funny and nice.

Whatever I have other friends.

Do you want an actual dream analyst to tell you the meaning of your dreams? Or do you want to actually know what they mean? If you want to actually know, then think about it yourself. The only person who can truly figure out your dream is you, because it is a reflection of your subconscious, wherein symbols will be used that may only hold meaning to you, and you alone. For example, my recent ex-girlfriend used to play soccer when she was in highschool, and whenever I see a soccer ball I think of her. But if I go to a dream analyst and say "In my dream I was driving, I don't know where, but in the passenger seat next to me there was a soccer ball." The dream analyst might say something like "Perhaps you feel like you want to try a new sport, or be more active." But, only I know that the soccer ball actually symbolizes my ex, and the dream was showing me that I still miss having her next to me in the car. It may seem like a confusing task, but trust me, you know what your dreams mean. You just need to think about them.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream recently that I was first standing in the middle of a large yard(?) and there were some people behind me. I started moving my hands and arms as if I was trying to control something and a few seconds later I see a huge ball of water coming towards me from above the trees. I try to have it lift me but it just falls on the ground and I try to control it again but I can't. Then it goes to me standing in a small opening in the forest at night sitting or standing next to a campfire. I put my hand in front of the fire and think in my head trying to move the fire. Then a small flame appears in my hand. I try to make it bigger but I can't. Then it dies and I repeat that once more until I wake up. I've looked on sites about dreams but none of them said anything about the elements, controlling them, or anything else. Please help and don't bother to post stupid answers.

Example: Any idea what this dream meant?

i'm just wondering because i had this dream two nights in a row.. anyways.. it's pretty short.. but i was in the car driving.. i think i was alone? but i'm not sure.. my friend might have been in the car with me.. i can't remember. anyways, this guy asked for a ride or just to sit in my car for a little while or something.. he was older.. and right when he got in the car and shut the door.. he smiled at me really weird.. like i shouldn't of let him in my car, and pulled out a gun and held it right to my head and told me to start driving.. i started to drive.. but then i woke up.. i've had this dream twice. i was just curious if this dream means anything or not? i just know it felt so real.. and scared me pretty bad.. like i find myself thinking about that dream during the day as well.. it's really weird.

Example: I found a strange dream catcher in a old grave yard and I dont no wut it means.?

I was in Rose City Michigan on a trip. We took a trip to this 1800s grave yard. It was very creepy and I got some intresting pictures but one unexplanable thing was wut appeared to be a dream catcher. It was made of sticks. The sticks made a circle with strings wraped all around it and it had a big fether stuck in the middle. It was hanging on a tree next to the grave of a 23 yearold girl. A bit of history. The grave yard was right acrossed from where the old town used to be. The town has since burnt down and the grave yard is all that remains. Thank you for reading and any insight any one could give me would be much apreciated.

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream where I needed a banana. I looked around the house and found none in the fruit bowl. I search even more and find a giant banana tree in my front yard (you couldn't miss it). I then go upstairs and reach out of my window but cannot reach a bunch. I then look up and see that my parents are hoarding bananas on their balcony. I then jump on my roof and climb to the balcony and eat as many bananas as possible.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that it was snowing, so me and my little sister went outside to look, when we stepped out side we saw a small child just standing there in the middle of the yard. she wouldnt speak, or communicate in anyway at all. We thought maybe she ran away from home so we asked her to come inside so we could help her. well you know how confusing dreams can be im not really sure what all happened but im pretty sure the child turned out to be an angel... any ideas what this could possibly mean? please dont be rude or smart or anything like that. please be serious.

Example: What does this dream mean? Seriously?

I was walking through people's yards on the side of the road, picking up random people's unneeded trinkets, on my way home from somewhere, but I don't know where. I walked through one yard with beautiful green grass and two picnic tables, but there was also a man there. He looked to be hispanic (I'm not trying to be rascist or steryotypical, he just really was), around his late teens or early 20's. He said some remark about me like a drunk man would say (Hey there Pretty Lady; Sup Sexy?) and began to follow me. He was carrying a knife in one hand, a kitchen knife, and something in the other, but I can't remember what it was. So anyway, he was following me, and his yard was the last one, so after that was nothing but a shallow forest. I kept walking and picked up my pace, frightened and unsure what to do. When he wouldn't leave me alone, I reached into my back pocket. I can't remember anything else he said this whole dream except when I was reaching into my pocket, he said "What is that? A sock?" So anyway, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pocket knife, keeping it hidden in my hand until I got it around the front and pulled it opened. I really didn't want to have to kill him, so I just turned around and threatened him with it. He wasn't scared at all, obviously. He just kept harassing me and teasing me, so I slit his arm. That only made him more angry, so I did it again in hopes of slowing him down. When that didn't work, I just turn around and ran. He was following maybe a foot behind, breathing heavy. Eventually, I had to slow down, and he kept slicing my back with his knife, but it was like a couldn't feel anything. All I felt was someone's fingers running down my back, but no blades, yet somehow I knew he was cutting me. After awile of playing tag because it didn't seem I could lose him, a couple of old ladies walked by, carrying parts to metal beds. I yelled for help, and the ladies came walking over. They looked at the guy chasing me, shook their heads, and just stood there. Frustrated, I picked up my pace again and began to run off down the road again, the man not far behind me. After a bit, I turned back around, and cut him across the stomach, digging the knife in as deep as I could. The old lady told me something about aiming for something when I cut, but I can't remember what she said. He was enraged by now, so I turned around and kept running as fast as I could, the guy behind me the whole time, wheezing. It was agony for him to run, but he just kept comming. I whirled around once more, slitting his stomach again, then turned back around to keep running. Some of his guts were on the blade. I could hear him wheezing behind me for a short while longer, but then he was gone. When I looked back over my shoulder, he was just standing there, holding his cut-opened stomach. After that, I turned back around and kept going. I hadn't wanted to kill him, but there was no other option. As I was walking away, I finally woke up.

Example: What this dream meant?

I decided that i go to bed early last night,so whole night i had dreams,actually,all dreams ware parts of one big dream.I will tell you dreams one by one,and when i woke up.
1)First time when i fell asleep:I was in bus,with my mother,she was with me cause it was my first day in new school (in a dream).I was telling her that i can go alone,and that there is no need that she should be with me cause i m old enough.She said OK,there are some kids going to school,go with them.I said hi to one of them,and he started to be friendly with me,so we continued on to new school.
2)I woke up and fell asleep soon after that again:I was in new school already,more precise,we ware in yard of school.We i saw my friends from old school,and i interacted with them.We talked about some things,i can't exactly remember about what.
3)Now dream stopped and i appeared in new classroom,it was large and uncomfortable,i felt like it was cold,any way,i saw some new teacher entering classroom.When she done with greetings,my teacher of physics from old school started a physics class.
4)I woke up,and felt asleep again:I was in some hole with one of my best friends,and the sexiest girl from my old class(that is one of my best friends too),we started having sex (i know it is funny,but i m trying to be honest)and shortly after that physic teacher opened that hole,and told us to get out of the hole,she did not see what we re doing (i think)!
5)Now the most important part comes.I woke up on my planed time (5 A.M,and i wake for school usually on 7 A.M),I moved the computer mouse to see did process that i turned on 10 hours ago finished...It did not,so i decided to sleep until usual 7 A.M.After going to bathroom,i returned to sleep:Now i found myself on recess in that school,with same friend from the hole...We found out that there is one lunatic hold in a cell on other side of the school (now interesting things begin to happen).He breaks out of a cell and he comes to us (me and my friend Bojan (my name is Stefan)).He asked us something,and we told him that we came to this school cause of him,and that he is so cool,so he would not kill us.He took AK-47 and started shooting at other kids.Me and my friend got out of a building to think a plan.I charged at him,but he just let me pass.I exited the building through the other doors.When i exited through THAT exit,i found myself in MY OWN yard,just like i was in my uncles (that lives in same yard,but different house then me)house.I was not sure how i got there,so i figured out it was a dream and became lucid (not for a first time).I climbed up a stairs to my house,and i entered the TV in my mothers sleeping room.I fell down,it was all white (yes all white,i could not see the ground,and,i was not alone,there was some people driving skate on one place (8-10).I took one skate and tried to do some tricks,but i failed to do them.

Does that have to do with my interest with skates lately?
Someone PLEASE explain to me what that WHOLE dream meant if you can.
Thanks in advance!

Example: What does this dream mean? ?

The dream I had started off at my house. My mother was sitting in the back yard on the deck. In our yard there was tremendous flooding. I don't think it was raining but in the yard under the water we noticed a baby laying faced down in the water. I also noticed that the water was sort of like a river or a large body of water. So my Mother picks it up and brings it inside. Later on in the dream my sister enters and we are in the basement of the house. Then she picks up the baby. I then noticed that the baby looks exactly like my sister. And then the dream ends. What does this dream mean?

Example: What could my dream mean?

Like every other dream i have, this dream is a bit distorted and jumps around from one scene to another however this is the first dream that i have where i saw a headstone with my name on it. I can vaguely remember the beginning but i here are the parts of my dream in sequence:
I was at a shopping center where i worked and the people i worked with were sisters of an ex best friend (which ive never worked with in my life), and another close friend that i did work with from 2006-2008 in a nearby city, and we were discussing who would work the saturday shift. I also remember running into another friend that i have who's a good friend, but not someone i talk to on a daily basis (shes more of a ill see you on your b day or when there's a gathering friend, and so i remember talking to her and she invites me to go down to the coast for a few days to celebrate her small business and its success, yet in reality this girl works at a Dr's office, ok then my dream veers off into a really nice condo that i was moving into but that was short and there wasn't too much detail about that. The last bits i can remember is of me walking down a busy street perhaps in a downtown area, and some one handed me a flyer, and at that point i noticed that the people around me became really aggressive and overbearing to one another so i stop at this intersection and this girl starts talking to me, and she starts to imply that i am in denial about something, but never does she tell me that i am dead. So in a panic i i run away and the before i know it im alongside a cemetery and im drawn into the yard. Theres this old black hearse that pulls into the yard over other graves and at the very place the hearse stopped, the headlights shunned down on to a headstone. I take a peek at the copper red stone and see a part of my last name, so i sweep off the dirt from the stone, and i see my last name first, then my first name, and underneath is what appears to be my birth and death date but all i can make out is my death year which read 2008. That was over 2 years ago. m Once i saw that stone, i began praying and the before i knew it the stone was gone and the man who was driving the hearse appears and starts fiddling with a nearby grave, and then i realize im not dead, and i wake up. What could the tombstone with my name resemble? all answers are appreciated

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