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Dream About Yapping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: A NEW POEM , BY ME ..?

I call it : dying or stopping crying
My life was glinted by you ,
My life was gilded by you ,
With you my life was a Sonnet ,
& your voice , made my life toned,
My days were crowned by your face,
but in the end , farewell must take place,
Goodbye , That's the time my eyes became blind,
That's the time my heart was tight,
Goodbye , I did never know how this word,
is harder than any word a heart can hold,
No more to bear , to die , to frown ,
to cry , to weep that's how my day goes,
When I remember you dad , that's how my life blows,
Muffled screams ,
Faded tears, !
& when I sleep
about you I always dream
words could never express,
how my life is full of distress ,

You have conveyed emotion SO well and so powerfully here that I just want you to take it and chisel it (I mean your writing skills, not this particular poem) into the diamond I believe you will. Just keep writing and reading and maybe practice the disciplines of formed verse.(SONNETS ARE HARD. No one agrees whether it is or isn't a sonnet no matter WHAT LOL) I would never have said this several hundred YAP posts ago. People are going to get on your case about meter and syllable stress but the intentions are to bring your words more weight, not to dissuade or deter you. You are the keeper of your poems though so do not listen to any advice if it doesn't make you feel that the critique is valid. Argue for your reasons and rhymes when you must but let some of the people with professional editing skills help you.

Example: What does it mean when you dream a babies front teeth coming in?

Last nite i had a dream that my 3 month old had got his front teeth. What does that mean?

Example: (10 pts) Does anyone who speaks Japanese knows the translation of the lyrics of the Ranma 1/2 song?

Example: What does dream mean? Please help, quite curious!?

Can anyone analis dreams? If you do could you get in touch with me and tell me what my dream means. I'll give you a brief but i'd rather give it in detail!
I was with a guy I know at my school and were going through a corridor we wern't supposed to be in and we got caught so we started to run. He was a faster runner than me and caught up with me and held onto me round me waist. When we got to the end we relaxed. We flirted and then kissed. There's more to it like we talk to other people but I can't be bothered to write it out! I've never fancied his guy before but after my dream I've started to have feelings for him. Anyone able to help? Thanks

Example: The worst President in the last 50 years . . .?

So many people are quick to say Bush. They are either ignorant of history, or slept through the 70's.

- gas prices tripled in most places and long lines at gas stations.
- Inflation killed the economy reaching a staggering 21%.
- Unemployment was at the highest levels since the great Depression above 8% nationally, 11% for Blacks in most places.
- the military was in shambles, had no money for training or spare parts.
- the moral in the military was lower than it was during the Viet Nam war.
- the Dow Jones was microscopic compared to today, 4-600!
- the government stole the Olympic dreams of the American athletes by not letting them go to the Moscow Games, even though they had not given one penny to support those athletes in their training.
- allowed 52 hostages to be held for 444 days by Iran!
- got a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a peace deal that did nothing but hurt Israel and strengthen the Arab terrorists.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i remember only so much it was a couple of days ago. in the dream i was in a crowded place (maybe a concert) and from behind came my dad and told me something, to which i responded "so what i dont believe in god" so he mustve asked in th dream something like "would a christian do this or be here?"

what does it mean?
personally i dont feel connected to god as i have been depressed for the past couple of years. and ive started to stop believing eventually cause of the lack of help from him when i prayed.


ok, here's the thing, i don't mean to offend anyone esp that particular person who just posted something like, is there a possibility that a filipino player could make it on NBA? i was ok with the question until he mentioned that he thinks JAMES YAP COULD BE A POSSIBLE PROSPECT. I mean, wake up, there's no chance of him getting into the nba, and the worst part is, stupid commentators and i mean REAL STUPID commentators of PBA are even calling him KING JAMES, i mean c'mon, if LeBron James would see and hear that he was just being compared with some goofball with probably no good D, (and yes it goes to all the PBA teams) no good gold digger whatever you call him bullshit, i think he wouldn't even consider it as a humor or aspiration to his greatness - king james himself. Philippines couldn't even beat China in Fiba, how is it possible that any of them could make it on NBA? I'm a filipino and i admit that i'm a b-ball fan but not the PBA certainly. This is not about patriotic bullshit so to those who would react that i'm not being "makabayan" GTFO. if you understand what i meant by that, it's just that i'm being factual, realistic. And yes, how could someone refuse to play on NBA? WHO ON EARTH WOULD DO THAT WHEN EVERY BALLER DREAMS ON MAKING IT BIG SOMEDAY? I'm sorry but i just don't believe the Johnny A. story, plus this james yap thread. If ever NBA would accept yap, that's the time i believe that Kobe and the like should really play on Euroleague and yes, you call james yap a clutch player? do you even know what you are talking about, a "clutch player"? omg. Nate Rob would school his *** all day, even the worst benchwarmers in NBA could school anybody in PBA. take it from me. Hate me or curse me for this thread i don't give a damn, but to those who have the same ideas like me, feel free to post your comments, anyway, i expect some of the rude feedback from dumb people, so enjoy hating me. Let's just stick to boxing where undeniably Filipinos are DOMINATING. that's an A grade right there.

Example: This is for everyone I have ever known at YAP, especially those that have been here for 4 years+, C/C?

Have you felt the changes that are coming to our realm?
a subtle prompting
from the sensor hairs
on the back of my neck
makes me wary and watchful
I detect the eye
that sees through me
to you and can sever our link
in the time that it takes to blink, blink

I woke up from a dream where I had lost you all,
and the server
was not responding
had severed connectivity
emails sent back mailerdaemon
failed to reach you,
so I tried to get you to answer
my telempathy, but it was too vague
for you and you all refused to see. See?

Please remember that they can only break us apart
if we lose heart.
I mean this most seriously.
II will never forget you, each of you
has come to mean quite a lot in my world
my fiingers curled
around this pistol, one
in the chamber, took a shot
and got back a blessing of thoughts
and beliefs
brought me wings
and a song that soared
over the top of what was once lost

Poets, mystics, Lovers of art, heavy hearts worn on sleeves.
Please believe in the impossible,
and do not let go when
you catch that star.
It has fallen
just for you,
just so you
will feel the love
that is a galaxy spinning inside of me.

Example: This dream has upset me to no end. Please help me..?

figure out what it means.

I can't really remember the beginning but I was running to save my brother from being attacked but had to fight tribes of the "lords" protectors. I finally came to a dogs army as to who I realised was my dog.

(My dog is a samoyed if that means anything?!) Anyway, once she saw me she dropped her angry stance and greeted me in her usual way. The dream shifted and it was just me and my dog, I then grabbed her and cut at her throat.. but I couldn't the knife wouldn't go through so I was just sawing at her whilst she was crying and struggling. Eventually I just cut her down the face and she went limp.

Thats all I have to say on it, so it was so long winded.. Its just really upset me.

Example: Yap-pity Yap...a poem...c\c...?

dlihceovL...I used Denmark because that was the location of the rotten stench Shakespeare mentions in "Hamlet". I became a member Oct, last year. I had no idea there was a member called "Denmark" causing you and Dallas grief. I haven't seen that name since I joined. Perhaps something more than intrigue is haunting this sphere. This is the weirdest coincidence, considering the message is meant to address issues such as yours. My jaw dropped to the floor when I read your answer. This even gave Vlad a jolt and, you know full well, nothing shocks him.

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