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Dream About Yahoo meanings

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Example: Meaning of dreams?

What is a good website to find the meaning of a dream as I keep having the same one nearly every night and just wondering what it means and all the website I visit just have the common dreams? thanx

If you are having the same dream every night, it is very pertinent. However, I don't think you will find the meaning of it using the standard formulae of symbols and their meanings given by books and websites. You have to analyse your dream in the context of your own life. It is some work that you need to do on your own or with a good friend (I prefer friends to shrinks!). For me, repetitive dreams often have to do with an anxiety that I am having in my life, such as a dread or a problem that I cannot solve. A typical repetitive dream would be one where, for example, I am on a plane that is about to crash. The meaning would be that I have to get my act together to avoid catastrophe, such as stop writing answers on Yahoo lest I get fired!

Example: How can i tell what my dreams mean?

Just wondering what my dreams meant, any websites or something?

Example: Why do people think dreams mean things?

There just random thoughts inn your head put togather and played out infront of you while you sleeping they have no meaning but why is yahoo full of questions about what does this dreeam means and what does that dream mean

Example: I've never been outside of the R&S section of yahoo answers but stumbled in here. What does this dream mean?

I keep dreaming my ex-wife and kids(not mine) keep showing up(they live out of state), so far they actually have, twice. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you start to have dreams about Yahoo Answers?

Example: My lucid dream meaning.?

Last night I had a lucid dream where I ended up shooting myself in the chest instead of hurting others. But I didn't die. After I lay there bleeding out onto the floor the EMP's came and helped me and I was put in some sort of facility. I'm not sure what this means can anyone help me?

Example: Weird dream? Meaning?

i dreamed that was in school [i graduated a month ago] and my math teacher told me i was her favorite and called me gorgeous.. not sure what this means?..


Example: Which index i go to find the meaning of colors in a dreams? i got one already in my yahoo.answer team?

how to go for blog astrology where i can find the meaning of colors in a dream?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I saw a dream last night & i was punching a boxing bag so hard, i had a coach saying to me " come on you could do it". In real life i dont go gym. Then i saw myself saying to my crush ( were are not together,but i think he likes me) "you better not touch me, you saw before what happened". I saw myself drinking water and looking after flowers. Thanks for your answers.

Example: I had a really terrible dream, that Yahoo changed their format to look like spam mail. What does this mean?

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