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Dream About Xylophone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: R&P: What is your favorite song off of 69 Love Songs?

By The Magnetic Fields? Mine is Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long.

For those who don't know,this is a 3 volume release including these songs:

Volume 1
1."Absolutely Cuckoo" – 1:34
2."I Don't Believe in the Sun" – 4:16
3."All My Little Words" – 2:46 (vocals by LD Beghtol)
4."A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off" – 2:41
5."Reno Dakota" – 1:05 (vocals by Claudia Gonson)
6."I Don't Want to Get Over You" – 2:22
7."Come Back from San Francisco" – 2:48 (vocals by Shirley Simms)
8."The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side" – 3:43 (vocals by Dudley Klute)
9."Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits" – 2:25
10."The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be" – 1:11
11."I Think I Need a New Heart" – 2:32
12."The Book of Love" – 2:42
13."Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long" – 2:33
14."How ******* Romantic" – 0:58 (vocals by Klute)
15."The One You Really Love" – 2:53
16."Punk Love" – 0:58
17."Parades Go By" – 2:56
18."Boa Constrictor" – 0:58 (vocals by Simms)
19."A Pretty Girl Is Like..." – 1:50
20."My Sentimental Melody" – 3:07 (vocals by Beghtol)
21."Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" – 2:27
22."Sweet-Lovin' Man" – 4:59 (vocals by Gonson)
23."The Things We Did and Didn't Do" – 2:11
Volume two
1."Roses" – 0:27 (vocals by Beghtol)
2."Love Is Like Jazz" – 2:56
3."When My Boy Walks Down the Street" – 2:38
4."Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old" – 2:03
5."Very Funny" – 1:26 (vocals by Klute)
6."Grand Canyon" – 2:28
7."No One Will Ever Love You" – 3:14 (vocals by Simms)
8."If You Don't Cry" – 3:06 (vocals by Gonson)
9."You're My Only Home" – 2:17
10."(Crazy for You But) Not That Crazy" – 2:18
11."My Only Friend" – 2:01
12."Promises of Eternity" – 3:46
13."World Love" – 3:07
14."Washington, D.C." – 1:53 (vocals by Gonson)
15."Long-Forgotten Fairytale" – 3:37 (vocals by Klute)
16."Kiss Me Like You Mean It" – 2:00 (vocals by Simms)
17."Papa Was a Rodeo" – 5:01 (duet with Merritt and Simms)
18."Epitaph for My Heart" – 2:50
19."Asleep and Dreaming" – 1:53
20."The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing" – 2:46
21."The Way You Say Good-Night" – 2:44 (vocals by Beghtol)
22."Abigail, Belle of Kilronan" – 2:00
23."I Shatter" – 3:09
Volume three
1."Underwear" – 2:49
2."It's a Crime" – 3:54 (vocals by Klute)
3."Busby Berkeley Dreams" – 3:36
4."I'm Sorry I Love You" – 3:06 (vocals by Simms)
5."Acoustic Guitar" – 2:37 (vocals by Gonson)
6."The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure" – 3:10
7."Love in the Shadows" – 2:54
8."Bitter Tears" – 2:51 (vocals by Beghtol)
9."Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget" – 1:55
10."Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" – 2:19 (duet with Merritt and Gonson)
11."Experimental Music Love" – 0:29
12."Meaningless" – 2:08
13."Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin" – 1:46
14."Queen of the Savages" – 2:12
15."Blue You" – 3:03 (vocals by Klute)
16."I Can't Touch You Anymore" – 3:05
17."Two Kinds of People" – 1:10
18."How to Say Goodbye" – 2:48
19."The Night You Can't Remember" – 2:17
20."For We Are the King of the Boudoir" – 1:14 (vocals by Beghtol)
21."Strange Eyes" – 2:01 (vocals by Simms)
22."Xylophone Track" – 2:47
23."Zebra" – 2:15 (vocals by Gonson)

All of the songs are pretty idiotic,but I guess I'd pick "I'm sorry I love you" as the best. Speaking of the lesser of these evils that is...

Example: I had this weird dream? Does it have any meaning?

I had this dream where I was really clumsy. I don't mean just tripping, I mean breaking tons of stuff. First, we were at a church and I broke the new pipe organ. Then we were suddenly at my grandma's house. My teacher, Mrs. Kluesner was there. She had made this marble xylophone (my grandma's is made of marble in real life). I was sitting on the steps and all of the sudden I stood up and walked over to it. I broke it accidentally. I told Mrs. Kluesner and she said she was really disappointed in me. Then I ran outside and started bawling. Then I decided I could never be around people again.

This was one of those dreams where you don't know it's a dream and you are like freaking out and crying.

Example: What's that new red hot chili peppers song...?

I can't remember the lyrics, but it's new.

..."tell me baby, what's your story..." sorry, that's all I can remember, I just heard a bit of it in a commercial on tv

Example: What does this dream about Texas and percussion instruments mean?

I've never been to Texas in my life, but dreamt that I was in Fort Worth (I don't even know where that is on the map). While. I saw a musical store owned by a particular religion (I don't want to name). I went and asked if they had any xylophones with a computer monitor attached (I don't think they exist in real life) and asked how much they were. The man asked to see my ID, so I gave him my wallet, then I took my wallet back and he said they do and it's $80, I was happy and wanted to go in the store to see it, thrilled at the low cost. He was at a booth outside the store. He responded by giving me a receipt and stating I had already purchased it. I saw that he had cashed a check I had written to someone else for a concert, (you know how dreams are weird, I had possession of a check I had written/given to someone else lol) so I started yelling at him that now when the person would try to cash the check it would bounce and he'd get fees that would be near the $80 anyways (another dream thing, that HE'D get stiffed with the fines if my check bounces lol).

In real life I am converting to that religion and it is somewhat expensive so I have no idea if that has anything to do with anything. The only association I have with Texas is that I donated money to the hurricane victims (through my religious institution). Also an ex of mine moved there a couple years ago. And I associate Bush as being from there.

In another dream that night I couldn't find where i had parked my car, my friend who i'm not on talking terms with in real life, was giving me rides up and down the street lookng for it, it was embarassing, then i wondered if it was stolen.

Example: Help with a dream please. Green puppies, xylophones, and seashells!?

Hi. I was hoping someone could help me out with this dream I had.
There are 2 parts that I can clearly remember.

1 -
A guy, who in my dream I was romantically attached to and vice versa (but there was another guy who was liking me too), he was coming from the beach and walking up this staircase (like the kind you see at a beach, the somewhat long kind that isn't very steep) to get up to the house I was at. The thing was, on the stairs (and along his way to get up to the house) there were these *HUGE* seashells there. About five of them, placed along the staircase and about 3 or 4 of them I clearly remember looking like a heart. One of them was broken (there was only the upper most part of it). As he ascended the staircase to try and get to the house, he kept on getting frustrated by these huge seashells being in his way, yet he continued to push them out of his way and keep going up. I remember watching him, seeing how determined he was, and couldn't help but to find it a little funny.

2 -
In the house, in the kitchen, my boyfriend (in my dream, I am single in real life) had given me two puppies and they were green. (The only way to describe the color was 'nature green'. Just that refreshing feeling you get when you're outside with nature and green plants all around you.)
I remember him telling me that I could only choose one, which I had no problems with. The two puppies were playful and, lo and behold, on the floor, I saw two brown cloth bags. One of the puppies, in it's playful nature, knocked open one of the bags a little and I could see that it was filled with toy xylophones, a couple of which had klinked together to make a bit of noise, and two toy whistles (not those annoying little ones, but they looked more like recorders and I knew in my dream that they could make music, not just that lone, shrill whistle that they make). I also knew that it was the same inside the second bag, full of xylophones and a couple of whistles.

Example: Is it safe to say dream dictionaries are wrong?

Haha yeah my dream dictionary is the exact same way. If i dream about a xylophone then I'll be asked to participate in a pageant? I know for the most part it's all BS but a lot of times it interprets things correctly. Either it's lucky or I have a "That's So Raven" complex where I make my prediction from the dream book come true.

Example: Has anyone one had a dream that freaks u out?

i had a dream that a dog came out of my cabinet and turned its head all the way around and said "i can see every thing",

Example: My dream is to be an actress & a singer?

my dream is to be an actress& a singer. I can play 4 instruments (guitar, piano, violin, and xylophone) I've been playing these since I was little. I also know how to act and have been in plays at my local theature. I also can sing really good I take singing lessons, I can sing high notes like Mariah Carey and low too! I know how to dance as well. this is my dream and I have a real passion for this because I absolutely love it (: I just turned 17 and I know it's not going to be easy to be an actress & a singer. Even though I would not be starting at 15 like Justin Bieber did but since I'm talented and I do have the drive not just to quit when it gets hard and everything and when I make do you think I could have the success Justin Bieber has even though I'd be starting out a few years older then he did when he started? I also would love to sell out Madison Square Garden and somehow make a record like Justin bieber made a record by being the youngest person to sell out MSG. How would I make sure I have longevity in the business by not fading away because I was packing my career kinda like how the Jonas Brothers did (even though I love them) also would people think I'm too old to be starting out in the business to even reach really high popularity/ success?
no haterz please and don't say "then why are you on yahoo"

Example: What dream should I follow?

Now... I am GOOD at a lot of things (good, not great)

- I play soccer, and I have some real talent.
- I play a plethora of instruments (Saxophone, recorder [im like the only person thats good at it that ive ever seen,] piano, xylophone, etc.)
- I'm really into academics, I like to take academic ventures outside of the classroom. I'm interested in Business, Economics, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Psychology.

I'm 15, almost 16 years old. I feel like I stress out and think about my future much more than any minor does (or should, for that matter.)

So I want to pick one thing, dedicate all my time to it, and be the best there is at it. No matter what it is, I want to be the best. No questions asked...
With that said, what should I invest my time in?

Example: Do you like this song/poem?

If sung, it's meant to sound like "Sanctuary", by Utada, the opening for Kingdom Hearts II

(Xylophone Plays Introduction)
If only life were wishes...
If only dreams were every day...

It burns me...
To much poisoning...
To much...
To Take...
Bring It On!
In Her, And I!
There's a new story
With a better ending...

There's still death and pain...
In there, the new story...
But balance is there, supreme it shall reighne!
So many ups and downs...

I need true friends...
People I will fight for!
I need rules...
Of Fantasy and, nothing more...
Let me fade from reality...
In Her. and I!
There's a new begining,
And a full ending, with no loose ties...
If only lives were wishes...
Now I shall fade...Fully...
With her...
To the new begining...

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