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Dream About X Rays meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of getting your tonsils x-rayed?

in my dream i had a doctors appt. and was only supposed to drink 7-up i forgot and drank something by accident but not too much then drank 7-up
i went up an elevator and was with my aunt. the nurse began to x-ray my throat. she was pressing against it with a machine similar to x-raying your teeth only she was pressing it against my throat is was uncomfortable. though she was almost finished i didn't want to do it any more so i got up and left. as i walked into my apartment my tonsils were soar and my lips were swollen. what does that mean?

Was it your tonsils or your throat?

perhaps you feel that this aunt is trying to silence your voice and keep you from speaking your mind.

Example: Fish dream meaning ? Help. Please?

In my dream I was working and there was a surprise drug test going on but not really a drug test because what we had to do was take X-rays. Well when it was my turn and they did the X-rays it showed that I had a fish in my stomach and another fish in my heart.

Now I've heard that if you dream about fishes then someone you know is pregnant. But my question is can it be possible that my dream was indicating that I am pregnant? And I do have unprotected sex with my husband.

Example: Does this dream mean I'm gonna break my arm soon?

I never did anything that related to broken arms and I didn't watch Scarred or anything like that! And I have never broken anything so it's not a memory.

I had a dream last night that I was walking and skateboarding with my bff and I slipped and landed on my arm. I started crying like crazy and her mom heard me cuz I was so loud and she drove me to the er and they took some x rays and they found I broke my arm clean in half! Ugh. And I got a black cast (my fav color) up to my shoulder.

I seriousuy think it means I might break my arm soon! Omg! I don't want to, but I'm like I havet done anything to remind me of it or anything soo I can't think of anything else...is it possible?

Example: What does it mean if you dream your performing heart surgery on yourself?

I had this freaky dream last night that I was consciously, and casually, performing surgery on myself. By surgery, I mean I had my chest open and I was using my fingers to scrape this white, waxy plaque stuff from, well it was either an artery or heart valve - can't remember exactly.

Nevertheless it was scary! I've had chest pains on and off for 6 or 7 years and they've returned recently, I've had tests in the past (ECG, holter monitor, bloods, x-rays) - latest tests were a year ago. I was even sent to hospital once from a medical centre after they detected an AF rhythm on an ECG. The Doctors ALWAYS tell me that I'm fine and there's nothing wrong.

Should I be worried? btw I'm 23.

Example: What does dreaming of a snow leopard mean?

From what I can remember someone was offering me a snow leopard to stroke, they told me it was not dangerous because it had just eaten. Suddenly I had x ray vision and could see inside it's tummy it had eaten what looked like a baby snow leopard so it's stomach was full but I still did not want it near me. Any ideas what this could mean?

Example: What do dreams about super powers mean?

In the last month, I have had about 10-15 different dreams about me having super powers. It's usually telekinesis, moving objects with my mind. It's so frequent and I'm curious if it means anything. Does anyone have any idea?

Example: I had a night dream that I was escaping from concrete fortress by the ocean. What does it mean?

I dreamed I was walking in the dark and came to a window with light shining through it by the moon. I stick my head out to see the surroundings outside the window and noticed I was on a upper level floor over looking the ocean at night with moon shining down on every ripple of the water. When I looked down, noticed a wooden outside deck. I don't know where it came from, but suddenly found this rope and decided to throw it down to climb out. I started to climb down slowly with my feet against the dark concrete walls of what looked like apart of a fortress. I got down on the deck and then noticed two other people (some guy and a girl) that I don't recognize following me down as if I was leading the escape. I also notice at one end of the deck was a light over a glass closed door leading to inside fortress. I didn't care about opening the door, I just wanted to get away.

I continued walking towards the end of the wooden dock leading to the ocean and when I got there, I noticed a cute long hair shorty get off from a raft she used to get to the docks. I only saw a profile of her face but I didn't recognize her. I said, "hey...", to stop her from going to the fortress. She turned around and saw her face. I still didn't didn't recognize her, but she was very cute. Later she told me that's her uncles home shes going to. She goes inside and a man in a robe walks out. He smiles and looks all friendly, but that was enough for me to worry and didn't trust him. Then he gets close enough and he pulls out a gun in my direction and says, "go inside." Then the two other people who were with me walk towards fortress, but I refused and stood there. The man in the robe noticed i wasn't with the other two and then pointed the gun directly at me so I walked.

Then as we walked to the glass door, the man in the robe stopped in front of it and so I immediately grabbed the back of his head and shoved it forward through the glass door. He dropped the gun and so did he but he was still breathing. I looked through the while of the glass door and noticed the cute girl on the floor sitting, crying and gripping her legs together as if she was afraid. Then I looked back and saw the man in the robe getting up slowly. I looked down, saw the gun, grabbed it and used it to hit the man from the back of his head. Now he was out cold. Then I walked towards the end of the dock again and noticed two rafts now and the rafts only can carry one person each. Then the girl who was following me gets on top of a raft and myself and the other guy start two swim across the ocean using our feet to propel the raft. I then looked back and saw the cute girl getting on the other raft trying to catch up to us. I swim back for her and I end up pushing her raft across the ocean.

As we're swimming, I noticed tall buildings and skyscrapers underwater while swimming above it. For some reason, we all start having a conversation laughing about "x-rays". So finally we get across the ocean and we get to this pier with a ferris wheel. So we get out of the water and climb up to the pier.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about your dad when be has pasted away?

Idreamed about my dad calling my name then he was at home with me and my family also he met my boy friend..i also asked him why did he leave us n he was talking but i couldnt here em

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream the other night. It was about a dentist, I was supposed to be getting a dental treatment and I wasn't at a dental office, I was in a strange room and there were two dentist. There was not a dental chair, just three ordinary chairs lined up like a sofa. The dentist took weird x rays that kind of pulled on my teeth, I saw the x rays on the wall. Then the dentist told me to come back some other time. I was confused and thought the appointment was that night. Another part of the dream was that I was in a new school. I didn't know anybody and I missed the antics of the people from my old school. Also in the same dream I remember somebdy in a car yelling at me fir ruining a doll. What does this mean?

Example: Crazy/interesting dream . What could it mean ? Telekenisis?

i just woke up from the weirdest/ one of the bestest dreams I've had . I had a dream I had telekenisis. Iv always kind of wanted to have these powers when I was younger after watching pokemon lol . But in this dream I found out because I just escaped out of jail and I saw this police car parked . It was me and my cousin walking in my old neighborhood from when I was young . When the police car noticed us I concentrated on the car and moved my eyes to the left and to my amazement the car flipped over . I noticed in my dream I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were red as if I hadn't gotten any sleep . And when I performed telekinesis my eyes would turn Into a light brown . Well I was really scared in this dream for some reason . In my dream I somehow met some fellow family members and asked them for help . This is were I found out I could use x ray vision (unfortunately) .in my dream Well my half bother told me that when I was younger I would do crazy things in my sleep such as yell or have things flying around in my room .afterwards I ended up in a huge forest . My family and I were there. A dark army of skeletons appeared from the peak of the mountain . And a voice in my head said this is your test . I uses my telekensis to save my family and escape . I through trees at the skeletons on horses. It was weird becauze after we gota away i turned around and saw a big brown cloud like humongous almost like a dirty sandstorm . In the center of this sandstorm a humongous bat symbol almost like batmans came into detail and flew away . Soon we ended up at a gas station . I saw this homeless lady and she grabbed my hand and not my dads . And I k ew I was phsycic at the time so I sent her a message through our connection of our hands . I told her ha ha I can read your mind . And in return she said I too can read your mind and do this and after that she made me jump in the air 6 feet . Shocked I ask her for help about my telekensis . What she said to me is still a wonder for this is when I woke up or I cannot just remember . Well any feedback would be nice thank you . I hope other people have had similar .

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