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Dream About Wooden Shoes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did this dream mean?

I don't remember all of it, but here is what I do remember. I never remember anything in a dream unless it seems important to me somehow.

I was sitting in a room with this band I listen to. This guy with long curly brown hair that I have never met but tends to show up in my dreams a lot was sitting across from me with a red headed girl and brunette guy on both sides of him. And, I was sitting in between the blonde bassist and brunette guitarist that were talking about guitars then when the blonde, Jeremy, saw I had a confused look on my face and began explaining them to me. In real life I know more about guitars then in the dream.

Suddenly, the scene changed and I was against a wall kissing the curly haired guy. But, the kissing didn't last long because the two brunette boys opened the door to the room to take us back to the room with the couches. The boy I was sitting next to earlier pulled me down beside him never removing his arm from around my waist. Beside us a tea like liquid was brewing in test tubes with a monitor saying things like 20% and 45%. He took one and tried to force
me to drink it causing the curly headed guy to jump up and grabbed my wrist while yelling "Run!" to me. The other boys began chasing after us. Then, I forget the rest of that part of the dream.

Next, I was dressed in a band tee and dark wash jeans with T.U.K sneakers. A large suitcase was in my hand and I was walking down the stairs heading towards the front door of my home. A voice called me from the living room. I turned my head and saw a brunette boy that was either my older brother or the boy that tried to make me drink the tea. He asked me where I was going to which I replied "I'm going to find myself.". He began yelling at me but I just walked out the door. Not even a block away he yelled from the door and threw a wooden rocking horse that belonged to my late grandfather that I never got to meet. I ducked causing it to miss me and hit the driveway of a neighbor. It now looked like a dinosaur instead of a horse. The boy ran past me and hugged the dinosaur.

Now, I was af my cousin Tori's house going through things before we got into my old family jeep that we sold to her mother on the cheap. She just turned sixteen yesterday though we seemed to be somewhere from seventeen to nineteen in the dream.

We began driving around a city or town that I have never been to in search of a CVS to buy condoms. She has not told me that she has lost her virginity to a seventeen year old guy that she met on Muspace two years ago that is staying with her for the summer. I had to learn from our grandmother. Then, we just walk around the store picking out junk food and making fun of people that look nervous buying condoms. Then, my mom woke me up asking to borrow my boots.

i have my fair share of weird dreams and i have come to a conclusion,all dreams that u have r a way of ur consciences trying to tell u something either a problem that u have to fix or its a way that u r telling ur self something.

from ur dream it sounds like u r in love with the guy u kissed and u probably want to have sex with him. (please dont take any offence i could be wrong about that part) other detail such as the T.U.K. sneakers,they r most likley small bits of mostly useless information(wat i mean is, by now ur brain knows of the modern world and wat people would wear. so the T.U.K. sneakers could be just a pair of shoes that ur brain randomly picked out, either that or u like T.U.K. sneakers)

as for the lab and tea part,i think u want him to save u or confort u in some way (as being apart of u liking him if u do)

now when u left ur house with ur suitcase saying "im going to find myself" that could have a number of meanings:
mabey u want to find urself, or find a goal in ur life
mabey u want to live ur life in a different way
or mabey ur consciences is telling u that the way u r living now isnt good for u and u should change it befor it gets worse.

this dream is important to u cuz its about ur life and how u feel it is going
now i may have been completely wrong about u liking the guy from the band,once again please dont take any offence, i only said that because over the course of our lives we see many people, wether they r important to us or not our brains remembers many of their faces and it may pick people who u think u never even see in ur life, but really u have, u just dont remember, (also the guy u kissed in ur dream may not be the person u like) this happens because our brains know that when we go to sleep we r ganna dream so anybody it sees it takes a mental photo of them (y it does this i have no idea) mabey to use images of people that r living or people that r now deceased.

im not sure if i answer all of ur questions or if i am even close but i hope that i helped out a bit
and i hope this gave u some closure to ur dream

Example: Weird dream?

I have had the strangest of dreams. I was wondering if anyone can help me get some meaning out of it . Maybe it was just meaningless... I dunno. Here goes:
I am back home at my parents place. My husband is (of all ppl) Matthew Mcconaughey ! (Believe me .. he's not even my fav actor nor have i ever had a crush on him) And he is shirtless... ;)
Then I am going fishing with my family (in real life we have never gone fishing) to place near the outskirts of my hometown. Some how I dont know the place I am going ... but I know I have read abt the place and have seen the picture. I try to identify landmarks on the way, but am not able to do so. Neways we reach , its a kind of a foreboding forest (something like what they show in the movie ET) we can see the silhouette of the trees and the light through them , like the silhouette of the trees is black and the background light is kinda bluish white ... but somehow I am not scared... I feel I have seen a picture of the place before.

Example: Strangest dream?

I have had the strangest of dreams. I was wondering if anyone can help me get some meaning out of it . maybe it was just meaningless... I dunno. Here goes :
I am back home at my parents place. My husband is (of all ppl) Matthew Mcconaughey! (Believe me .. he's not even my fav actor nor have i ever had a crush on him) And he is shirtless... ;)
then I am going fishing with my family (in real life we have never gone fishing) to place near the outskirts of my hometown. Some how I dont know the place I am going ... but I know I have read abt the place and have seen the picture. Neways we reach , its a kind of a forboding forest (someting like what they show in the movie ET) neways we can see the silhouette of the trees... but somehow I am not scared... I look out i see the ground is muddy ... my only concern is that our shoes will get spoilt. neways we drive to the spot ..its like a kinda red wooden cover on the lake ... it is round and boarded and red. we can see the fish in the water

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Last night, I dreamed about a Mansion filled with many objects but objects that were odd like death masks, candle clocks, armillary spheres, an orrery, dress forms, suits of armor, scarecrow dolls and many statues of unicorns, griffins, fairies, gnomes, gods, cherubs with arrows, animals and historical people. The Mansion belonged to a witch.

Then a group of right-wing fanatics, cultural conservatives, fundamentalists, ultra-nationalists, anti-feminists and evangelical men and women stormed in the mansion with bibles, wooden crosses, rosaries, picket signs, paint sprays and hitting tools. They tried to destroy and cleansed the mansion with holy water and quoting scriptures and psalms. But then, the objects and statues come to life and start battling with the mob.

Old and middle-aged men fighting tables, gloves and drawers; 30-something men fighting chairs, dress forms, shoes, water bottles and pots; young 20-teen something boys getting attacked by statues, spears, jumping ropes and getting hit by fly swatters; old women fighting while screaming with dresses, bathrobes, flower vases and floating dolls; middle-aged women getting smacked by long spoons and getting poured on with hot water by glass cups; adult women getting poked at by chopsticks and fairy statues and getting kicked by heeled shoes; young women getting punched and smacked by brooms or mops and water hoses squirting at them with really cold water; teenage girls being pushed and pounced by shirts or trousers, getting jabbed by jars, poked by umbrellas, and patted with books. Mostly everyone is trying to fight back, say prayers and mumble to themselves 'destroy the devils' but later get pounced, punched or poked at by walking sticks, feather-dusters, forks, arrows, jewelry boxes, unicorn horns and sandals.

Ultimately, the right-wingers all get frightened and embarrassed that they hurriedly rushed out of the mansion with fear and confusion, and eventually go crazy with befuddlement and wounded pride.

Example: What does my dream mean?

My dream is hazy but I've had it two nights in a row; kind of like a part one and two deal.

In the first dream, my brother and I arrived at a place. It had a pool that changed into an ice rink sometimes. What is interesting, that I didn't realize until I woke up, was that no one in my dream, including myself, didn't notice when the pool changed into the rink or vice versa.

Anyway, when we arrived, someone told us we couldn't swim/skate because someone had fallen through a hole and drowned/died. Somehow, I went back in time and changed the past so this person wouldn't die. It was now that I discovered that she was a girl I new named Gladys. (I know her in real life.) In the dream her name was still Gladys. For the rest of the dream, I was trying to keep her from dying in the pool/rink.

Another detail: Underneath the pool/rink was many wooden floors with beams holding them up that were hanging from the ceiling. I know I'm describing this well, but I have never seen structures like this in real life before. The people in my dream explore these spaces for clues about the death.

Another detail: Every person in my dream I knew in real life and recognized. None of them are close friends and none are people I even like that much. In real life these people interest me more. Like I stare at them, wondering what goes on there mind.

When I woke up from the first dream, I had no memory of it except that I had dreamed of something. I only remembered the first dream when I was in the middle of the second dream.

In the second dream, two people I didn't know and myself arrived at the rink. We put very strange skates that I only describe as looking like platform shoes. Our instructor said we had to wear them because they were safer and she didn't want us to fall through the holes like the girl did. I kept complaining that the skates were bad and that I had skated for five years. It was near impossible to stop in the skates I was wearing and I desparately wanted to wear normal skates like some of the other people on the rink. After I skated, I sat down next to a girl I knew named Brooke. In real life Brooke is very quiet and I've only heard her speak once or twice. I gave her a secret santa present that was wrapped in orange paper that looked exactly like how I had wrapped my mom's present the day before except the paper was different. When someone came to pick my brother and I up, he was swimming in the pool and I was deeply worried for him. I woke up before he got out of the pool.

I know I am forgetting some major details but I did the best I could.

Please help me understand this dream.

Example: What does a tied up snake in my dream mean?

I had a dream I was with someone and we were in a room and I told them that a snake was following me and they said no there is not. Then I turned and pointed to a snake on the floor that was tied up with a shoe string. I wasn't scared but I wanted to prove to the other person that I was right there was a snake following me. What does this mean?

Example: Stars Go Blue... what do they mean by "wooden shoes"?

In the song "Stars Go Blue" there is a lyric "Dancing in your wooden shoes". What do the "wooden shoes" refer to? Is the woman he's singing to from Holland or something? Perhaps another country where they commonly wear wooden shoes?

Example: I dreamt I was giving a pair of woman's shoes to a male friend of mine (my father figure) and he refused them?

the shoes were wooden and opened toed with colors and he did not want them. He was pushing them back to me and I was upset. I have been searching for an answer but what does that dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well, I had a dream about a friend of mine who was ignoring me.. and we were in school on a playground, and she started yelling at me for no apparent reason, and I yelled back. We started insulting eachother and stuff.. Then I went to my next period class and said something insulting about her to my friend. I said that "It looked like her dog chewed off her shoe and she dresses like a d*ke" ..she was wearing a wooden shoe or something..

I don't know the reason why she started ignoring me in the first place.. she just did it.. what does this dream mean though?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this, well pretty awesome dream last night. I was on a huge boat. Like an old wooden ship. And it was the biggest ship ever made, and I guess it had the ability to go on water and land because sometimes it was traveling on land and roads. And basically most of the dream was spent in the ship, and it was basically like a plane inside, there was to rows of seats with 2 seats in each row, and I kept sitting at the back, but for some reason... lol, my i kept taking off my shoes and leaving them in the lower section (there are two levels of seats), and i kept having to rush down and get them every time the boat stopped and we had to get off. And also there was this very sexy girl that came to where I was sitting and she rubbed her vagina on my hand through her panties (which was on the armrest) then we made out. After that I somehow got out of the ship and was hanging on the hull of of the ship outside it while it was moving, and there were web cams outside the ship following me, ect.

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