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Dream About Wooden Bowl meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I watch alot of dragonball z,and I had a dream that me,gohan(kid) and pan went on an adventure...while on the adventure we went on this boat,(it was like a wooden bowl in water)and it would tip and crap and we were fighting bad people them we got into a submarine out of nowhere,but gohan left us and made the sub. navigate itself underwater through a hospital,and when I looked back at pan,she was a doll.When I got home I was in my room/school.I looked through my school and found these wierd dragonballs,kindove like paper and walked to my room.It ended up being a school hallway but my room and playroom was there.I went into my playroom and saw kid goku in there.I was worried about gohan so I just ignored goku being goofy and went into my room.I summoned the dragon,but before it came there was a show/dance thing then it turned out the dragon was a mixed between Rim off of deathnote and the regular dragon.I asked it if gohan was ok and it said he was dead.I started crying histarically.Then I asked if he could come back to life but he rufused to.Then I asked if he could fix pan but he said he could only bring humans spirits back that sees him.The dragon left and I just layed on mybed and cried,hoping goku would not mess with me.

oh my goodness! this is a weiirrddd dream...

and u DO watch a LOT of dragonball z!

Example: What does my dream mean?

dont give me a website. im 15 if this should help. my dreams in 2 parts. the first part im kinda siting a ledge. im not sure where it is. partly in a gym and part is part of a roof. im very mellow and relaxed, and im siting down and there is two girls next to me, ive seen them once or twice but dont really know them. and then all the sudden some body does something a locker room with a white tile floor. and i say something about how what someone does in there is really foolish, but thats ok. and both girls agree with me. then for some reason i fall asleep still sitting there. edventually i sort of tilt over untill my my head is on the next to me's shoulder. she kinda looks at me at first then a slight smile. thats part one.
part 2 im on a boat on kinda a comunity pool except it keeps going into a calm clear ocean where you can see the bottem. its a really calm water and the boats deck is really flat kinda wooden. (continue on aditional details)

Example: Please help me translate this very weird/complicated dream?

I was sat in a little, wooden empty room with my sister. We were talking to a goldfish in a glass, messing around and having a funny conversation, but something I did knocked it over.

I was running around outside trying to find water for it, because this fish was my friend. The surrounding outside I think was based on a videogame I was on erlier that night, with little wooden shacks (with nothing in them) and bogland and grass. It was dark-ish and a pretty eerie setting as it is in the game.

Anyway I couldn't find any water for the fish, I was frantically running around but every shack was empty. The fish declared his last words and shrivelled up and died in my hands. I was pretty sad about that.

Then 2 or 3 Polish kids ran right infront of me shouting something like 'Vallaa' to eachouther, playing a game. I mockingly shouted it back to them with a sarcastic tone because they were making so much noise and I was sad about loosing my friend goldfish.

I started walking back to the room (I think I threw the dead fish on the ground) when this crazy looking polish girl backed me into a corner. She looked about 19, taller than me, blonde with brown eyes. She was really mad and agressively asked me what 'Vallaa' (or whatever the kids were shouting) meant. I tried to tell her I diddn't know and I was just shouting it back to the kids, but by this point she showed a huge knife from behind her back. She then cut me on the top of my head and hissed that 'Valaa' meant 'Dead Father' and ran off. It then started pouring with rain and I was bleeding on my own in the corner. (For some reason my viewpoint then rose upwards like a camera, showing me in the corner like how it also does in the game).

I woke up after that. Apparently dreams always mean something, so this kinda creeped me out a bit. Please help me translate it to how I feel, because I can't think of anything...

Example: What does a dream mean if it has time travel, Eight doors, and a old relitive that past away 17 years ago?

in my dream I ntroduced my bf to an older relitive tht died when i was just fouteen, when he began to talk to her or wait for me i saw this border tht was made of gold. and i picked it up. then once my bf and i left we were separated by some turist im malabu beach like we went from oklahoma to malabu just by opening a door.
i woke up then this time i relived a vist last year with a wealthy relitive my dad told me 3 times not to go in the house but i did. anyways inside i saw 8 doors i got scared so i tried to go back out the way i went in. this time the room changed. I wanted out so back i went to the eight doors and in the living room I saw the same golden border in a brwn wooden bowl again. i picked this up as well. and i heard my family leaving so i wanted out. i saw the garden and foolw this huge window to the door and out i went. but for some reason I stepped n hot lava. made out of soup (i think tht was because i watch the cooking channel before bed lol)
i heard someone tell my fam to just leave me But i took control of the dream and saw myself run inside the car then I awoke again what does this mean?

Example: What is the meaning of strawberries and peanut butter in dreams?

I recently had a dream where I saw myself surrounded by strangers and I was asked to make peanut butter. I made the peanut butter by crushing the peanuts in a wooden bowl. In the dream, I saw myself outside serving the peanut butter to strangers who dipped their fingers in the bowl to taste the peanut butter, and couple of the strangers commented about how hot the peanut butter was. After the outdoor tasting session, I walked towards a bleacher where this young man sat waiting for his turn to taste the peanut butter, and I looked in my bowl and I noticed two strawberries in the bowl, and I took one strawberry stir in the peanut butter and put it in the young man's mouth. After the young man ate the strawberry, he wrote something in red on a flat board the only thing I remember from what he wrote was "The reality is... I saw a lot of people outside just looking and talking, and one person said, "I knew he was going to eat the strawberry" but I left the other strawberry in the bowl and I did not eat it. I kept looking at the other strawberry in the bowl thinking how come I did not eat it.

In the dream I was surrounded by people that I did not know, and they were very friendly. The process of turning the peanuts that the strangers gave me into peanut butter came naturally to me. I crushed the peanuts with so much love. In the dream I felt like this young man knew of my abilities and he was waiting patiently for his turn. In reality, I do not know who he is.

Example: What does this dream mean I had about my friend?

I dreamed I was at this place,(a brick building) with some kind of community helping place such as orphans being helped there. Out the window way down below in a water way I see my friend get in this long white boat that belonged to the helping center and was like a bus. She did not ask and was not supposed to be driving it. It was empty and she was driving it and she just went really fast with it and the boat was too tall to go under so it wrecked into this walkway that was connected to the brick building like a bridge she could not fit under. Then I looked at the wreckage in this one room and saw people lying around OK but this one girl who was black was laying face down like she had drowned or something and then she lifted her head up and was only trying to trick me like it was for fun. then in another room I saw a young man almost like a boy who was in the kitchen area with a hallway coming off from that and I thought he was like a ghost but I decided to be brave and touched his finger with mine like E.T does in the movie. Then I noticed he was over weight and standing around in his underwear and t shirt and he looked like he was older. And I remember a wooden fruit bowl on the table that had junk in it instead of fruit. It was like a junk drawer instead of a fruit bowl.

Example: What made me dream this? Does it mean anything at all?

I have REALLY weird dreams and a lot of them include my former Spanish 1 teacher. Me friends and I all adored her last year. She's like 28 so she we can relate to her a lot. She loves cats and gets distracted easily lol...Let's call her Mrs. W.

Mrs. W lived in this super-huge majorly cool castle. My friend and decided to drop in and say hi in the middle of the night. So we were randomly tiptoeing around when we heard this sound coming from the basement. We went down to check it out. It was oddly hilarious. Mrs. W was running/dancing around the room stirring this giant bowl full of nothing with a wooden spoon. And she was singing total nonsense. It was weird, but so funny I was probably snorting in my sleep. My friend asked her, "Mrs. W, what are you doing?" and to that she replied, "I'm havin' a fiesta!" She sounded kinda drunk lol. And then we proceeded to grab empty bowls and wooden spoons and dance around the room stirring them and singing nonsense. We were having a lot of fun but when the sun came up, she was mad we were there (she sounded even more drunk than before) and told us to go have our own fiesta. And then the next night we went over ad stirred bowls full of nothing again.

It's really weird, my friend and I have a lot of dreams about Mrs. W. Like before she had a dream we had prom at Walmart and Mrs. W was there and she had our prom dresses in her car lol... Is there any reason why we dream about her? Does that make us creepers? Do these dreams mean anything?

Example: Any guesses on what my dreams say about me?

1) I've only had two nightmares in my entire life: water slowly dripping off a gigantic antique sewing machine into a gigantic wooden bowl full of water in a cold blue room, & one tall & once shoted candycane with gloves & boots wanted to eat me (even though they had no mouths or faces).

2) I cannot see myself, ever. My dreams mix 2D drawings & real people togeather seamlessly. Friends & family have blurred faces, like they're being cencored. I cannot remember my voice, my families voices, or what I look like.

3) When someone dies in a dream, it has no effect on me. If someone is trying to kill me in my dream, I'm not scared. & it's usualy a celebrity I have a crush on, but he will have an unusual name.

4) Often, I am not in my dreams at all. It will be a jumble of movie, cartoon, video game, book, & comic characters.

5)Weird ****, like gigantic flying packs of Trident gum that shooter lazers & abduct crossdressers, saving the world which is a desert & my companion whom I've never seen in real life is dressed as either Peter Pan or Link.

6) Lots of angrogeny. Men are always skinny with long hair & have women's voices. The ones that actualy sound like men are wearing women's clothing.

Example: Why do i have reoccurring settings in my dreams?

ever since i was little my dreams have always been in the same places. the main ones are an amusement park that i live close to, a big green valley that exists in my waking life and a highway overpass. you don't have to read the whole thing just one paragraph and tell me what you think it means thank you so much all opinions are welcome.

the over pass is real too but in my dreams its huge and wooden, as tall as a sky scraper and its really steep and i have to drive up it in my dream . but when i get on it i see images of cars tumbling over the edge. like in a news report style. its almost always night time here or late day and getting gloomy like right before it rains

the big green valley is just a bowl with mountains on either side and lots of lush grass in the middle
its got that just rained feeling like when the sun just starts to peak out. i'm usually riding with my dad in his truck on a dirt road.

the amusement park is flooded with about 2 feet of water every were and all the rides are on stilts. lately when ever i go there in my dreams they are always rebuilding this one coaster. this place has got that rainy feeling too, very dreary. but still just as populated as always.

Last night i had a dream and it creeps me out thinking about it now but i wasn't scary at all when i was having it. so it started out when i'm cleaning my house and these two hispanic children come knock on my door and ask me if i'm ready to go collect bugs i say sure ( one of my favorite things to do as a child.) i walk to the side of my house and the kids go to the back. i noticed these flies with big long wings. (in my waking life i am terrified of things like that butterflies moths and birds) i tried to pick one up but its like it noticed me and its like there were 10 more in an instant and they all attached themselves to my head i wasn't scared in the dream but i couldn't get them off so i called the kids and they helped me get them off. but we had to kill them to keep them from gravitating back to my head. the kids said that they had seen this

Example: In my dream last night, I had a dream bout a human being that was colored red,white,black,yellow?

I was sitting in my sweat lodge an heard some one clear their throat. I opened my door an saw this human being of four colors and when I asked what did they want this human being turned into four human beings. The red one said to my Ha-Ho brother! I said Ha-Ho and the black human being asked if I had any tobacco and the white one asked if I had any water and the yellow human being asked if I had any food. I turned to look at my alter and there was four wooden bowls filled with exactly what they had asked for and I motioned for them to sit with me at my fireplace. I knelt in front of these bowls and was bout to pray when the red human being asked if I was going to pray and I said I was bout too then he said do not pray for mankind for they are bout to be rounded up and they wanted me to pray for them only because they were going to be the ones to get all human beings along with the dead human beings. I told them that I felt unworthy of praying for them, surely there are more better selection through out creation. No said them all together. I told them I am going to come along with them and when I did get up I was a transformed into a ball of light. I woke up and told my eldest son and my youngest son to get ready to pray with me. I think the Creator is going to be hungry.

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