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Dream About Wood meanings

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Example: What does my strange dream means?

The other night i dreamt i was at this beach resort in some south east asia country, probably thailand. i went to the poolside area.

i was seated at this cocktail bar made entirely of wood n has thatched roof. somehow i was seated on a high stool which was very unstable n i had to hold on to the bar table to balance myself.

then later i looked to the floor n suddenly realized there was seawater, as if this bar somehow floated out into the sea.

i panicked n this sexy hot babe bartender behind the counter gives me a tall glass of cocktail which has a bikini stuffed into it. i somehow got disgusted. she then strips off her spaghetti tank top and hot pants n gave them to me, n asked me to wear them.

so i was like 'huh?' n i looked at her. n she was in a brown bikini, n the bikini top somehow transformed into an octopus n it slithered off her n lunged at me.

i jumped off my stool n landed into the water.

i then woked up, what a scary dream

interesting dream.

well, water usually signifies birth, actually. it dosent have to mean birth of a person, but sometimes birth of a new feeling or idea.

the woman handing you the clothes was like her handing you this new idea. maybe this birth represents a new relationship in ur future.

the weak stool represents the insecurities u have with relationships. this shows u that u have many obstacles u'll have to overcome to have a successful relationship. and the octopus just reinforces the trouble u experience sometimes with relationships.

so, i'm thinking this might be a message, telling you top be prepared for the birth of a relationship. good luck with that and i hope this helped =]


I am below 12 yrs of age and i had this dream last night which i found strange .


I was swimming in the pool with one extremely good looking guy with my friend or friends . So i was talking to him , and he seemed nice , like he was my mom's friend or something . So after that we ( the guy , and another 2 people i think _) we had dinner in a restaraunt . I was wearing high heels , and a dress , so i was sitting next to him , and we had a great time laughing , then there was some rubbish on the floor i think it was broken glass , then another person sitting with me ( not the guy ) threw a glass bottle on the floor , and the good looking guy had put his hand on his face , then i kissed him , and we were happy , then he asked me to marry him , and i went somewhere and wheen i came back i said that i was only 11 and still have to study and i told him that we don't have to get married just be real close ...

what could this mean ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a VERY vivid dream, and I was wondering if anyone knew what it meant. I experienced the whole thing as if it were through my own eyes.

I am standing in middle of a pine forest. It is very sunny and quiet. All of a sudden, a huge wall of water comes through the trees, and washes me away down a river. I get carried by it for about 10 seconds as I struggle to stay above the water. Then all of a sudden the river just soaks into the ground and it dissapears completely. I am left laying in the middle of a small field (about 1/2 an acre) surrounded by trees. Suddenly, tall stalks of golden grain spring up out of the ground all around me, and fill the whole field. As I am laying there, a strange creature flies over my head. It has the body of a lion, and the head, feet, and wings of an eagle. It is made of silver. It flies along the tree line and up into the clear blue sky. Then I woke up

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a brown owl with a white face in the woods and theirs alot of people ?

Looking for it but cant see it i guess and it ran past me and climbed up a tree like a monkey?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I decided to walk on state trails to my cottage, a normally three hour drive. It was a normal gravel or wood chip state trail that stayed near the road. Then the trail just ended and there was a small foot trail that leads away from the road. I follow it for awhile. Then there was a clearing and in the clearing, there were thousands of indigenous or nomadic type people that were migrating. Everyone in the crowd was wearing a warm colored (reds, yellows, oranges) shawls. I watching them through the brush without being noticed. I then kept walking and I notice that I was walking on a lake. Then I realize that the lake is actually or a few inches deep because it dried up. I noticed buildings that are in ruins. I guess that there was a town here. I went in one of the houses. The house had a symmetrical floor plan with three (four?) rooms. It was beautiful inside. It was well lit with a dome in the center room. The walls and ceilings were covered with water damaged frescoes.
One of the walls of the house was on an abandoned rail road. Abandoned until I hear a train and I hide in another house and watch as a train crashes into the house. Destroying about a third of it. The impact sounded like dynamite and dust went flying everywhere. I think I woke up after that.

Example: What does this odd odd dream mean?

I dreamt that a man (stranger) loaned me his dslr camera. It was quite fancy, then it turned into a camera made of an old wooden cigar box and somehow started to burn at a corner. There wasnt really a fire, just like red wood sort of embers. Then, my grandparents gave me a ride home from school and dropped me off 2 streets before my house. They took the camera to give back to the man. I was stuck at a small small hill, but i could not climb it. I was stuck at the bottom. Then once I was home i was lifted into the air like a foot above the ground, and i had to pull out the metal frame of a jeep wrangler from my backyard. The end. Haha, does anyone have any insight on my strange dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream wood ticks in your hair and me pulling them out, lots and lots in my hair?

some i would kill and some just throw away.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that a group of wolfs take you to the woods and hangs you and a hole under me?

there all black wolfs and only the wolf that is under the hole is white i mean what does it mean?

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

I had a dream where I was aboard an alien ship and after I escaped my jail cell I killed a few aliens but then saw a beautiful girl tied up and gagged to a pole in just her bra panties garter belt stockings and heels. After rescuing her I go around with her and find even more girls tied up the same way and some girls tied up together on the same bed. All of them were super gorgeous and had beautiful bodies and all were Latina. Lol what does this mean?

Example: What Does Dreaming A Black Panther Mean?

over the last few day i have had regular dreams of me running through a wood and then suddenly stopping in front if it and then slowly backing away, terifyed
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