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Dream About Wonder Woman meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when a women dreams of eating fish?

I had this dream last night of me eating fish(not catching fish), and I enjoyed it. So, I was wondering what it means when a women eats fish in her dream.

First, do you like eating fish in reality.. if so, it could mean you have eaten some fish in daily activities. however, there is hidden meaning.

fish = freedom
eating = desire

It may mean you are seeking for freedom in your life. You enjoyed it because you have that desire comes true in your dream. By just saying eating fish may not mean anything, you have to give more detail in how you about fish as food or anything happened related to animal lately.

However, that is the only thing I say why you enjoyed eating fish. You are seeking freedom, free of control from people like boss, coworkers, spouse, family.

Example: Wondering What this dream means?

So i had this dream where i was in a kitchen with this girl (i dont even know her?) and we were talking and all of a sudden there was rumbling and it got dark. Her chest and shoulder started bubbling and another being started coming out of her all deformed and stuff, Like its spine was sticking out and was falling apart . She started to decay and was screaming in pain and she kept telling me to pull it off of her and everytime i tried she was in more pain. What does this mean? i keep having terrible dreams like this? should i find a psychologist. ?

Example: I was wondering what this dream could mean?

i am in a house in the country with family. i see army men with guns sneek up and surround the house. i know we are in mortal danger. then cameras appear in each room watching us and guns waiting at the windows.

two large men appear saying they are mormon missionaries and have a book for us. they give me 2 legal sized soft covered books but on the second book page 96 and a few more pages afterward are bent and i want my husband's set but his are the same.

The books aren't the normal book of mormon but something new. I remember thinking if the missionaries represented the soldiers or if they snuck in to help us.

Being a dream the house relocates itself to the city and a young woman climbs through her window and then through mine to visit and it doesnt set the guns off when she comes in nor when she goes back home.

i realize that is the way to escape because i know that the other house is so close that i wont breach the perimeter. i am only thinking about myself and son escaping, not my husband ... then i woke up.

Example: What Does Dreaming About A Pregnant Woman Mean?

I had a dream about an African American female who was very much pregnant. At first I noticed her son's feet protruding through her belly - not breaking the skin, but pushing so that the outline of his feet were visible. She was in the middle of a shopping mall as were other people and I. Soon, his face appeared through her belly and they began interacting. She would lean over and talk to him, cooing sweetly. I could see his smile and hear his laugh. She acted as though this was natural. It only slightly disturbed others and myself; it intrigued me more than it did anyone else. I was the only one who had stopped to truly take notice of this event. I asked her when she was due and she informed me she would be giving birth the next day. She and baby were very happy and seemingly healthy. If anything, the baby was large, and I found myself wondering how she would fare during the birthing process. I assumed the father was off in the food court buying dinner for the family; in fact, that's where the remainder of the dream took place. Would anyone know what this dream symbolizes?

Example: I wonder what this reoccuring dream might mean?

I often have a dream that I am at a crowded place: a social occasion like a civic club event; a wedding reception; or a party place like a nightclub, and I notice an attractive woman across the room, and decide to go and flirt with her. On my way over to her, I suddenly become the most popular guy in the room - everybody wants to say hello, shake hands, or pat my back. This popularity slows down my progress in crossing the room considerably.

By the time I reach the other side of the room, the attractive woman is no longer there. I will turn around and scan the room for her again, but she is gone totally.

I wonder what this means?

Example: What does it mean: in my dream, i met a young woman with vertical pupils?

im actually single and im looking for a relationship when im awake.last night when i was too sad and alone, i saw a dream which i meet a woman with vertical pupils in the street.i looked at her very wondering and she began to smile on me.i get close to her and i felt i can approach her.do you think something is going to happen?

Example: I was wondering what my dream means.?

I'm riding my bike down a very narrow road that has houses pressing in on both sides. It's a dirt road. In the distance ahead of me, I can see smoke billowing into the sky. I finally reach the burning house, and it's fully involved. A woman is standing in the front yard weilding a shovel to bury two people. She's covered in dirt and ashes. She looks up and sees me, then she's suddenly beside me, trying to force me into her yard towards the house and bodies. I get away and start riding my bike back the way I'd come towards a city. I take out my cell phone and try to dial 911, but can't get the phone to dial properly. I started to cry in my dream in frustration. Then I woke.

Please, I want only serious answers.

Example: Had a weird dream.. Wonder about the meaning?

Okay so i dreamed there was an old lady and i was walking past her house and she opened her window and yelled at a bunch of birds that were on her roof and she said 'SHUT THE F*CK UP YOU LAZY SACKS OF SH*T!"

A friend who interpret dreams said "To dream of a chirping and/or flying birds, represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You will experience spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders." Which is true because i was recently accepted into a Course to do a Diploma in Radio, And also i got a scholarship with it, and i'm only 17 so it sorta helps me decide where i'm heading in life.
My question is, Does the old lady represent something in the back of my mind that's saying i don't deserve what i've achieved?
Or is it someone in my life, or just randomly there?
please help!

Example: If I Get Wet Dreams Over Women, Does That Mean I'm Definately Straight?

Just wondering...

Example: What does this dream mean i always see this woman crying?

and this woman crying is a woman i have been deeply in love with since we were in high school but most of the time when i see her in my dreams shes crying what could this mean?

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