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Dream About Woman meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when a women dreams of eating fish?

I had this dream last night of me eating fish(not catching fish), and I enjoyed it. So, I was wondering what it means when a women eats fish in her dream.

First, do you like eating fish in reality.. if so, it could mean you have eaten some fish in daily activities. however, there is hidden meaning.

fish = freedom
eating = desire

It may mean you are seeking for freedom in your life. You enjoyed it because you have that desire comes true in your dream. By just saying eating fish may not mean anything, you have to give more detail in how you about fish as food or anything happened related to animal lately.

However, that is the only thing I say why you enjoyed eating fish. You are seeking freedom, free of control from people like boss, coworkers, spouse, family.

Example: What do dreams about women in corsets mean?

I Just had a dream about 3 women in corsets. One of them had their naked breasts and they were all moaning lightly. And there was this song playing in the background it was a sexy song. What does all of this mean?

Example: What did that dream of this woman mean?

We where having a pot lot and all eating. She would walk away minding her own business until she sat on my lap and she told me the reason I told you I was not interested in dating was because I'm kind of dating an angry Greek and I then said I am angry to and she said not as angry as him and then she was still sitting on my lap and I touched her waist and she said don't touch my forehead and I said ok I won't and she said ok good don't and she still stayed on my lap and the dream ended. She was actually sitting on my thigh and only one of them at the edge of my knee.

Example: What does mean to dream of woman painted toenails?

Last night I dream about two women,one was a cousin and the other I never seen before. wHAT was center about the dream was their feet. My cousin had purple toenails the other women had like a light purple nails. I would like to know what they mean.

Example: Dream woman?

OK guys..so what would your dream woman be like? Looks, personality, style, nationality, everything !

Example: What does it means to dream another women living with me and my husbant?

i want to say that i love my husbant he is my love even he is not so carry with me but this dream repeted. is like i want to be with him and that women always appear and i tell him to drive away her.

Example: What does dreaming about the same woman twice mean?

What does dreaming about the same woman twice mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a woman...?

raping you?

And in the dream she's Queen Latifa.

and you're female(in real life and the dream)
You are very straight

Example: Dream meaning with old woman?

I had a dream that I was lying in my bed after a surgery when suddenly an old woman opened the door. She was very old and she was wearing grey clothes. She was walking on her knees like a baby and she grabbed my leg, because she wanted to take me with her. I asked for help because I could not move and my leg was in pain, and then my father came and took the old woman out of the room.
Do you know what does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of 2 women having sex?

I had a drea I was watchin 2 women having sex

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