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Dream About Wolf meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose it mean to dream of wolfs?

ok so hear is my dream i had on the first full moon of 2010
i was in a forest and then i woke up and started running the it flipped to me running and bleeding then it show me stop and the world spun around me but i was still i looked up and i seen an Eagle but i couldn't move i was stuck where i was at in the forest at the time when i was asleep i was listening to wake me up inside by linkon park and i was facing the moon in the car i need to know what it means and if you are going to say something mean don't i believe in ghost and unnatural Bing's and mythical creatures and all that stuff so don't be mean im begging you just anser the question plez

It could just be something random b/c dreams can't be looked at in literal form, they have to be broken down and examined. It just sounds like you had too much going on in this dream. You were running from things so maybe it means that you're not happy with the way you're life is at the present moment

Example: What dos it mean when u dream of wolves?

ive had this dream the past moth and i do not understand what it means

Example: What does it mean to dream about bats and wolves?

well i had this weird dream about being in a living room with my siblings and i kept seeing a massive fox bat(or fox-eared bat) no1 else could see it then it jumped down and it took a wolf like shape except for wings and head and 3 other came trying to attack me then i woke up. No idea what it means but i think its something about my siblings and family cos we don't talk anymore

Example: Meaning of dream of a white wolf?

I had a dream that three white wolves were attacking me and biting my arms. The scenery was overlooking a waterfall. What does all this mean? Thanks.

Example: Meaning of dream about flying wolves?

wolves flying from tree to tree

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a white wolf?

i dream about a white wolf with beautiful blue eyes about two nights ago. it wasnt threaten, no teeth glaring. it jumped over my fence while my two best friends and i were in our back yard at night. it walked up to us, but it didnt stop us from going inside of the house to get away from it. we live in florida.

Example: What does it mean to dream about wolves?

I had a dream where I was riding on a motorcycle with Chum Lee (from Pawn Stars) and my daughters
and were trying to find a bathroom for him and went down this neighborhood and saw these wolves and one was full red and we were afraid to go fast because they were going to attack us and we did go fast and they tried to attack us and bit Chum Lee and kept attacking my 4 year old daughter does this mean anything.

*NOTE* this was not my dream it was someone else's dream so do not think i am weird.

Example: What do a wolf mean in a dream

boyfriend and i were going in one direction and could not take a left turn because bears were that way so i told him to go this way but wolves were in that direction so we had to run forward

Example: What does my wolf dream mean?

So, I've had this dream a few times.
It starts off with me walking through a really quiet forest. There are no trails. I am just walking. Suddenly, there is a black wolf with blue eyes, standing infront of me. We are just staring at eachother, not moving. It is just us. The wolf flicks its' eyes behind me and then back to my own eyes. I turn to see that I am surrounded by a pack of wolves. When I go to turn back to the black wolf, I am a wolf myself. I am white. The black, blue-eyed wolf turns and motions me to follow. I do. Then we, as a pack, run, and it's beautiful.

Help me, I have NO idea what this dream means.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of wolves?

What does it mean when you dream you are a wolf? I have a dream like this almost EVERY night.

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