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Dream About Wise Men meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay guys it seems I had quite a dream last night it was a about my "crush" coming to me saying hello then start to cry and tells me she misses me now dream wise that's blaintly obiuos of what it's telling me but real world wise it's not sooooo can someone interprit it please. Well hope you guys can help
By the way I heard that if you dream about someone it means that they dreamed about you ! Is that true ?

Don't listen to bob, he seems to go around and have a very mean response to everything. He must be a disgruntled old man. Anyways, your dreams mean a whole lot! Specially if you take the time to understand the steps of the Tree of Life. It is true that the origin of your dreams onset feelings in the subconscious in the physical world. Your dream is pretty much moving you up the right side of the tree you are at Netzach. In which you have the best intentions and that is what you wish could happen. Truthfully you want her to miss you one day, as much as you miss seeing her. You should take a step towards making your crush aware you're crushing. :) Oh, and by the way the dreaming of the person in that manner and they dreaming of you is unlikely, people most chances are have a different dream land than others chances are slim, but it's nice to think so ;p

Example: Whats my dream mean?!?

Okay. So, I had a dream last night. It's by FAR the scariest, and worst dream I've had. It started at a mall. Everyone was leaving, not running, but calmy walking out. But everyone was! And I was wondering what was going on, so I walked over to a man holding a white thing that you breath into. And when he made me breath into it, a button on the side turned red. So he said I couldn't leave, and told me to sit on the escaladers that were shut off. After i sat down, blood started to come from the inside of my ears. Then, my lip started breaking open and bleeding. Then, I knew I had a deadly virus that had broken out in our town. As I laid there, I tried to think of how I could have gotten this virus, then I thought that I had gotten it from drinking after a little girl that goes to my church. I took a drink of mountain dew after her in my room. More people had to come sit around me, because they also had been tested for the virus, and had it. After the people who were healthy and were free of the virus left, we (there were about 50-60 with the virus) were given blankets to stay warm. There were doctors trying to help us. But as they were trying to figure out a cure, everyone started crying because there left cheek was breaking open. The virus was eating at our skin. The doctors gave us soft little fluffy ivory colored stuffed sheep toys to help comfort the pain, since there was no medicine to help it. Then my dream bounced to another place. I was suddenly at my house. My parents and sister were all in the living room, and i asked my dad to pray with me. Because I was obviously scared. After that, I told my parents that it was my time to go home. (To go to Heaven) Then after that, it bounced back to the mall scene. I got up and walked into a room across from where all the people sick were. And i saw Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He gave me a black coffin shaped box, with a fancy gold cross on the front. I took it, layed down with it, and held it tightly. The pain from the virus got worse. The girl that was beside me said the virus would get worse, and worse, the pain would triple 100x. It would continue to eat our skin away until we all went mad and start to bang our heads on the walls, and just go bizarre! So when we reached that point, we had to be shot. After that scene, I suddenly was in the car with my sister, and I wasn't sick at all, we were at apartments. And there was a little girl picking apples from an apple tree. She stared a whole through us. Then we were at a park. And the little girl i saw earlier in my dream was at the tope of a hill. Then my dream bounced to a scene with me in the car. I was perfectly fine. I had the little virus tester that the man from the mall had tested me earlier with. When I breathed into it, the button turned green, meaning I was virus free. That's where my dream ended. The whole dream was CRYSTAL CLEAR. I could feel every ounce of pain i was having. I could feel the agony of knowing I was about to die. And i could really feel the tears flowing down my cheeks. Any help on what this means?!?!

Example: What does this strange dream mean...?

I had a dream I was talking to a lion and it was talking back to me. What is it supposed to mean? The weird thing about it is my zodiac sign is a leo, do you think it has anything to do with my dream?

Example: What dreams mean?

a man in white and hair stands in door way bedroom.waves index finger for me to come here ,then he turn"s around and walks awy, and i can"t get out of bed to follow him. 3 times i"ve had this dream and everytime i wake up,i"M sweating like i just got out of the shower ,and i"m scared and confused

Example: What might my dream mean?

i had a dream last night that some man in his 40's was beating me up, in a small old house and i specifically remember wiping the blood off my lip and staring at the blood. My dad is not abusive and i have never experienced any sort of abuse. In my dream i felt like i knew him well and I have never have had these kind of dreams. I didnt take any medication and I haven't watched an tv with violence. Usually my dreams are so mild that i never remember any of them. I woke scarred and crying and kept wiping my face like it was bleeding. I felt like my dream lasted hours. Does anyone know what my dream might mean? I have been in a totally weird mood from that dream all day. Thanks

Example: Re-occurring dream meaning?

The first time I had this dream, I don't remember anything besides a German word reading "Messer" on a door. Now this word means a knife or a watch in German (I speak German).

The second dream (which I remember most) starts out with me (through my perspective) walking behind a building, down the back stair well into an underground bar area. I walk past the bar counter and proceed to a door. The door reads "Messer" on it. I don't remember how I felt when seeing this word other than the want to get out (I do not believe I was scared or anything).

Meanwhile, a black man walked down from the back stair well and told the only two patrons that they must leave. The two patrons were one brunette girl and a man (I don't know what they looked like). Anyway, the black man told them to leave and they were cleaning up their drinks. While I saw them cleaning up I began to walk up the front stair well and I had to push open a door to get out (kind of like a cellar door if you know what I mean).'The dream ends there. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of 3 white wolves?

I had a dream that I was sitting on the bank of a wide heavily flowing river looking at the beautiful forrest on the opposite bank,it was a dense type forrest. There was a man sitting beside me with white blonde hair and crystal blue eyes,he was dressed in white. He never spoke to me just sat along side me. As i was stareing across the river,a little boy appears. He looks just like the man white blonde hair and blue eyes. The boy is followed by 3 white wolves. The boy and the wolves come across the river to where the man and i are sitting. The boy never speaks either. I never feel scared or threatened in any way by these huge creatures. I am calm,serene,and peaceful. I have never dreamed something like this and for some reaso i cant quit dwelling on it. Help me please!

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is the weirdest dream I've had in awhile. So for what I can remember is that my friend was making me taking pregnancy test so she can see if they are working right so I was like ok and didn't expect to be pregnant but it was positive, I was in shock so I went home and took another one and showed my husband, well he had to go to work after he smiled and then some how played over to me talking ot my dad and I was still pregnant in the dream, my dad passed away 2 years ago, but he was alive in my dream and how he looked in the last couple months before his death but I can't remember that I opened the door to go get fresh air and there was a huge white snake coming towards the door and as it came closer it turned black and I tried to kick it away and it just barely missed my leg from trying to bite me and then someone came and helped me get the snake away, i was panicking and went to my husband about my leg has it was red, then it changed over to I was pregnant by Batman and since he didn't have time to be with me cause he was a superhero he was trying to get me to leave him so he was treating me like ****, so I went to get school lunch and couldn't remember my id number so I went outside and sat and watched people dance in the pool. Yeah its all bundled and I've been thinking about it all day I tried to look online looking for what some parts of it mean I know and about having pregnancy dreams mean but the other parts I can't seem to figure out what it means, anyone got anything that i can look up and find out or do you have some idea what my dream meant at least part of it?

Example: What could my dream mean?

i had a dream the other night and its clear today as ever. i dreamed that there were two indian men. long braids and all,old style indian wear, and one of them was holding his braid and he said,"Yeah...Im Indian...and you are green beans!" it was a strange thing that he said and the way he said it. has anyone ever had a dream like that?and what could it mean?

Example: What does this dream about unfriendly old men, a brunette gal, and the song "I'm in the Mood for Love" mean?

I was playing an old upright piano, very lightly and slowly. A girl who I did not recognize was listening to me play, and she was 22 years old, she had pale milky white skin, and short brown hair with a medium build body. I could tell that she was a very caring person. And to my surprise, in spite of the fact that I had not played the piano in over 20 years, I was able to play without missing many notes. Still, I was unsure of my abilities, so I played very faintly and slowly. I was playing the song, "I'm in the Mood for Love."

Then, the next thing I know, I'm sitting near the end of a table with four or five old white-haired white men. They looked at me with disdain. They were dressed in black and white tuxedos, and I could tell that they didn't want me sitting with them. Then, one of the old codgers played the same song, "I'm in the Mood for Love," except he played it with a definite tempo and more deliberately, whereas I played it more casually and delicately. After he finished, the geezers at the table applauded his performance, and leered at me, as if to say, "Try to top that one, young man!" I felt annoyed by their unkind behavior toward me, and when my name was announced by an m.c. at this so-called event, the only person clapping was this mysterious girl for whom I had played the song "I'm in the Mood for Love" earlier on in my dream. I have never seen the girl in my life, and can't imagine who she could have been, but she was the only person who believed in me.

In real life, I am a single 33 year old male with no wife or kids, and it has been over 20 years since I last took piano lessons. I do not play the piano any more, although I do play the guitar from time to time nowadays.

What does this dream mean, anyway?

Thanks for your interpretation!

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