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Dream About Wisdom Teeth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of two owls kissing. What does it mean to dream of loose teeth & 1 falls out?

in the second dream, my two front teeth are loose and when I touched one it fell out and the other one chipped.

Hmm, the Owl can mean at least two things - it can represent knowledge and wisdom, it can however also represent death. Without wishing to be gloomy, the second part of your dream is not too different.

Usually teeth falling out is regarded as being about death of someone close. The chipped tooth I would guess is perhaps someone injured but surviving.

For example, if you chose to put much store by this, you could argue that this might be a premonition of - for example - two people (who love each other - the two owls *kissing(), having a crash one dies, the other survives but is injured.

Pleasingly, I think MANY people dream about things like this and all their relatives and friends are just fine :)

Remember too that even folks that DO beleive in these things generally agree that it foretells what MIGHT happen - not what WILL happen.

Example: What does a dream- teeth growing on my face- mean?

I dreamt that I was examining my mouth (particularly teeth) and things were well. I was growing wisdom teeth and they were barely breaking the skin, but I thought I don't have room I've already had them taKEN out once, where are they going to go. Then I was looking in the mirror and i had little mouths growing up along the side of my face. 2 teeth per mouth and i was happy, but worried about how i will look to everyone else. The dream stopped when the last mouth was forming by my left eye... does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: Teeth dreams - what do they mean?

So, a couple of months ago I had a dream where I was eating then felt something weird in my mouth. I put my finger inside and then I realized there was a worm/maggott coming out of my wisdom tooth. I don't have any wisdom teeth in actuality.

Well...then, last night I had a dream I was eating again. This time my (phantom) wisdom tooth was aching. I reach back to touch it and noticed that is was completely broken in pieces.

I have no idea what this means! I have no wisdom teeth and never even had a cavity - ever. I have perfect, straight, white teeth. Can you give me insight on what this might represent?

Example: I keep having a dream that my teeth are getting squished in my mouth and I pull it out what does that mean?

My dream consists of my teeth getting squished in my mouth die to wisdom teeth I think and I pulled one out what does this mean

Example: Meaning of dream with teeth that have large roots?

I had a dream the other night that I cant stop thinking about and it involved 8 of my molars falling out, but the strange thing is that their roots were extremely humongous, pointy, and slightly curved. The roots themselves looked similar to a saber-tooth's or a mammoth's pointy teeth, but my regular molars were attached to the end. I think they were somewhat bloody as well. Anybody have any idea what it might mean? I've had it before, a couple of years ago I think but this was more vivid. My wisdom teeth are coming in, which might be significant, but they haven't caused me any concern or pain, so maybe not. Any theories are appreciated.

Example: What does it mean if your teeth fall out in your dreams?

i have dreams that my teeth are falling out or missing

Example: I had a dream growing a wisdom tooth. My gum was slightly swollen in the morning. Anyone knows what is means?

Example: I dreamt my wisdom teeth were falling out what does this mean?

My wisdom tooth was made up of fine, very small, rotten sharp teeth that formed a circle instead of my wisdom tooth. They then started falling out 1 by 1 until i was left with a huge hole in my gum! It felt very realistic & was scary at the time, i cant describe as well as id like to but the picture of the tooth in my head is very scary! what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams of you losing your wisdom tooth?

Example: Dream About Growing Wisdom Teeth?

Hi everyone!

So I had a dream about growing extra wisdom teeth even though I already have all of them! In the dream, I kept wandering, where are these new wisdom teeth coming from? Didn't I grow these already?

What do you think this means?


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