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Dream About Wildfire meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream about Hanna Montana mean?

I had a dream that I was at my local doctor's office in this remote town of 80,000 people. I was a walk-in with a minor but immediate eye problem but with no appointment so I had to wait in line to get to the doctor on call.

As I waited, suddenly there was this excited commotion with a few young teen females who had just spotted Hanna Montana so they quickly began calling friends on their cell phones to alert them. Hanna had come in to the doctor's office for some minor but immediate health care need (prescription refill or something) and had just gone to the ladies room as her people were taking care of getting her to see the doctor in VIP order. But as the excited word began to spread like wildfire, teens with cameras began to line up outside the ladies room to wait for Hanna to come out. About 3 female teens couldn't wait anymore and tried to enter the bathroom with cameras but Hanna's body guards intercepted and pushed them back outside.

When Hanna finally emerged, the screams began and the whole place now turned into a huge autograph signing session. Hanna went behind the nurses station where she could have a counter between her and the people, and she picked up a clipboard with paper where she could sign and hand out autographs.

Hanna is not in my age group but I have a daughter her age who might like an autograph so I said "What the heck!" and got in line for an autograph. When I finally up to speak to her, she smiled and was very nice working on the autograph as I told her about my involvement in her industry at a different level (producer, financier of major studios, networks, etc.). She seemed attentive as she tore around words and doodles on the paper and handed me what I thought was a tear away autograph with personal notes and musings from her personal life.

But then as I walked away to look at what was written on this torn section of paper, the words made no sense. They were telephone notes made by nurses from past phone calls but nothing personal from Hanna

I cried aloud, "Hey! What's this?" as I pushed back upstream in line to politely confront Hanna with the observation, "This isn't an autograph, is it? This is your way of telling people to LEAVE YOU ALONE when you are just trying to conduct personal business in your off-stage life, right?"

Hanna nodded with a smile and said, "Yes!" Then I said loudly, "Oh I get it!" and turned around to confront what was now three separate lines of teens waiting for autographs. I tried to confront the heads of those lines, now with teen males in them, saying, "Yo Dudes! She's not giving out autographs. She wants to be LEFT ALONE! She's at the DOCTOR'S OFFICE, fer Crissakes!" The hip hop young dudes got all cross with me, yelling me down like I didn't know what I was talking about and telling me to get out of their way. But confusion spread and some of the lines startede to dissipate as the word of my discovery was sinking in. The autograph signing session was really just a hoax in Hanna's not so polite way of telling the masses to quit invading her personal life and making her a slave to the public.

Then I woke up and tried to figure what possible meaning or purpose this dream may have had to me, as I am certainly no Hanna Montana groupie.

Then it hit me.

I am supposed to post my dream here on a public internet forum so people will understand to just, "LEAVE HANNA ALONE! LET HER HAVE A LIFE!" (smiles)

Do you think my interpretation has merit? Will rude fans, insensitive screaming teens and the paparazzi get the message when they now Google "Hanna Montana" and get this Yahoo! Answers posting?

No. I think your dream means that Hannah is pushed in our faces too much. And if her "fans" left her alone...who would pay for everything? Once people are famous and say I just want to be normal and left alone...are stupid. They need their fans to buy the lip gloss, t-shirts, hair brushes, nail polish...and God knows what else. Your famous, get over it or OUT of it. It is what it is...Does it make it right that they can't poop with out it being on Yahoo as news...no it does not make it right. She makes millions and will probably never have to work a 9-5 job with an a hole boss, so she is lucky in some ways, while others are lucky that when they walk down the street their pic doesn't get posted on you tube right away. Everyone has something they have to deal with..Hannah aka Miley aka whatever her real name is...has to deal with being famous, and the envy of every teenage girl...and oh yeah...having millions of dollars. Get over it, so she has to sign a few autographs.Do it, and appreciate your fans, or make private appointments with all that cash! lol...please your dream isn't gonna save Hannah! ;)

Example: What do these weird dreams mean?

I had 4 overly vivid drams last night. What do these mean?

1. There was a bomb detonated 65 years ago near a shopping center in my current riparian (alongside a river) hometown (I'll call it Xville). That bomb instantly flattened everything in a four-block radius. During that bombing's 65th anniversary get-together, another bomb went off, killing half the city of 10,000.

2. Bob Barker MC'd a bizarre TPIR game in Xville's K-mart. (Outdoor scenery placed it in a former hometown 120 miles from Xville.) After the contestant won, he high-tailed it up the existing freeway to the next exit past Y City for unknown reasons.

3. I hitchhiked the opposite direction to riparian Z-town, 20 miles away. The freeway was closed on the end of town, so I had to use a toll bridge to travel on a riparian 2-lane highway. This highway had divots in high-danger areas that were designed to crash passing cars to prevent a head-on. I saw walls of wrecks and corpses in two areas.

I forget the 4th dream. Help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

here were rats everywhere and I was selling plants and there I had hens. Over in the conrer there was a haystack, and in it it was full of rats, but I didnt know that. My Nephew knew they were there, so he told me he killed them all as he knew I was afraid of rats and mice. He then came over to me while I was selling the flowers and said he got rid of the rats, then he pulled my top out and threw about 8 or 9 rats down my jumper and I woke with the fright, I was terrified.

Example: What do dreams about fire mean ?

Last night I had a dream about my late father putting out a fire that my husband had started by accident. And then he gave me a very stern and concerned look.

Example: Apocalyptic dreams? What does it all mean?

Okay so ive been having these dreams for the last few nights all show destruction and or a apocalyptic world.
The first one: I was at home and my family and myself were all in the backyard. We could see a huge wildfire with smoke like a few blocks down. When we tried to get away we couldn't cause it was in all directions. Also the sky was orange-ish red-ish color. I could hear people screaming and they were running trying to get away.
The second: It was a post apocalyptic city with buildings down to rubble and only a few were sorta standing. I don't know who I was with but it was a few people and we were running trying to find a place to hide. Somehow we knew there was gonna be a nuclear bomb coming. It happened we found a place and we had to do it over ..finding a new place
The third: I was in a building that was falling apart. It was like it was split down the middle and either side was falling in the opposite direction. I don't know who it was but I was reaching for someone and for the life of me I couldn't grab their hand.
What does this all mean? These dreams are very vivid and I wake up in ajar.

Example: Can anyone advise me what this dream may mean?

It was a clear bright day I was standing outside at my brother in laws farm we were both looking up at the sky, the atmosphere seemed to split and peel back and then a piece broke away and fell to the earth, where it fell it started a huge fire I felt frightened as the fire rapidly grew in momentum, but was surprised when people came and put the fire out quickly, my brother inlaw who is a farmer just exclaimed in a disapointed voice, its the summer moon, the winter moon was coming in but the summer moon came instead, then I remember being at school I was studying and I had a book in my hand, and I also remember eating pieces of fruit from a can. I also remember a woman coming to me to get some tablets she had left behind at my house the tablets were for her eyes and on the bottle it appeared to have the name Black.. if any one could help me with this one I would greatly appreciate it , thank you in advance

Example: Very weird and extremely sad dream for me?

I hope to get a serious interpretation.

Basically, life lasted like 1000 years if that matters, and there was a HUGE forest wildfire type deal less than a block from my house. During this, there were these really mean people at my house, not sure why or what they were doing, but they were just really bossy mean people. We needed food, so my dad decided to get/look for some outside if a store was open. When he went out, a pretty big bundle of like deer heads/mangled deer bodies/carcasses on fire (best way I can explain it) landed on my dad, and it made him lose most of his body, all he had left was his head, and most of the top part of his chest. Then he was trying to make it inside, he was slowly struggling to crawl back inside, but the people wouldn't let me/us save my dad. I was crying so hard in the dream, and woke up crying pretty bad. Never had a nightmare this bad :(

Thanks a lot if you can interpret, I tried but I can't figure it out

Example: Would You Help Me With a Dream Interpretation of Hispanic Vampire Guerillas, etc.?

First real easy one...Well it seems so...
This is jus' a fragment of what I've remembered of my latest Dream...Let me state beforehand that I wear Glasses by default--I only take them off, when I need to apply something on my face or I need to drop dead on a mattress. 'kay 'nyways...to the point. >.<
I was looking at my reflection, 'n I was 'bout to put on these new glasses that were entirely different. They were half-rimmed from the top, 'n the frames were thin 'n light-weight. When I put them on while looking back at my reflection, it was like I felt this sort of pressure against my face--this pain that was focused 'round my eye area. I would adjust them several ways, and it would still hurt...
Hell does that mean...?


Have you ever had those seriously Epic Dreams like they came from a Fiction Novel or Television Show--somethin' like it?

I had a few of those...so stimulating.
Like I was somehow in Brazil or Mexico...'n it was a bit like CSI or Law & Order, but the Supernatural and Horror aesthetics were present too.
I was switchin' roles wit' several of the "main cast"...seein' almost everyone's point-of-view.
I was in a Town, and obviously speaking Spanish...but the Police and the Detectives were mostly speakin' English, and the Climax was...that the Police was surrounding two Hispanic or Latino Males in Navy Mechanic Uniforms wit' a Black T-Shirt underneath...They were probably holding firearms, or had 'em on 'em. Shockingly, they were Vampire Terrorists or Guerillas. 'N they were the distraction in order to prey a smaller town up in the thick forest covering the Mountains...North of Town. There was a Wildfire in that poor lil' town, and the Vampire Terrorists actually surrounded the Town that I was present in from the North and South Sides. Hahaa...No hope. 'N this was during Noon or somewhat in the Early Afternoon. xD
But these Antagonists definitely quenched their thirst wit' Human Blood.

Totally adventurous, and I finally had my own physical position within my dream. I was wit' a Party of Humans armed wit' a variety of firearms, and we were surrounding this deserted Supermarket during late night hours. Then I awoke, when we stormed the place...However, there was no one residing there. We were dead silent in our operation. ^^

Example: I had an odd dream.. any ideas on what it means?.. thanks?

I had two dreams.. the first dream was me helping rescue people from the fires.. nobody died in that dream.

the dream i'm having trouble understanding was the following and this is all i remember from it. The dream was not a nightmare and it was not unpleasant either.. it's weird i know but bear with me.

in the dream a bunch of us are going out and saving people from something that was killing them (some bug or animal that crawled down people's throats) and the only way to get it out was to feed a some specific poisonous snake down their throat that would pull it out and not cause any harm either (once the snake grabbed it you'd pull the snake out).

So we went around and saved a lot people until one of the bugs got me.. i stopped breathing and then they put the snake in.. and in the dream as soon as they pulled it out and i took a gasp for air i woke up.

i live in the area of the wildfires but was not affected at all. i also could really care less about the ordeal in all honesty

Example: POLL: If one of your own catchphrases caught on like wildfire on Y!A, which one would you like it to be?

I have a few:

"Really? I mean, like... seriously though?"
"Actually... you're dreaming. This question was never asked."
"You, sir, are one of life's winners!"
"I'll take door number 3, Monte."

If you don't have any catchphrases, feel free to create one.

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