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Dream About Wild Plants meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? Animals?

I have had this weird dream several times.It starts out with the vision of the earth in its orbit as if the earth was talking to me(or maybe an angel?) about a trial from her father to create a new era.? Suddenly I see myself as a fish in the ocean, and then a jelly fish welcomes me to the world.I eat the jellyfish and I go through a cave then out and some sharks are chasing me,I dive in and out of the surface of the water trying to escape the sharks, then this bright door appears and I go through it. Next I suddenly see myself as a salamander slimy like creature in some weird desert like environment as if all the plants had been eaten away,and I find myself running away from giant insects that are chasing and eating me and a herd of my own kind.But, The insects suddenly start to shrink and we begin eating back at the insects. Suddenly the door appears again,and I go through again. but this time I appear as a small dinosour, and Im hunting animals smaller than me and getting bigger.

Carl Jung said that all wild animals indicate latent affects (feelings and emotions that we do not readily deal with). They are also symbolic of dangers (hurtful and negative things) being "swallowed" by the unconscious. The interpretation of the animal in your dream depends on your relationship with it in daily life. Animals represent the qualities in our character or specific aspects of our personalities. They could symbolize our more intuitive and instinctive parts, or they could serve as messengers for the unconscious.
Some people believe that when you dream about fish you, will soon find out that you or someone you know is pregnant (water of the womb). Others believe that if you see fish in your dreams, it is a forecast for sickness and poor health. In Christianity, Christ is at times represented by the fish symbol (spirituality). These water dwelling animals may represent messages from our unconscious and indicate to us how well we navigate through our emotional waters. They could symbolize body and soul nourishment and navigation through the unknown depths of ourselves.
Please remember that the water in your dreams may be a statement about your emotions and the unconscious. Sharks, water-dwelling animals, could represent unpleasant emotions or difficult and painful materials coming up from the unconscious. You may feel some emotional upset, and the shark could be the symbol of the perceived emotional danger. Old dream interpretation books say that sharks may represent dishonest friends or reflect financial troubles.
Some dream interpretation books name specific insect symbols. However, the main idea to consider when you are interpreting this dream symbol is that you may currently be annoyed or "bugged" by a person or a situation in life. Use common sense and some general impressions about the specific insect when interpreting your dream. For example, if you are dreaming about bees stinging you think, about some of your relationships. If you are dreaming about ants consider you social interactions and work ethic.
Dinosaurs are always fascinating, sometimes lovable, mostly dangerous, and they are alive only in our imaginations. Consider all of the details of the dream and try to tie these ideas to some aspect of your life. The dinosaur, whether you have given it a positive or negative connotation, represents something from your past or an aspect of your personality that you have altered over time. Dinosaurs may represent old issues that have not been properly addressed and that continue to have the power to effect your life in the present.

I hope this helps some.

Example: Can anyone interpret this dream for me?

Here's my dream with as many details as I can remember:

A group of dogs were standing facing away from the meadow below my house. My brothers' dog, who was grown but is a puppy again in the dream, ran off down the hill. I saw her barking and then saw a large snake uncoil. I called all of the dogs inside to keep them safe. Then I looked to my left and saw a badger and a weasel fighting, the weasel was biting the badger's side and killing it. Then I looked to my right and there was a fox. It lifted it's leg and peed on a plant and then ran away. I walked into the garden and there were two raccoons stealing raspberries from our plants.

Then the dream changed and I was at my wedding (I'm not currently in a relationship). I was upset because I was about to marry a man I didn't love but felt trapped, I was worried that it was too late to cancel and everyone would be angry with me. I was having allergies and my eyes were very puffy and red. My dress didn't fit, the buttons and the back kept coming undone. All of a sudden I realized I didn't have any vows to read, I looked up a poem on my phone (a poem I have often thought about reading at my wedding someday), and tried to save it to my phone but couldn't for some reason. A wedding guest said he would help and do it for me so I ran to the bathroom to fix myself up. Someone tried to get in the bathroom while I was in there. I heard music and called me mom. I asked if the wedding was starting and she said yes, and I asked her to help button my dress which had come undone again. She tried but couldn't manage the buttons. I saw my best friend who was a bridesmaid and ran over to her asking if she would read the vows. She said she would.

Then I woke up.

Example: Help me quantify and comprehend this dream, it has me truly perplexed and tormented.?

The other day I took an hour long nap and I had the most peculiar dream, in which i was aware i was dreaming the whole time yet i couldn't force myself to awaken. I dreamnt that i had been tied to a chair and left alone in an empty field, and that my body ceased to function so i did not suffer from hunger, thirst or emotion i just sat there as a complacent observer to the universe. Time seemed to pass at a normal rate, yet i am certain that i saw the sun rise and sink millions of time's and i was able to watch the seasons change with a renewed sense of wonderment with each passing year, and i noticed that each time autumn came the leaves never changed in the same, much like a snowflake never has the same pattern. Yet i was able to observe minute changes in each object, the tree's grew steadily larger-- some withered of course and the river valley got increasingly wider and as each year passed the sun grew brighter and warmer. New animals lived and dyed and their offspring never looked the same, after about 2 million sunsets i was scarcely able to distinguish what species the animals were as they had changed so much, but in all this time not a single human being ever entered the field. The earth grew constantly warmer and the sun grew larger over head until all the plants whitered and i was left sitting in a barren field, the stream had evaporated years ago and the earth seemed entirely still and silent-- it stayed this way for many years. Fungus type lifeforms began to fester on the dry earth and soon the entire field was covered in that disgusting fungus. Inevitably the final sunset arrived , the sun was massive and red and i watched as it consumed the earth; like some crazed mother eating her offspring and then silently it collapsed. I was left alone there in the blackness of space, it was brutally cold and not much happened, i had no means of telling the time so i couldnt tell you how long i floated there, but i watched as the distant stars grew dimmer and dimmer until they had all but vanished. It was black and totally silent, i felt nothing ever and i found it difficult to remember i even existed in that empty silence. The silence was broken but once as an ominus sounding voice whispered "this is eternity". Then I woke up. I had to omitt some details but as you can imagine this dream terrified me, and im not certain what it means

Example: Of Mice and Men question?

I've got to 'Consider the significance of the setting in chapter 1 (until George and Lennie turn up) of Of Mice and Men' and I really don't know what to write. Any ideas?

Example: What does my house dream mean?

Okay, Ive been having weird dreams lately. They switch from one dream to the next, theres just one specific peice im curious about (the other parts have nothing to do with it). okay, so here we go:

Its just me and my friends (sometimes all guys, sometimes all girls) and were going to my house. There's like this weird route that we have to take to get to my house. its very dangerous and we go halfway by car and halfway by foot. When we reach my house, were on foot, on this cliff above my backyard. I then have to step down onto this little blanket thats hanging between two branches, and then step down to the ground. If theyre all girls with me, I flip over and fall to the ground. if theyre guys, they grab my hands and help me get down, and I dont fall. My house looks sorta like what youd see in movies, it looks like an abandoned house: Ivy all over the walls, the backyards dirty, the plants grow as if they were in the "wild". Thats usualy where it ends (or at least thats all I can remember). Anyone know what it means?

Example: What does insane mean?

As I see it, we are a nation governed by laws. We have what is called a system of checks and balances. Our nations system of checks and balances are controlled by someone.

Who is this someone?

That someone, is a powerful group of people who can control the worlds system of wealth. However, even that powerful group is headed by one person, and that person has his hands on those scales, and tips them whatever way suits him so that he comes out on top of whatever situation he wants the scales of our so called justice system to favor, and serve his and his groups values of justice served.

Because of this, today our legal enforcement entity is so good at being evil, that it now has become necessary for them to be evil to become good in the eyes of their peers. This is a scary scenario, because it is a form of psychosis to not know the difference between what is good or evil. Just ask any practitioner of psychology and listen to their reply.

What’s your reply?

Example: What does my dream mean?

well last night i had a dream i had made two rather ugly dolls i was giving them to a class helper in the play ground, she took one of them and the other one she dropped, the one she dropped was made out of plant weeds and was green (obviously) i think the other one was yellow, what does this mean? (iam 14) the class helper was in our class in 1 or 2 yr at high school.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Recently, I have had a puzzling dream. I am walking down a white country path with wild grasses and plants strewn across the world behind me. It is like being in a meadow with no tree in sight. The entire world looks plain and I dunno, old? It feels like I've in an era back in time. Anyway, I am walking across the path and after a VERY long time, I arrive at a gate that stretches for oblivion meaning as far as the eye can see. There is a keyhole and I do not have the key. I don't know what's behind the wall but I seriously am curious. It's really creepy because there is no animals at all in the entire meadow. Not an ant. I'm not sure what to make of it, but thanks for suggestions.

Example: Inturpret this dream please?

So in my dream im in Canada camping and its a 'sorta' boot camp lack of a better word and there are roller coasters there and some person steals my food and so i have to call my parent to bring me some food so once she gives me it I tell them to call me once they get home and they don't call so i fly there to see whats up and the car is in the driveway and the windshield is shatterd and is all over the place so i go inside and there is shattered glass all over the floor and i find my parents aginst the wall looking like there dieing of heat so i go to my sisters bedroom and i see a freezer and i get popsicals for some reason and so after that i grab some cheetos and fly back to camp and i have to rake the dirt outside for planting and chip the old wallpaper off can anyone help me Inturpret this?

Example: Death dream interpretation?

Last night i had a weird dream. I was on a balcony with other girls, one of them had a baby who was about 2yrs old. So the baby is playing and i notice he is too close to the edge. I then tell his mom she should get him before he falls and right when she is about to grab him he falls! He lands on the street and I vividly remember how his head splits open but instead of red blood some green liquid comes out. We then run down th stairs to the street but we can't go onto the street because now there are all these cars coming. The mom finally manages to get to him and has him in her arms and then a semi runs her over. And cars continue to zoom by her not stoping. A crowd has now gathered but no one does anything to help. I start screaming call 911! I don't remember the rest, but I can't stop thinking about. Can anyone help me figure out what it might mean please? Thanks=)

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