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Dream About White meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of flying white horses?

I had a dream that my husband and I were riding bikes and it was raining, I fell and he stop to help me. All of a sudden 2 brown horses start running down the street in slow motion, they crash into each other, I yelled to my husband to hide under the car because it look as if the horseswere coming towards us.so we stood up and the horses start flying, then we look up in the sky hundreds of white horses were flying in the sky and I remember saying Lord I Dont Think I'm Ready! Then I woke up remembering the whole dream! What does this mean?

It means that you're worried that something you've considered only remotely possible may actually happen, or because it *has* happened and you're worried what it could mean. The phrase "when pigs fly" signifies something that can never happen. In your dream Pegasuses (Pegases? Pegasusi? more than one Pegasus) are flying, a substitution for "when pigs fly" that probably also names the unusual occurrence that provoked this dream. Maybe it has something to do with "Peg" or "Peggy," or maybe with your "sis" ("sus"), or maybe with some misfortune that befell the Browns ("2 brown horses... crash into each other"). Whatever it is, you feel unprepared to deal with it ("Lord I Dont Think I'm Ready!"), and that's why it's turned up in a dream.


Example: What does it mean dreaming about white Bears and sheep?

i had this dream last night . I was somewhere in mountains. I see trees and green grass. there is somebody else with me some of my family somebody close to me in dream but I do not know who it is , and I have like 3 or 4 lambs or sheep with me. We are trying to walk and go somewhere. I notice sheep on land eating Grass a lot of them. I Notice group of bears white bears they have the same color as sheep . white and little yellow. It was like group of bears and with them little bears.i was saying to few people with me not sure who they are. I said lets move from here that bears do not see us. I said I think they have plenty of sheep to eat that they do not attack me and my sheep. I only have like 3 or four sheep. I was thinking what happened to Shepard of those sheep but i said well i cannot think now about it. I was trying to leave with my sheep and person that was with me. one Big bear notice us and started to run after us. Just one bear .People that are with me hid in some tree that looks like tent and green lives cover them all. I alone run on tree but tree was to small. so i jumped from one tree to another and than to third bigger tree. I see bear running toward me . And i woke up

Example: What does it mean to dream of white elephants?

I had a dream that i was in a building and there was a baby white elephant leaving the building and further down there was a locked double door and the mother white elephant was knocking down that door to get in and get its baby. She broke down the doors and came in looking for her baby and she eventually went out the same door as her baby did and they found each other but what stood out is that they were white elephants

Example: What does it mean to dream of white frogs?

i dreampt of 4 little white frogs that were choking me what could this mean?!?!


Example: What does it means me dreaming about a white bird?

last night i had a dream and there was a white bird in my dream, i was iside a doctors office and we need it to catch the bird but the bird would only come up to me... it was so weird and then some how i also remember a number i had to pay the doctors visit in the fornt desk and i remember the number which is really weird for me to remember a number in specific.

what does that means?

Example: Meaning of dreaming a white butterfly?

Yesterday night, I dream of a white butterfly landing on my right hand. I think it was the first time I dream of it, I just want to know what it means?

Personally I was a little scared at first because I heard someone said it's related to death but then some interpretation said it means success/purity/or good things will happen. So It's a little confusing since I don't know which is the most reliable.

It would be really nice if someone will be able to explain this to me, thank you :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream...? (white skirt)?

the guy i am currently interested in used to like another girl (well i made him like her) in the past, and now it's over.
i dreamed that i had invited that girl in my house and i was about to give her a white skirt that belonged to her and i had borrowed that skirt from her (in real life that skirt is mine). and she stayed at mine.
what does that mean?

Example: What Does it mean to dream in Black and White?

I dreamed about me in my after school club. It was all black and white except my Crush's backpack. The color of his B.P. was red. I was writing something when he put his bag beside my desk. After school, he happened to be walking with me. Then, my classmate back in elementary came and approached us. I was surprised! After we talked, my crush said, "Good bye Hanna! see ya at neighborhood!" And i was like shocked. Then, I asked him where he lives, but he ran away. -Ok, i dont ask guys their address-
In my dream, I was convincing myself that I want his adress cuz hanna is in his neighborhood. I walked through the puddle rain, and saw boys playing water gun. Then, I saw my crush's best friend and asked him where my crush lives, but he ran away. I walked through fields of green grass, and saw red soldiers in a straight line. One of them is one of my classmate. Then, somebody hit me with their water gun. I yelled that I am not playing with them. I continued walking home and saw several tether ball courts. At about the 4th thether ball court, I saw him, my crush and his best friend standing up straight in their tuxedo! I approached him and said hi. "So you want to know my house address?" he said, "Umm yes" I replied. "Its 221" he replied.-or 112 something I cant remember but its 3 digit number and has numbers 1 and 2- "221? I never heard of that address bwfore" I said Confusedly. Then I told him I had to go. when I turned around, I swear I saw him jumping up and down smiling and saying YES! YESS! Like he just won in BINGO.

WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN and dreaming about all black and white except his red back pack. It was also raining in my dream the whole time.

Example: Whats does it mean to dream in white and blue?

its was windows and ghost rats and a door it said dont make ghost rats angry cuase of the cats white cats so what does dreaming white and blue mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream white lion & tiger fighting?

In my dream there were little white lion & little tiger in one room.. and the tiger started to attack the lion.. & i took the lion in my hands & pushed the tiger away with my feet..& got out of the room with the little lion

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