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Dream About White Trash meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this DREAM mean?

Last night I had a dream...it was about me and some other guy getting married.
I was 15 years old in my dream & so was he.
I think his name was Ramone.
Anyway- We were in the schools cafeteria... I was in my wedding dress & he was in his tux.
Well, everybody in the school was dressed up nice & in dresses, tuxes & just... all around nice.
So, Ramone & I had our trays and we were going to dump our food in the trash... then all of a sudden some guy married us.. and I guess my dream skipped over to the house my "husband" had bought. It was a light yellow house and my parents had dropped me off at the house in a limo.
They didn't come in or anything... Then I walked in.. I noticed the electricity wasn't working... but only a few lights where on... (weird I know), then, I noticed there was dog poop all over the floor.. I was really upset about that. My "husband" wasn't at the house, because he had already seen it... then I noticed a lot of his friends where at the house.. living there.

hey**** you might wanna get a dream interpretator (sp!) to help you out, i have to f'n idea to what this could mean.. except maybe that your first marriage is going to be sh*t!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago and I really wanna know what it means.
I was sitting in the back of the car with my dad and my friend Jasmine. Not too bad but my Lying Sack Of **** ex Adam was in the car in the middle. Now I think he should have been by the window with Jasmine in the middle to prevent slaughter but anyway, For some reason I was SO tired. I mean like I couldn't keep my eyes open if someone had a gun to my head. I just couldn't control myself and I fell to the side. I used the last bit of my dream energy to tell him he could shove me if he wanted to but he said it was alright. My leg was against his and his was like fire. I then felt his foot lightly scratch the back of my leg (the calf and behind the knee) a few times before I fell asleep in the dream. Thats when I woke up. What does this mean? I actually felt his leg on mine and his foot scratching me.

Example: Meaning of my dreams...?

So i was just wondering what people thought these 2 dreams could mean
He had come to pick me up to spend the weekend with him. We drove back to his house which was out kind of in the middle of nowhere, a very small town. The house was just a hall filled with many doors. The walls were a dirty brown color, the few windows were dirty and the house was nowhere near being clean. He lived with many different people. All could be classified as white trash. I was standing looking through the window when a lady and her child came out of one of the rooms. She asked me if I had moved in. I told her no that I was just staying here. She handed me a zipped wallet. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. She looked at me and looked toward the door. I still had no idea what was going on. At that time is when he came out of the room he had gone into. That’s when she grabbed the wallet back from me and took a card out of it. The card was like a key to open the door. Her and her small daughter asked if I would like to go out back and see the snow and the river. We walked out the door, the river was flowing with dirty water, floating were dolls and toys. He was sitting on a chair away from everyone I went and sat next to him, I asked what was the matter, all he could say to me was 'happy valentines day' finally he got up to walk in the house, halfway through the door he turned and said 'now is the time you wanna prey' once he said that the area around me which was once just open space began to close up, and a metal wall started to form around me and I ran inside. We both looked out the window and saw a tornado. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away and told me we were going to get hit by it. He told me to get down and stay under the table. I tried to hold his hand because I was scared but he moved away. Nothing happened. Awhile after everyone came back out and we were outside again. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead and told me he would take me home...

I was standing down in a subway station, I think it was a subway station, it looked like one but up stairs was a school… a school that I didn’t go to but there was a lady that was calling out names and telling these people to go up stairs to school, I decided that I would go with them just to see what was happening, so i lied and said my name was something else, it ended up that once you passed the stairs you turned back into teenagers, since I was already one nothing happened to me… once I walked in the door the teach said “so you are going to stay today, for once?” I guess I had been ditching class a lot for other school stuff and when I went back I brought this tape to Mrs. Horn and told her that we should listen to it, after that she said that there was other things to do and weird stuff started happening, little children came in the room and one was riding a jumping donkey and everyone was following him around the room then this girl came up from behind me and started talking to me and holding my shoulders, my thumb started bleeding, it started off with just a little hole, then I got another one, until my whole thumb was bleeding. The little girl told me that I should put a band aid on it so it would stop bleeding but I told them I didn’t want one but they made me put one on anyways… they wouldn’t let me go

I opened the door and saw this lady running down the stairs she jumped onto a van that was parked in the parking spot by the window, then a tree appeared and so did a rope and she started to put the rope around her neck, at the time I run to call 911 but I ended up calling 119… but once I recalled I got an answering machine… I hung up and tried calling again and got the same thing… so i heard something say 'its too late" so when I walked back to the living room she was just hanging there in perfect view… I couldn’t help looking at her, after a while I closed the curtains… and decided to take a shower…

What's it all mean...
Its weird every time I have a dream and I call 911 it never works

Example: What could these reoccurring dreams mean?

The first dream is always centered around my ears. I got a second piercing on each ear a few months ago, and in the dream what keeps happening is I'll be walking down an empty hospital. It'll have the usually horrid hospital smell and I'll walk by the receptionist desk. On the desk is a picture frame, but it's blank (just a white piece of paper in it.) I'll notice my reflection and on my ears I only have my earrings in on the first hole, but the studs I usually wear in my second holes are both gone. But my lobes look a little swollen. So I'll reach up and feel my ear and there's a HUGE bump where my second piercings are. It then dawns on me that the skin of my ears have grown completely over both of my second piercings and I'll claw at them and have to rip them out. When I finally get them out, I notice that the frame of the earring is there, but then diamond in both of them is missing, and then I start sobbing.

The second dream is I go up these winding stairs to a room, which I suppose is mine (it's all very castle-y like. It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter but I know it isn't.) I'll push open the door and on my bed, right on the pillow, there will be a dead white rabbit. It's completely slashed open, blood splattered all over my white room. (The room is always white. So is the rabbit's fur. The only color is the blood.) I run to my bed, grab the rabbit and tuck it under my shirt (which also happens to be white.) I run down the stairs, past people, not wanting them to see the rabbit. I find a bathroom and I dump the rabbit in the trash can. (Everything in the bathroom is white as well). I take all these paper towels from the dispenser and throw it over the rabbit but I can still see the blood. I got to wash my hands and on the edge of the sink there's a blood knife with a white handle. I grab it and look up in the mirror. Always, my face and all my white clothes are covered in blood, although it would be impossible to get that much blood on me if I just carried the rabbit under my shirt. I then realize, as I look at my reflection as I hold the knife, that I am the one who killed the rabbit. I just forgot that I did it, or wasn't conscious when I did kill it.

What could these dreams mean? Anything is appreciated.

Example: Can you please tell me what my dream means?

My boyfriend's friend (lets call him John) was driving me home, and it was such a long journey so we parked for a bit and decided to sleep. I was in the back seat and he was in the front. He wanted to hug me, and as he did he said "Don't worry" then he kissed my neck and said "it's alright, we're still just friends" and hugged me again, then we went to sleep. Out of nowhere, his friend was driving now and I was still in the back, John being in the passenger seat. When they dropped me off at home, John handed me a lighter and I refused it, so they drove off. As I came up my driveway, I noticed police tape all around my house. I asked my dad what happened, and he said to take a look. So I ran all around my house and noticed everything was trashed... I went into my bedroom and immediately looked at a box that in real life I keep souvenirs and movie tickets of my boyfriend and I whenever we go out. They were all gone, but instead there were little packets of white powdered drugs

Example: What does killing a kitten in a dream mean?

Well for the second time in a row I've been having this incredibly disturbing dream that I was in my house and there were two kittens. A white one and a beige one. The dream was very detailed and it was impossible to tell the difference from reality and dream world. I felt like someone else was controlling me and I picked up the white kitten (probably 2-3 months old) and started aggressively strangling it and for some reason it took a long time to die and i had to squeeze harder. I threw it in the trash barrel outside like nothing happened whilst walking past my family. I picked up the beige one and was also strangling it but it took longer to die it didn't bite, didn't fight back or nothing. I literately watched the life go out of its eyes.

After that I woke up and teared up a little . Doesn't make sense because iv had a cat sense I was 5 years old, love animals to death and would never even hurt a fly. Very nice and lovable person. Feel guilty yet i know its a just a dream but i know that ALL dreams mean something. It just struck my mind that what the **** does this dream mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, some people believe in the meaning of dreams and whatnot. And I need someone to at least try to tell me what this repetitive dream means.
Every night since August 6th, I've been having this dream that I'm sitting on the edge of a pier with my girlfriend, a blonde teacher, a brunette friend and a blonde friend of ours. I don't know who the 2 friends or the teacher are. The teacher tells us to draw pictures of who we use to be and put them in the water, so we do. As we do a gray wolf who somehow I knew was named Sam showed up, and the others got scared. But I went up to him and told him to go home and a guy walked out behind me and froze all my friends except the blonde friend in a green slime that killed them. A guy walked out behind him and they both took me and the blonde friend. they took us, escorted us over a frozen and snowy wooden bridge over a railroad track that lead into the ocean into a camp ground. I escaped and ran through the camp ground. In the middle of the grounds a shaggy brown furred dog started chasing after me and attacked my pink and white wheel-less heeleys. I lost the dog as I turned the corner and I ran through to a small neighborhood. I ran to a fence with a security guard behind it and said you gotta help me. All he did was scream at me in an indecipherable noise waving his knight stick at me and I ran away between two red bmw's and beside a building. But then I saw a car coming down and I ran behind the building behind some trash cans. Just then I looked up and saw a man standing on a balcony staring down at me. He asked me if I was a vampire and I nodded, he went inside. Just then a guy got out of a wooden fence near the bmw's and took out a gun. A man came out of the car and they began a shoot out. Then I got pulled inside the building and that's when I woke up. Please try to help me decipher the meaning of this dream! Thank you!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey Yahoo answerers. I can't take it anymore, I need to know the interpretation of a dream I had sometime in 2009. I can remember every detail from the dream so clearly, and I still have a very strong visual image of that dream even though I had it so long ago. I will do my best to include every detail I remember in order to get a good interpretation. This dream was not a nightmare, because it didn't scare me, but I must admit that it was a bit disturbing to me personally, and it shouldn't be at all to you (but if it is, get some help).

Before I tell you the actual dream, I think you should know a little bit about me in order to know why this dream is so strange and confusing. I am a middle schooler, so I am at the age where everyone is defined by the group they're in (everyone is a critic). I am a nobody, I am shy and quiet, and I have absolutely NO friends. I am pretty much invisible, and I guess you could say I'm a nerd, except I don't look like one; huge, thick black rimmed glasses with plastic lenses, messed up hair, suspenders, a flat face, and a wedgie that never seems to go away. I am actually a pretty decent looking 13 year old boy, and I have been told that I am cute/attractive by a few girls, and I wish I could say the same for them except I couldn't because every one of them was friggin fat (I just said "I could never be seen with a hippo", walked away, and that was that.)! Anyways, I think that I am a good looking nerd at times, because I am not just a pile of white trash like most are. In this dream, somehow an outsider like me ends up with a bunch of "skater boys". You know, the ones who have mad skateboarding skills, who get all the attenion from the (hot, not bloated) girls, who make people laugh with every other thing they say, guys who have cool names, and the popular boys who have hair that looks like it was struck by a hurricane and was all left going in one direction. These boys ARE the white trash (not really but I like think of them that way :). I hope you get the picture because there are still a plethora of unholy things I could say about them that I am not willing to say because they would show up entirely made up of asterisks and Heaven would have an "off limits" sign attached to the pearly gates. The following is everything I remember about that unusual dream I had:

Me and the skater boys, a few in particular- Nathan, Logan, Dustin, and Gabe- and others who don't matter as much were standing on a snowy hill while it was snowing on a foggy night. The sky was black, but it had a slight orange glow, and when you put that with the silently falling snow and the moderate fog looming overhead, it made the setting pretty eerie. I was standing facing the skaters and the were facing me but they were all together and I was standing by myself, almost as if there was an invisible line between us and I wasn't allowed to cross over to the "cool side". We were talking, except I was the one making them laugh (go figure). As you know it was night time and it was snowing so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it was cold and late so I had to get home. So I told them I had to go, but they all told me to stay, and so being the comedy guru that I am, I stuck around and told a few more jokes before telling them again that I had to get going. This time I meant it, even though they asked me to stay longer. I started walking away from them in the snow, saying "I'm sorry, I would stay if I could but I have to go." I was walking backwards slowly down the hill facing the skaters and I watched them begin to disappear into the fog and snow. I could hear them yelling "David!" (now there's a cool name) "Come back, please!" I didn't listen, and just kept walking and shouting back. With every step I took, their voices faded more and they began to become less visible as the fog covered them. I kept walking until I could no longer see or hear them, I could only see snow and fog, but I kept staring silently back at the hilltop where I knew they were. I finally turned around and started walking forward (the hill is now behind me) through a gate onto a snowy road lit with street lights. The orange glow of the lights with the snow and fog and the silence of the woods and nighttime was just another contributing factor to the eeriness of the scene. I was walking alone, with no cars driving by, in complete silence. No snow crunching under my feet...nothing. I don't remember what did it, but after walking a short distance alone down this creepy road on this snowy night, I turned around and started heading back to the hill to see if the skaters (who I'm guessing were my friends) were still there. I walked back through the gate into the dark snowy field where the hill was. I started walking up the hill where I instantly noticed something that was not the same. The skaters were gone, but something was on the hillside in replacement of them. Sitting in the snow on the hill were 7 grave stones, like t

Example: Disturbing dream, whats it mean?

I had a dream I went outside to throw out the trash. I start to pick up the trash bug and a weird yellow and black bug comes out. I try to kill it, it gets away. Then a weird looking wasp with a halo thing flys on the trash bag, I'm going to grab it to move it. Suddenly a normal wasp just flies into the weird wasp and falls. I look at it and its stiff and dead from getting electrocuted from the weird wasp. I'm relieved I didnt touch the weird deadly wasp and died. Meaning?

Example: What does having multiple shark dreams mean?

I've had multiple dreams about sharks very recently. Up until this morning all the dreams were of multiple GIANT leapord sharks being present but never attacking. But this morning in my dream, two sharks were coming straight for me, one was black one was white, the white one came from the side and was just thrashing on top of me but not attacking and the black one was coming straight for my head. My mom was trying to pull me safe to land where I could've made a clear getaway but instead I went underwater thinking it was safer. The black shark went to bite my entire head and i woke up just before it happened. A lot of things have been going on in my life and I just want to know if these dreams have any meaning behind them?

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