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Dream About White People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if people don't dream?

I don't really have a memory of my last dream and i was wondering what it means if anybody has a well researched answer please tell me.

Sometimes it might mean you didn't reach REM state for rest. For the most part many people don't have memory's of their dreams. Some people only dream in black - n - white. While others say they never dream at all. It is normal. Mine on the other hand are in full blown living color and very interactive. But I to go through phases when I don't think I dream. Nothing to worry about.

Example: What does it mean dreaming about white Bears and sheep?

i had this dream last night . I was somewhere in mountains. I see trees and green grass. there is somebody else with me some of my family somebody close to me in dream but I do not know who it is , and I have like 3 or 4 lambs or sheep with me. We are trying to walk and go somewhere. I notice sheep on land eating Grass a lot of them. I Notice group of bears white bears they have the same color as sheep . white and little yellow. It was like group of bears and with them little bears.i was saying to few people with me not sure who they are. I said lets move from here that bears do not see us. I said I think they have plenty of sheep to eat that they do not attack me and my sheep. I only have like 3 or four sheep. I was thinking what happened to Shepard of those sheep but i said well i cannot think now about it. I was trying to leave with my sheep and person that was with me. one Big bear notice us and started to run after us. Just one bear .People that are with me hid in some tree that looks like tent and green lives cover them all. I alone run on tree but tree was to small. so i jumped from one tree to another and than to third bigger tree. I see bear running toward me . And i woke up

Example: Some people dreamed about white elephant but I saw white elephant , what does it means ?

I saw it while others don't .

Example: What does it mean to dream of white frogs?

i dreampt of 4 little white frogs that were choking me what could this mean?!?!


Example: Meaning of dream of a white wolf?

I had a dream that three white wolves were attacking me and biting my arms. The scenery was overlooking a waterfall. What does all this mean? Thanks.

Example: Whats does it mean to dream in white and blue?

its was windows and ghost rats and a door it said dont make ghost rats angry cuase of the cats white cats so what does dreaming white and blue mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream white lion & tiger fighting?

In my dream there were little white lion & little tiger in one room.. and the tiger started to attack the lion.. & i took the lion in my hands & pushed the tiger away with my feet..& got out of the room with the little lion

Example: What does it mean to dream of everything white?

The other night I had this dream, where at first it started with me sort of running into this building with this guy who was supposedly my friend, but I've never met him in real life. Anyway, the sky was dark gray like a terrible storm was coming and there was this black cloud with some purple lighting swarming it and hanging below the cloud were these things that sucked people up. They sorta looked like giant hair dryers like from the hair salons. I was running and the guy got taken up and eventually I did too. I woke up in this bright white room with a white patient robe on. The guy was there and surprised I had woken up. I couldn't walk because my legs were a bit weak so he wheeled me around this "building" in a wheelchair. Everyone that was there was wearing white, everything in there was white, except for hair everyone's hair was either brown black red blonde and they were wearing these white outfits , sort of futuristic. There were no windows. Then I was given the same outfit. I eventually began to walk on my own and explored the "building". I didn't know where I was and I never even asked. So does anyone know what it could mean?
Sorry it's so long. And also I had like these weird genius powers where I knew how to do some surgical operation when in reality I don't. And In my dream I was surprised I knew how to operate surgeries. Like i did it but then realized what I had just done? Idk

Example: What does it mean to dream of a white wolf?

in my dreams I was in my house going to check the mail(the house was my old house) and as I walked out I saw this big white wolf come running to the door so I closed it fast. Then some police type people came to the door and the white wolf was still there and it bit me on the hand. Its eyes were brown.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a white tiger?

how the dream went:i was in an audience and the white tiger was being introduced.Then, he jumped off stage chasing everyone and went wild.But i just satyed in the same spot watching as he did that.what do you suppose this means?

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