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Dream About White House meanings

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what does it mean? i had a dream that a White bird My flying in my house and I was afraid that My dog might Eat It so I tried to catch BUT it turned into a dog and than bird again AND my dog ate it! It was pretty MeaningFull i guess.. Any idea?

I'm not 100% on dream meanings, and usually I don't always think they have a particular meaning, as humans are just associating their perceptions with symbols of their other perceptions... and really it's a point of view. Like in some cultures cats are sacred, in others are omens, in others are symbols of luck, and in others are devious and cunning. So it does depend. Assuming you're from an 'average'-type British or American culture:

Birds are usually symbols of hope and purity (normally if someone is religious), and nearly always they represent freedom. The colour white also usually embodies the idea of purity and innocence. The fact that you're trying to catch this might indicate you're trying to grasp hold of more freedom. Dogs are sometimes symbolic of subservience, since they are obedient and loyal. So, your symbol of freedom turning into a symbol of something which is typical of following orders could show that your efforts to gain freedom might be leading you into routine and following orders... or that perhaps you fear your sense of freedom being swallowed up by this (the image of your dog eating the bird and your opposition of this). The white colours might show that it's all an innocent process, that is to say, it's not done vindictively out of hate, it's more just a natural or coincidental occurrence. The fact that in the end the dog does it the bird might be indicative of the enevitable, to show you that despite your efforts to save the bird, it was in vain and things just have to take their course regardless of whether you try to intervene or not.

Again, this is just my interpretation, but it's what I pick up on anyway.

Example: What does it mean when you dream...? (white skirt)?

the guy i am currently interested in used to like another girl (well i made him like her) in the past, and now it's over.
i dreamed that i had invited that girl in my house and i was about to give her a white skirt that belonged to her and i had borrowed that skirt from her (in real life that skirt is mine). and she stayed at mine.
what does that mean?

Example: What Does it mean to dream in Black and White?

I dreamed about me in my after school club. It was all black and white except my Crush's backpack. The color of his B.P. was red. I was writing something when he put his bag beside my desk. After school, he happened to be walking with me. Then, my classmate back in elementary came and approached us. I was surprised! After we talked, my crush said, "Good bye Hanna! see ya at neighborhood!" And i was like shocked. Then, I asked him where he lives, but he ran away. -Ok, i dont ask guys their address-
In my dream, I was convincing myself that I want his adress cuz hanna is in his neighborhood. I walked through the puddle rain, and saw boys playing water gun. Then, I saw my crush's best friend and asked him where my crush lives, but he ran away. I walked through fields of green grass, and saw red soldiers in a straight line. One of them is one of my classmate. Then, somebody hit me with their water gun. I yelled that I am not playing with them. I continued walking home and saw several tether ball courts. At about the 4th thether ball court, I saw him, my crush and his best friend standing up straight in their tuxedo! I approached him and said hi. "So you want to know my house address?" he said, "Umm yes" I replied. "Its 221" he replied.-or 112 something I cant remember but its 3 digit number and has numbers 1 and 2- "221? I never heard of that address bwfore" I said Confusedly. Then I told him I had to go. when I turned around, I swear I saw him jumping up and down smiling and saying YES! YESS! Like he just won in BINGO.

WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN and dreaming about all black and white except his red back pack. It was also raining in my dream the whole time.

Example: What does it mean to dream about White Tigers?

So, in my dream, I went to a house and in that house there were like.. 10 or 6 White Tigers. They were all staring at me wherever I go in the house. And each time that I visit that house one of the tigers dies. When there was only one White Tiger left, He stared at me, I think he was growling..? like he was about to attack me, but I just stood there the tiger didn't really do anything, just growling and we were just staring at each other and then.. I woke up.

That was the first time I that I dreamed about something like that so it kind of bothered me. So I want to know if there's a meaning to it.

Thanks for taking your time reading this.

Example: What does white gravel mean in a dream?

I dreamt I spread a bucketful of white gravel in my house's front entrance, what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a white wolf?

i dream about a white wolf with beautiful blue eyes about two nights ago. it wasnt threaten, no teeth glaring. it jumped over my fence while my two best friends and i were in our back yard at night. it walked up to us, but it didnt stop us from going inside of the house to get away from it. we live in florida.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a white wolf?

in my dreams I was in my house going to check the mail(the house was my old house) and as I walked out I saw this big white wolf come running to the door so I closed it fast. Then some police type people came to the door and the white wolf was still there and it bit me on the hand. Its eyes were brown.

Example: Dream meaning: little house?

I was somewhere beautiful. The area was green and lush and it was situated next to a lake… willow trees, blue skies and the grass was soft and comforting. I came across a modest dilapidated white cottage, nestled between the trees. The house seemed vaguely familiar but I only really noticed it for the first time today. I didn’t go into the house at all. I viewed it from the outside and was amazed at the beautiful view it had. It had a run-down grass roof and the windows were broken, but it didn’t make me feel sad. Instead, I started visualising how I could restore this little house to turn it into my dream home. I also felt the need to build a medium height wall around the little house, for safety reasons. I felt relaxed and peaceful when I woke up. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what this dream could mean :)

Example: What does this dream meaning?-broken white stairs?

I had a dream that i was inside the house,i was walking up stairs..and most staircases broke when i was walking up.Stairs were white with beautiful flowers on top.

Example: What is the meaning of white lion dream?

yesterday, i saw white lion in my dream. i saw the lion sitting on the hill side where i was there but the lion was so calm and nothing harming me and then i was returning to my house . i started to step towards my house but the lion was also together with me . on the way i thougt that i must leave the lion and want alone to my house and then i woke up plz help me to find the answer.

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