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Dream About Whirlpool meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does my Dream Mean? A Whirlpool, ice, and snow?


I was walking through a snowy forest, with not many trees around. It wasn't night, but it was dark, (I could still see, though).

Somehow I ended up in this whirlpool. It was in a small pond, about 6 foot in diameter I'm suppose. I was spinning around very slowly, but it felt very strong. I wasn't really sinking ,though. At first I was swimming, but then I was sitting in the water... spinning around. The water was only up to my waist.

The water was freezing cold. I was sure I would drown, but for some reason I made no effort to escape. Then I realized, I was going down, further into the water, and there would be ice. Surprisingly, the ice was warmer than the water. I was now in an large cup made of ice, spinning around quite slowly, and gradually sinking down further.
Then, my cat, Kristine, comes to the waters edge. I lean over to her, and she tells me something.

I follow her instructions, and swim in the opposite direction of the whirlpool's flow. Once the current weakened I lunged toward the snowy land before, me, and pull my self up onto shore.

Okay, here's what I got from dream-of.com:
-Some sort of supressed emotions or emotional turmoil... but where does my pet cat fit in? Why did she help me? It all makes no sense...

If you could, please interpret the dream as a whole. :3

Thanks! Happy Easter! ;D

probably she was meowing on you when you were asleep

Example: What could these dreams mean?

1 I have had dreams where I am in some kind of danger: being sucked in to a whirlpool, choked by someone, bitten by a she-devil, chased by a dangerous wild animal, beaten up by thugs etc...however, I am either rescued in the dream, or I actually physically wake up at the moment I am about to be killed.

2 I am making love to a lady I work with. I don't think I have any affections for her, but I have had this dream about two or three times.

What do these dreams mean? What is my deeper mind telling me?

Example: Whats this mean, spiders,green worms and whirlpools?

I was talking with people in a group(strangers) and a lady said I had a spider under my chin . She went to pull it off and instead it was a green worm. Then there was 2 more! I could actually feel this in my dream. Then all of a sudden I was walking by a river with a friend and he was pointing out these strange small whirlpools every where in the water . He thought they were very cool, but I was kind of scarred and kept wondering if any more worms were in my neck. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this recurrent dream meant?

this dream i have been having for more than 10 yrs.&then it just stopped for no apperent reason. this dream was recurrent ..occuring day after day..except one night where i had a different dream..
this recurrent dream was like..i would be falling from great height,wearing a white or pale blue frock,soundlessly screaming,my hair flowing about me like being caught in a wind..i would be falling to some whirpool of water..there was nothing else..just me falling forever and this strange water-whirlpool,the thing is i would never reach the bottom.
this dream would occur day after day except one night when i dreamt of everything black but a small shining "being" of a sort holding an umbrella..it was actually a pleasant dream.
I have since then stopped having these dreams..i still cant figure out wat they meant.i wud remember them clearly every time i woke up..
i dont believe very firmly dat every dream has a meaning but dreams like dis,so regular which then just disappear are...strange..

Example: Can someone please explain to me what my dream means?

Okay so I had a dream that I was looking in my bathroom and all of a sudden the toilet overflowed then drained back down to normal. Then after that the floor of the bathroom turned into this whirlpool, like a twister in water. But nothing drained into that, it just stopped, then the toilet filled with strawberries. I know it's weird.But please help. Thanks(:


This is one of my most frightening dreams of all time. Some of my dream was unclear. All I remember was falling into an ocean of green/black sludge. It was thick and heavy and for some reason I never sank, Like I was stuck there. The dream felt like forever and it gave me an idea of what it would feel like being there. Throughout it felt like hands grabbing my feet, I heard nothing,but I knew these people were suffering.The only entities I saw were Lumps it the ocean that were kinda like living whirlpools. They constantly drowned people over and over. It felt horrible and ended abruptly. Any ideas as to what this could mean?

Example: Dream interpretation - what do you think it means?

I dreamt of being on a large boat in a dock, and all was well. I already searched what that could mean. But then my dream shifted a bit. There was a small maelstrom (insignificant in size to the ship) but it still caused panic because it was going to grow in proportion. But then I woke up. I've never had this type of dream before and I can't find anything about maelstrom in dream meanings to soothe my curiosity.

Example: Dreaming of family and whirlpools?

I had a dream that (for some reason) some of my uncles and misc family members were trying to get through these 2 large whirlpools in a river by wading. My job was to throw orange and yellow colored sand into the middle of the whirlpool to make it easier to see.

Turns out, I was supposed to throw orange into the first one, and yellow into the second, but I throw both handfuls of sand into the first one only. Because of me, a little girl (I don't know why she was with us) died.

What could this mean?

Example: Wave and whirlpool dream interpretation?

Now this may be considered a little silly because it involves "telekinesis", but it's something I do when I lucid dream.

I was on a dock with a crowd of people and we were anticipating a huge wave of water coming. I was informing people on the use of "powers of the mind" and was demonstrating how to use telekinesis by sticking out your hands and using your mind to hold it off. But as I began talking to one individual a large wave suddenly formed and hit and swept me and the crowd out into the ocean. (The wave was a light green if that has any special meaning?) As the wave subsided and as we floated suddenly a whirlpool appeared. We all grabbed hands but unfortunately some people were lost into the whirlpool. The remainder of us who had locked hands used "our powers" to get away from the whirlpool and safe to shore.

Usually water dreams or dreams of waves frighten me quite a bit... yet this time I wasn't. Rather I expected it, fought through it, and survived. Can anyone tell me the meaning or what they think it means?

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