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Dream About Wheelchair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Ln life l am confined to a wheelchair but in my dreams, l am always walking. what does this mean?

There are good answers here. Certainly wish fulfillment is obvious, don't you think so? You want to walk, whether or not you ever walked.

But then the question becomes why do you dream it?
We need sleep; when we dream, we try to resolve conflicts, so that we may continue to sleep. When we can't, we awaken in a nightmare.

Clearly, in your dreams of walking, you are resolving your confilicts regarding being in a wheelchair, so that you can make peace in your sleep and continue on.

That's the literal part. Now the questions become what exactly do walking and being in a wheelchair mean to you, and what do they symbolize for you? You used the word, "confined," so I get that walking means freedom to you.

I think it's a dream about freedom, not just about the literal. I think there's a whole life you're dreaming about, and you want the freedom that goes with that life. I also think that you're doing a fantastic job of dealing with it, if, in fact, these "dreams" stay as dreams and don't become nightmares. If they do, then you'll have to deal with finding freedom in ways, that one "confined to a wheelchair" can, and I wish you lots of love and luck with that work.

There is great freedom to be found in the imagination, more in books than in TV, and something tells me that you will find freedom in writing or painting--just a P.S.

(I have an inspiration for you. Check out the documentary on Steven Hawking, called "A Brief History of Time." There's a surprise in there for you, and it comes from one of the world's greatest geniuses, and he's in a wheelchair.)

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream it was the zombie apocalypse. I was living in my house with my family and because most of my relatives and sibling have some disorder (for instance my grandmother whom takes care of me is in a wheelchair) I ended up being the the caregiver and pseudo-leader.However the most shocking thing to me, is when I killed my 7 year old sister with a screwdriver because she got infected.

What does this all mean, if it means anything at all?

Example: What does this dream mean? Followed by a wheelchair man with knife while Batman and Robin are not helping me?

I dreamed I was in a mansion with a lot of square rooms, with a door on each side of the rooms. I had to run all over through these rooms to escape from a guy on a wheelchair with a knife in his hands and a gun that he hided in his shoes.

The bad and also funny thing was that there was Batman chilling with a woman on the patio, and Robin doing whatever in an inside corridor. They were unable to help me.

Do you have any idea of why I had such a strange dream?

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i was standing next to an old lady in a wheelchair on the edge of a cliff when i looked down the sea was really rough and there where loads of people trying to get up the cliff but they kept getting dragged back what does this mean?

Example: What does my brothers dream mean?

i was in a wheelchair and i couldnt move a bone in my body, my dad had to move them all for me. and loads of poeple were crying for me, and my brother said he felt really upset.
when he told me about it i laughed and he was sooo serious and he said, 'dont laugh it was awful!'
does this have any meaning to it, or is it just a random dream?

Example: What dose my dream mean?

For a long time evry few years i get this dream where somebody rings the doorbell and they rush in like a home invashion I try to screem for help but i cant speak probably because im scared half to death. now i had this dreem last night somebody rang the door bell and a persion in a weelchair was there i tried to slam the door but his weel was in the way. right away I knew there was a nother invashion i tried to screem but this time he side "nope" and ill i did was pound on the floor but it did not make much sound after that i woke up . having a robber or someone breakig into my house is my worst frear. I had other dreems too like i would be standing beside are van and some guy would try to kid nap me i would try to run around the car but i woke up. i guess this has genarated from when i was little when i was not in a dreen i would be in the basement and be watching tv and see this persion look in the window i would run to my dad and im gussing the other guy ran too what dose this mean

Example: What does it mean to dream of a classmate singing on a wheelchair?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a classmate singing on a wheelchair?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccuring dream that I am unable to walk/in a wheelchair and being held captive or cannot leave where ever I happen to be. What does it mean?

Example: I dreamed that I was walking down a catwalk but I was in a wheelchair, what does it mean?

I dreamed that I was at university on a fashion course (which I am) and they asked me to model for the show. This has happened in real life but I said no because I didn't think I had time and was a bit nervous. Anyway so for some reason in the dream I said yes and actually did it quite well, but afterwards when me and my friends watched the tape back I was in a wheelchair but still walking (kind of) and I hadn't realised while I was doing it that I thought it was a bit weird. All my friends laughed at me, and as well as all this going on I stayed in the outfit I had worn for the show, and was also wrapping my legs in cling film all the time. I also had a big cut on my leg but I couldn't feel it.

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