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Dream About Wheel 1 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

So I have had 3 dreams in one night that are all very similar. Keep in mind that I have just recently been afraid of heights. I never was and that just changed a while ago. So my 1st dream goes like this, I am sitting on top of some tall building with my mom, aunt and other family. I keep saying I want to be careful because I don;t wanna fall. (Note: we are sitting on the edge). I move very cautiously to get up and that's all I remember. The 2nd dream was where I had to do some odd monkey bar things over a big lake/ocean that had very choppy waves, and what appeared to be rusty, round pieces of metal sticking out of the ocean. (they looked like those huge magnets tht are used at junk yards, and yes I am afraid of those too, as well as big pieces of machinery). I was so afraid that I could not let go for a while bc I was on a big vine that the wind was blowing. It was blowing me away from the rest of the obstical course that I had to finish. I could not get to anything bc I was so far away and even though I was slipping, I got my stength back somehow and held on. Eventually I got back to it and made it. The 3rd dream, I was on a faris wheel and the bar that was used to hold me in broke. I did not fall out. I don't really remember but I think I ended up strapping myself back in. Then, the owner of the farris wheel said that I made something on the bar crooked and that I had to go with him an his family to their house. Weird *** dreams. I just am not sure what this means.

All three of these dreams are about your anxiety. They each illustrate your worry in different ways.

The first dream locates your anxiety in the context of your family. Your mom and aunt could represent different parts of yourself - your more adult, responsible self. But with other relatives there, the family itself could be the source of your anxiety.

In the second dream, the fear concerns the demand that you perform movements that are essentially "tricks". The sense is that you are expected to do something difficult in a situation that makes whatever you are supposed to do much more difficult.

The third dream suggests that your anxiety is complicated by fear that you will be blamed for causing the troublesome situation yourself.

Dear one, it is very likely that your recently developed fear of heights is also rooted in the same on-going stressful situation that is causing these dreams. You would be wise to find someone you trust with whom you can talk about your situation, and who can help you find a way to relieve all of this stress.

Example: Weird magpie dreams, what does it mean?

I had a dream in which I was walking home and there were many magpies in the trees above me, they were swooping down really low and I was too scared to continue in case any of them attacked me. There were more than 10 magpies I would say and I was just wondering whether this dream has any significance and what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? I can't stop thinking about it!?

Sorry its kinda long

ok, I had a dream that I walked to my car in a dark parking lot, and my car doors were opened but I didn't care, I still got in my car, then when I sat in the driver seat and looked over in the grass right next to my car, this really creepy guy I used to go to school with (who I haven't thought of in years) was sitting in the grass. He stood up and I realized he had a gasoline holder so freaked out and tried to get my keys in the ignition as he was pouring gas all over the car. The he lit a match and flames happened and woke up!

Any answers would help, this happened a couple of weeks ago and I keep thinking of it

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:

I'm on a pirate ship, dressed as Jack Sparrow. I wasnt sailing on water, but on the clouds. No one else was on the ship, just me. I had no map, i was slowly sailing, as trillions of stars and galaxies were right above me. All of a sudden, i hear a "BOOM" and the cloud to my right filled with the color red. I hear another "BOOM" and the cloud in front of me turned pink. I knew i wasnt in danger, but i sailed the ship to somewhere cloudless. And there i was, flying on top of the disneyland castle, and it was the fireworks that were making the BOOM sound. The moon was behind me, making me a silouette. Just like the silouette in ET, when the boy was flying the bike over the moon. But this time, it was a pirate ship sailing past the disneyland castle. The music was in the background. Whenever a firework took off, the sky would sparkle, making each star in the sky jealous. Then a cloud would turn a calming color. I stopped steering the wheel, and sat at the railing of the ship. A tear rolled down my eye with joy. I looked up, and i out of all the stars in the the night, i notice "the second star to the left" from peter pan, which would lead me to never land. I immediately got up, walked to the and sailed the ship toward it. This was when i woke up.

Dream #2:

I was with a bunch of my friends who used to be close to me. We were in my house, looking out my bedroom window. There was a bright, beautiful moon on the horizon. All of a sudden, clouds started covering it, as if heaven wanted it for itself. but the moon broke out and turned into three of the biggest, golden shooting stars. They looked cartoony, similar to the shimmering golden stars in super mario. They all flew to the right, leaving a long, glittering rainbow tail behind them.

These are my two most beautiful dreams, and i couldn't possibly find the words to describe how it looked or felt. Please tell me what they mean.

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

Im a 30 year old married women with 2 children, in may this year i lost my nan rather suddenly and quite unexpected. For the first 4-6 weeks i was really scared and frightened of being in my house without another adult present, i don't know why as my nan and me was rather close and we cared for each other dearly. I don't know why i was scared ive never really believed in seeing ghosts or shadows.
Over the past few weeks ive been having some dreams about her and they've all sempt really real.

1) My nan took ill and we had to take her to hospital, there was no wheelchairs available to take her to the department where she needed to go so we walked her there holding hers arms, as we was walking down the corridor her legs gave way and she collapsed and died there and then.

2) This was the dream i had last night, at some point when my mum was younger my nan had interfere with her but all the details had only just been brought out into th open, it had all gone to court and she was facing the jury, my mum wasn't allowed to go, id given a statement so was my choice if i went or not, my older sister went and i could see her sat at the back of the room as clear as day wearing a bright orange top...apparentlyy my nan had started biting people and kicking them, i saw her sat at the front in a wheel chair, with mouth guards over her lips so shecouldn'tt bite and she had braces on her legs which was fastened to the wheelchair so shecouldn'tt kick... the jurywasn'tt taking place in a proper court it was like in a hotel as at the same time as this taking place a friend of mine was getting married, i kept gong from one event to the other...

It was really upsetting and i woke this morning with tears rolling down my face..

Why am i dreaming things like this and what do they means.

Example: Dream meaning of the number 10?

I keep seeing the numbers 10 and 1 in dreams. Only thing I read on it that it means new beginnings...what are some other meaning to the numbers? thx

Example: What does my dream mean?

in my dream my boyfriend and i were laying in bed. when my relatives came over at 3 in the morning during the weekday. in this dream both me and him were supposed to get up super early to take him to work. well when my relatives showed up they started decorating one of our bedrooms into a baby bedroom, the walls were a off white and had pictures that said "baby girl" a collectors dollhouse a crib a baby carrier ect. in one of our other bedrooms were his cousin and her boyfriend sleeping.
Well after my relatives left we decided we had to leave. we started down the road and headed towards his work. we started going up a hill when a red truck with those old mirrors on it started over a hill and i look over and my boyfriends passed out and the cars moving towards the truck. i grabbed the wheel and pulled us towards our side. i couldnt get the car to slow down cuz he was sleeping this whole time i am screaming at him to wake up, but he wouldnt. finally we got to his work. i stopped the car and he woke up and acted as though nothing happend. he didnt even realize i was in the car. it was like i was watching this whole thing happen. the next day i woke up and told my boyfriend and he said he has been dreaming about crashin the car cuz hes falling asleep at the wheel. and almost fell asleep the other day while on his way to work? what does my dream mean. it was frightening and something thats been making me paranoid since..

Example: Really weird dreams! meaning?!?!?

sorry if this is long.. i already asked this,
but i want to see if anyone else has different opinions.

dream #1;
this guy was over at my grandma's and so was alot of family and people. i was sitting on the couch with this guy i never met, and this girl too. the guy had his arm around me and was giving me signs that he likes me. then him and the girl went downstairs and had sex?!?! when he came back up he said he just had sex because he wanted to, but he likes me. i was angry. then i was at a mall and saw this guy friend, we hugged and chatted. then i saw this one boy i know and i went over and smacked him(he's a jerk) and then people started beating him up so i ran away.

dream #2
i was a smoker(i don't smoke, but i'm planning on trying just one) and my mom caught me smoking. then this guy i like lived in my sisters room? so i ran into his room and i hugged him and said "my mom caught me!". then me and my friend(lets call her nancy) were going to have a sleepover with this boy that she likes, but i couldn't go so it was just her and the boy. then "nancy" and i went to the park with the boy i kind of like and this friend of mine that i'm mad at right now, and she apologized to me.

dream #3
i dont remember much. there were these tornado's coming and stuff. it was scary. im afraid of tornado's!

sorry about how long it is.
can anyone tell me what they mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had 2 dreams repeatedly in the past few weeks. I am wondering what the interpretations of them are.

1. I just actually had a second surgery a few weeks ago and am not able to play softball for the second season in a row. This dream has something to do with it. I'm pitching in a game with the cast on my leg and I am either kneeing, sitting, or in a wheel chair. (I'm pitching though) Then I either get yelled at by the coach (which doesn't happen in real life at all...I always listen to the coaches and do the best I can) or get hit by a line drive. I then wake up or the dream ends.

2. My next dream has to do with me and my childhood best friend. We still see each other, but are not nearly as close. In this dream I am either watching fireworks on the beach or clowning around on a baseball field with my childhood friend. It turns into a romantic dream that usually ends as we kiss, hug, or almost kiss.

I'm really confused about this dream because I don't think I actually like him in real life.

What do these dreams mean? Thanks!

Example: What could my dream mean?!?

Hey there! So I keep having these dreams for the past 3 days and they're like the same story line just different parts. On the 1st night I had it I was sitting in my kitchen listoning in to my parents talking about something stressful. They were talking about me having surgery on my leg because something was wrong and if I didnt get it fix it would be fatal. I was on facebook now chatting with some of my friends and talking about surgeries. My friend Kayleigh said she had to get that surgery when she was little and it was incredibly painful and you can die very easily if they make one minor mistake. Suddenly my leg started hurting really bad like it's never hurt before and I was in my 1st period class doing classwork crap.Then randomly I got up and said "Well time to go get cut up! I forgot my surgery was today "everyone started crying as I waked out of the classrom with two of my besties to go to the hospital. The hospital was like an airport and extremely big and you had to go throgh lots of security to get through. While i was walking my leg started to hurt extremly bad again i knew I coldnt make it any farther. So my friend carried me to the end of the long hallway to check in for my surgery. There I saw a little boy in a wheel chair with hopeless look on his face and hot steamy tears of doubt on his face. His fmily was all dressed up and had the same hopeless face. i knew they were checking him in to the hopsital to die. Suddenly my leg felt better and I woke up. On the next night I was at the same hospital in one of the rooms laying on a bed. I heard a wimper near me and looked over to see the little boy in the bed on the other side of the room. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I'm going to die and I know it! My family hasleft me to die! It's not fair!" he burst into tears and I wanted to too but something helped me stay strong. I replied "Don't cry. i won't solve anything. Your family has not left you to die and I'm sure they are doing all they can to help you. But sometimes you have to let go because it's not fair for you to live with all this pain. And it's not fair for your family to watch. You will be in a better place where you can stay up all night playing video games and doing whatever you want. And you won't ever feel pain anymore. You can watch over your family too. You can be their gaurdian Angle" On the third night I was looking down on a surgery taking place. It was my surgery! The doctors were yelling at each other and screaming. I could hear my heart beat slowly stop and I knew I was dead! Suddenly everything went black and I was in another room looking down at a surgery. It was the little boy I had met. "stay strong!" i whispered to him and even though he was on sleeping gas he smiled at me. Then suddenly i was in a car with the boy an his family going to his house. They were so happy and I realized he had lived through his surgery and was going to live! then my dream sorta skipped through different years watching the little boy grow up and stay safe. Right before I woke up i realized he wasnt going to be the gaurdian angle. i was. i was his gaurdian angle!

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