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Dream About Weasel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream that giant animal crackers are trying to eat you?

I had a dream that giant animal crackers were chasing me and trying to eat me.
what does that mean?

It probably means that you really wish there was a giant animal cracker so that you could chase it and tie it down and eat on it whenever you please.

I have no idea, I have weird dreams all the time. I keep having one about being in a claw machine and wanting to be the one that is caught but I can't move and these stupid weasel things keep getting picked.

Example: Weird dream...what does it mean?

Okay so last night I dreamt that I was downstairs in my family's kitchen, and I saw a squirrel and a weasel outside the window. They were looking at the food on the table (not like it was dinner, it was just like a cereal box and napkins and stuff) and then they moved to the next window (there are 3 windows around the table) and the weasel held the squirrel in its mouth to move it to the next window and I thought it was cute SO I went to go get a camera. When I came back, I knew that they were already at the next window so I went ahead and took a picture.

But I saw a GORILLA/APE/GIANT MONKEY thing... it started stealing food from the table somehow (idk how, b/c the windows were closed) and so I went to where my parents and my brother were and I said to my mom "THERE IS A GORILLA OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW!" and she just looked at me and shrugged and said "whatever".

Interpret please?

Example: Dream interpretation?

Last night i had a dream that i was being chased by a flying giant pissing omlette. It chased me into the school where all of my Asian friends were ninja and they exploded everytime they stabbed someone. when they exploded they released a reign of candy, as in the candy grew and started to rule over us, we were hiding in the school library. I went through the sewerage which was behind the photocopier and we were in a room slowly filling with water. I used my teacher's thumb (with him still attached) and used it as a key. I get out and suddenly im at work. my supervisor comes up to me and says "What are you doing?! your supposed to be at work at the moment!" so i quickly get changed and start working. For some reason everyone was wearing suits of armour. Thats when the Giant beavers started rampaging through the store. They were eating people wearing armour. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!

Example: Yet another weird dream?

i had another dream where this thing- it was like a ferret/weasel looking thing except it was black and white striped down it's back with gray eyes- showed up at my door and i opened it and it started clawing through the screen door and for some reason it was bleeding and i wanted to help it but i was afraid to. anybody have a guess at what it means?

Example: Believers what does this dream mean?

before going to bed last night I asked god to show me something
I had a dream where for some reason (I believe it was my faith in christianity) people were calling me insane, this cop was walking me inside a hospital smiling, I was saying something important but he was refusing to recieve me - he was a fat creepy looking man who shoved his index finger sideways in my mouth, I proceed to push a very strong/muscly arm away from my mouth so his thick-fat finger would not be inside my mouth anymore; from there inside the hospital I see a woman who says she has to tag me with a computer chip. I back away as far as I can fearful saying "no I refuse"
She smiled as if to say *I've got you, you can't weasel out of this one, you're insane to this system now* "I understand sir" continues smiling wickedly
I saw my mother behind me, not standing with me but I felt as if she were on the side of the psychiatric nurse, I felt as if she betrayed me somehow although I felt no hatred

I wake up

Example: ~Chased by Weasels Dream~ Meaning?

Last night, I dreamt that I was chased by weasels. I was in my bedroom at the time, checking my cell phone for messages. I don't remember what each message specifically said, but all were threatening and warned me that my garden (I don't actually have a garden) would be destroyed. Freaked out by this, I sat up in my bed and saw a garden growing in the middle of my bedroom floor. There were carrots, bright red tomatoes, cabbages, flowers, and lots of green shrubbery. I told myself that I'd better pick all of the vegetables before they could get to them, for they were nice and ripe.

But as soon as I had that thought, I glanced out of my bedroom door to see two very large, weasels running straight towards me. They weren't exactly corporal and my mind at the time thought of them more as weasel "spirits." They were golden colored, and left streaks of gold in their wake. Despite their pretty appearance, I was really scared of them. They would sometimes suspend themselves in the air when they leapt, and I had to duck out of my bedroom door to get away from them. Wherever I was though, they were always behind me. The simple act of turning around and then turning back would mean that they were right there.

I suddenly had a moment of lucidity. I was super frustrated with being the "mouse" in this cat and mouse game, so I decided that as long as I had one in my sight and walked in the same direction as them, I would be safe. And it worked. Mostly. Sometimes my concentration would slip momentarily, but I still managed to get it back under control. At one point, I even switched out the weasel spirits for dogs, which must have been less intimidating for my mind.

What does this dream mean? All interpretations are welcome. :)

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

So a few weeks ago I split up with my boyfriend and I had a dream about him last night...

Me and my family were at my house and it was kind of a Christmas gathering or something. After I had finished getting ready upstairs I went downstairs to where the rest of my family were, that's when I noticed my boyfriend was there. He took me into the back room of the house and the first thing I said was "what are you doing here?" he replied with: " you texted me saying you wanted to talk about getting back together." I knew this was a lie but my family didn't, and he had told them we were back together. They were ecstatic about this. I stayed calm and accepted his prescence but I hated him for lying... He was sweet talking my family and had bought a romantic dinner with him that he made me eat with him in the room (not with family) then we went upstairs and he wanted to get "intimate" I refused , I can't remember what happened next but my family would not believe me when I said we were not back together. It wasnt untill I told them that he lied and then forced me to "do things" that they told him to get lost.
I am confused as to what this means.
( the guy was not like this IRL btw

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had two dreams last night. First I dreamed that the guy who had hacked my e-mail accounts multiple times had returned to the christian fellowship in the hopes of killing me and he was handling out pamphlets and tracts on religious life and passing them around - they were more booklets than pamphlets.

Second I dreamed that after getting a job as a librarian I got a part time job as a medical secretary at the hospital and I was in the hospital doing secretarial work and working towards a job in medical management.

Example: Weirdest dream ever! It only lasted 2 seconds! What does it mean?

I dreamed that a weasel randomly popped out at me with his teeth bared and claws out. The background was black. It was the shortest dream ever!

Example: I had a dream a giant weasel was bearing its teeth?

and it had a evil looking face...it was outside my house and i went outside and it came and bit me then i went back inside

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