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Dream About Wearing A Mask meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about wearing masks?

when i was little bout 5 or 6 i would dream of a man with a facceless mask, we were in a small dark dungeon type room with a small window, i only noticed it because the moon ( i cant remember what phase it was in but i know it wasnt full) shined down on me, the man was standing in the corner watching me from a distance. from the window a raven crowd and i woke up.

Then a couple yrs later i dreamed of him again, and he'd still be there standing and watchin me, but this time he slowly approached me and kneeld down and reached out and took my hand. he pulled me into a gental hug and started shaking. but i never looked down at him untill i started feeling warmth from where he touched me. my little white dress was soaked in blood,so i panicked, and pulled his clothes off... but there was no open wounds only old scars. i looked into his eyes and they seemd to glow the same as the moon. they were unforgetable. i could not only feel his confusion i seen it in his eyes. but for some reason tears filled my eyes. and he pulled away from me like he was frightened of me. then once again the same raven crowd and i woke up.

i didnt see him again untill i was 13 or so, and it started out again with him in the corner... but this times i walked up to him and reached out my hands he seemed nervous about it but allowed me to lead him to the center of the room where the moon touched, i sorta beckoned him to sit on the floor and i sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him. and for the first time i could speak and i could hear his voice, he kept saying why..and innocent and started crying but embrassed me harder but he mumbled so much... and i started humming the song swan lake.. that was the one thing that helped me calm down when i was sad or felt alone. my grandma gave me a globe that plays it. and eventually he ended up curling up on my lap and was asleep, the the crow again.

then when i was 16 before i got pregnant with my son, the dream changed... and i was in a maze of some sort and the moon was so bright for being a quarter. anyways, i followed the maze out to find a mansion. and for some reason, in all my dreams up to this point i was in the form of a child. but in this one i was an adult, but the dream got strange...because i walked through the doors of this house... and the clothes i was wearing turned into a ball dress. there were so many people waltzing on the floor. they all wore masks. so in a way a masqurade ball... the door closed behind me and everyones stoped and staired at me. i reached up and touched my face.. and i felt a mask on it,. so i took it off and it was just like the mans. of corse i put it back on. but that wasnt the weird part. it was when i looked around... the man from my dreams was sitting on a thrown becconing me to come to him.. so i did.. and as i walked towards him everyone moved and made a path for me, they were all whispering and pointing towards me... i was scared for the first time. but when i got close to him... he stood up and kneeled in front of me, kissed my hand then lead me to the chair next to him. the whisperes continued untill he waved his hand then complete silence. once again the raven.. but this time there were many and they flew at the crowd, they all hit the floor...there was just so much blood... that i couldnt breathe and i woke up in a panic.

and now the dream has come back. but this time im in a mirrored room alone, im laying naked on the floor stairing at myself as im laying in a bath of sorts, full of blood... it covered the floor around me.. but i wasnt scared or anything.. i felt comforted by the warmth.. i just laid in silence untill i felt a presence... i looked right and my masked man came out through the mirror and took out a mask from some kind of box. it was a demonic type mask.. to tell you the truth.. it looked like a demons face horns and all.. i sat up and started to ask him what this was all about.. but i coulnt talk. he just placed it on my face kissed my hand andkneeled down next to me. my angel... was the only thing i heard... but i was in my head.. if that makes sence. but he picks me up gently and sets me on my feet and leads me through the mirror just like he did when he came in...

Im not sure how to interpret this dream... my i've never been scared of him... i've been cautious but never scared. he was always so gentle towards me.. but i've never seen his face... nor have i tried removing his mask. i'd only place my hand on his cheek as if it was apart of him. i felt a longing to protect him though from whatever pain he was feeling inside.

and im not sure if this helps any but my birthmark has faded a little bit. its on my calf in the shape of a star.. but there is a line under it.. so maybe a shooting star. and latley it seems like everything i draw somehow i can connect to peopel. like with tattoos i've never seen, to all these children attaching themselves to me and wanting me to be ther mommy.

Sorry, but I didn't read your whole dream. It's my belief that in most cases you will need to get an interpretation of your dream for yourself straight from God. You've already written down the dream. Now take your notebook and sit down in a quiet place, maybe with a cup of tea. Ask God what He's trying to tell you through this dream. Write down whatever spontaneous thoughts may come to you. Writing them down (without immediately judging them) will help you to hear more. When you're done writing, read what you've written. Let it sit for a couple of days and then read it again. If this explanation of your dream satisfies you, you probably have a correct interpretation. If not, keep seeking. God will give you the interpretation if you don't give up.

Example: Burglar mask dream meaning? ?

i had a dream that i looked in the mirror and i had one of the burglar masks on with just 2 holes for the eyes... :/ but i wasnt wearing it?.. only when i look in the mirror..
thanks x ..

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream were i was in some sort of war against these guys with capes and masks any way long story short we kill them all but the do not bleed or any thing so i decide to go and see who the people under the masks are i lift a mask of one of them and its me then i say "no god am i" and then i woke up

Example: What does it mean to dream of a floating mask?

i'm dead interested in dream interpretation and that so yeah :)
i had a nightmare last night and kept waking up from it
but every time i fell back asleep i would be in a pitch black room and all i would see drifting up next to me was a different scary looking mask every time, one was the scream mask!
no bodies nobody wearing them, just floating masks
somebody should interpret this for me :)

Example: Okay what does a Gas Mask mean in a dream?

I'm not sure if this was exactly a dream, or someone trying to send me a message (felt like that) lol, call me crazy all you like. Anyway, so a voice kept telling me "Get a gas mask! Get a gas mask!".

Example: Dream about people wearing gas masks?

I had a dream last night that creeped me out. I had woken up (in the dream) and went to my window and saw outside that people were all wearing gas masks, just random people outside, walking around going to work, doing there own things. I went to the tv and it was a new thing they were starting where everyone had to wear them. I was talking to someone(idk who) and was asking them questions like; "Will this go on forever"? the person said "No" I started telling them; "I had dreams like this when I was little, they creeped me out." Then I was going to cry but I woke up before I cried.

I really did have dreams like this when I was little and they did creep me out. They remind me of the world ending or something. I looked everywhere I don't know what a dream about gas masks means, do you?

Example: What does it mean to dream of wearing a mask?

So a couple of days ago I had this dream where I was on a youth trip and we were sleeping in our church's parking lot in our car for some reason. Well while we are hanging out I'm texting some friends with my car door open when my purse fell out of the car. But I'm kind of preoccupied so I don't get it until the police shows up and warns me that I shouldn't be staying here with my car door wide open, my purse on the pavement and that I should be more aware of my surroundings. Other wise criminals are bound to take advantage of you, especially at night. And sure enough when the cops are gone and when we just decide to leave a motorcycle begins to follow us. After taking a couple of sharp turns and spontaneously redirecting our route, we loose him. The next day a friend from church tells me I should wear this kind of see-through glass mask and that by wearing it will protect me from criminals like the one I encountered last night. So I wear the mask and sure enough I don't encounter any problems, but after wearing the mask a while it begins to irritate my skin. Feeling that I should be safe enough to take off the mask for a little while, and I do so. Moments later I get a text from my friend telling me that there are "incidences" that are occurring around your area, if you don't put the mask back on the incidences will catch up to you. I then quickly put the mask back and the incidences subside. The rest of my dream goes on like this, me growing tired of wearing the mask and taking it off then getting a text message from friend warning me to put it back on. Towards the end of my dream my brother throws my mask away. I try and persuade me that it is important that I put the mask back on. But he doesn't believe me, saying that the mask is not important it's all in your mind. Meanwhile I keep getting all theses text messages from my friend that the incidences are getting closer and closer. When I finally get the mask back it's already too late, there are people outside my home who are looking for me though that can't tell who I am with my mask on. My dream end with me and my brother (who finally believes me about the mask) confronting the people outside of our home.

What do you think this dream might mean?
All feedback is welcome and will be greatly appreciated! :)

Example: Had a dream about seeing people wearing masks?...what does it mean/symbolize?

Example: What does this dream mean? I dream i saw this person that i now was wearing a mask?

in the dream i thought they didn't want me to recognize them.

Example: What does it mean if you had a dream about your crush and he was wearing a mask?

Last night i went to a Homecoming football game to support my crush Graeme who i told i would cheer for but later that night i had a dream about him and his friends were there too. they were all wearing masks and i couldn't tell who was who. what does it mean?

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