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Dream About Waterslide meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream mean?

okay I had a dream where I was in school and in a classroom I saw all the people who hate me in my class,so I started putting away my pencils in a pencil box(im in middle school we don't have those) and this one guy I saw who hates me and my friends said "what are you doing?" "putting away my pencils" and then everyone else is like around me watching me (people think I'm emo because I like black veil brides and in my dream I had a bvb backpack) so then I turn around and this girl who's name is marissa(i don't know her I was in 4th grade with her) and she said "get out of here no one likes you they all hate you!"

so I left about to cry I saw my friend and was about to tell her what happened but a bell rang and we had to go back to class, I was crying and the teacher said "go take a walk until you feel better" so I did and then I saw the beach I walked (i had another dream like this but I was riding a bike) I saw my sis we went in this cave with a waterslide(i had dreams about that to) and then I had to get beer (for some reason I had to) in my grandmas house then I went outside and saw this weired neibour she had and my sister had a laser gun and started shooting (she was laughing)

and that's where the dream ended I know it's a weired dream but thanks for reading it I apreciate it

oh and I had this dream last night

Your soul is desperate for relief from the agony of feeling despised...you need to lose yoir inhibitions and perhaps feel most free near water...you took the focus off of you in the dream when your sister turned the water gun on someone weird...you don't want to be in the spotlight for being weird or emo, so your mind created a decoy, which was that neighbor, the weird neighboe was your scapegoat in the dream. Water makes you feel free. Maybe? Perhaps you've been sketching or drawing recently to deal with your pain? You fear that your enemies will block any emotional progress you are making and you dread that summer is half over and you'll have to return to school soon. ?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a calm person wearing a suit on top of a water slide going through trial?

in this dream me and my friend were standing on the side watching him on trial. He was sitting on the top of a waterslide with the water running on the slide but everything was calm. He looked relaxed. I do have a friend that is going to trial next week. What does this mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at my school and I think it was the last day, I was with the people from my church youth group who also go to this school and we were at an obstacle course which went round for ages and at one point this guy who was in front of me took over some people and i took over these people not on purpose but I did and he turned around and said awh no i thought id got rid of you and then we carried on then there was this big water slide at the end where I randomly asked the time off my friend and he said its 20 past 4 when my school finishes at 25 past 3 and then as i went on to the massive water slide i couldnt see down at the bottom and i pushed myself but i wasnt moving even though it had plenty of rushibg water on it? Please what does it mean?

Example: Dream about a waterslide?

I had a dream that I was out with some friends and family of friends and one of their uncles or something convinced me to go down the waterslide he had in his front yard, but there was no water in it. It was one of the big ones with twists and turns and such. So, I got on the inner tube and started to go down it, but it was ridiculously fast and I flew off of the slide after a while. I landed and it hurt a little but I was okay. What could this mean?

Example: Waterslides in my dreams? What does it mean?

For the past few months there has been a waterslide in most of my dreams. I usually go on the waterslide with other people in my dreams. Usually the person that im crushing on appears in my dream and one time it wasn't even a water slide it was a steep luggage thing that i was rolling down on. I was wondering what that means?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

So I have a couple questions about some dreams... the next few paragraphs is a dream I had last night, but if you don't feel like reading please just skip down to where the ***'s are. Thanks for taking the time :)

Last night I can remember my dream completly but the bits I do remember is there was one part where I was on a waterslide but I don't think it was like a ride or it wasn't being operated but the water was running and then I went down a little section but then tried to go back up but the water forced me down so I just went all the way down the slide
Another section of my dream was we were coming back from somewhere and then I guess we were in a car but it went down a kind of steep hill and then it turned into an amusement part and I was going on this roller coaster (for those who know what knotts berry farm is, it was the ride excelerator) and the ride was going but then all of a sudden the person I was with (I don't remember who) and I fell off when it was near the ground and the worker just told us to go over somewhere but he didn't really seem concerned if we were injured or not...
ANOTHER part of my dream was I was with my dad, brothers and two cousins and then all of a sudden became younger... my girl cousin went from 10-3 my boy cousin went from 14 - 7 my brothers also got younger but I'm not sure how old... so yea.. then we were just walking around some area idk what it was

*** so my main question is what is with the waterslide & roller coaster dreams? I've had several dreams about these things and its usually the same things that happen, I ride them & fall of... can anyone explain this?

-oh, & another dream I would have often is dreams of elevators(I don't have a fear of them btw haha)

Once again, Thank you for your time :)

Example: Why are waterslides/slides/etc always in my dreams? And always this same place?

My dreams often take place in some sort of huge mall. It's not like a normal mall at all, since it's always dark and has stuff that wouldn't be found at normal malls... like waterslides. Sometimes the mall turns into a hotel, though.

Anyway, no matter what the dream is, waterslides can often be found in it. Or slides. Or one time, we climed up like a jungle-gym type thing.. like rock climbing but it was made out of weird toys/junk.

No matter WHAT the dream is something like that always happens. The mall/hotel has been there quite a bit... my dream yesterday was a different hotel for once. And it was the zombie apocalypse. AND THERE WAS STILL SLIDES.

Explanation of the rides? Or maybe the eerie grand master mall/hotel/what is this crazy building?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I often have very strange dreams where I might be in work or outside wearing nothing and strangely, during the dream I don't feel anything unusual about being naked.

Sometimes I see myself in a dirty toilet with poo everywhere. Once i even saw myself on a long waterslide like the ones in waterparks which ended in a dirty toilet.

whats with being naked and seeing dirty toilets and poo in dreams?

Example: What does it mean when you and a friend share a dream?

me and my best friend frequently have dreams that are extremely similar, even if we haven't seen each other in a while.
For example, I had a dream about a huge water slide on top of a giant sand mountain the same night she had a dream she was on a water slide that last 20 minutes.
what does this mean?

Example: What does this reoccuring dream mean?

What does it mean if you keep having dreams that you're at a water park, riding down a water slide? I keep having that same dream from time to time.

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