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Dream About Watering Hose meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?(a guy stuffed a hose up a girls vagina and turned it on) weird please read?

so i usually forget my dreams but i had this one a few months ago that pretty much scarred me for life. all i remember is seeeing this girl have a hose stuffed up he vagina then the guy turned it on and the water blew out her organs and all this blood was comming out of her private parts eyes ears mouth and pretty much everything. and she died and then the guy turned towards me and was going to do the same thing to me and i woke up at like 3 o'clock in the morning scared as hell and couldnt sleep the rest of the night. for people who think i made this up well i didnt and i just really want to know what this means. if it helps im 12(girl)

depends on your history, if you suffer some form of abuse from a trusted male role model, the images are clearly sexual in nature and might depict a fear of sex from said abuse.

if you have no history of abuse, you might be facing a subconscious fear of sex and the female orgasim.
don't worry about it to much, dreams are just weird like that

Example: What does my dream mean?

so last night i had a dream about butchered pigs and they were in a bag and the butchers were wearing white with like gas masks on and then they hosed the pigs down with water. what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on the third floor of my apartment looking out the window. I saw a group of people wearing red robes walking towards the intersection. When they reached the intersection they all sat down and seemed to be doing some sort of meditation. My window was slightly open and a hose was hanging out of it. The hose was on and created a large pool of water in front of my house. A pack of black dogs started to drink from this pool of water. The people meditating weren't phased by any of this and the dogs paid no interest to the people meditating. The dogs then jumped over the fence in front of my house and started trying to enter my house. One dog who was white with light brown spots managed to climb into my window. I killed it because i thought I was being attacked. The police showed up and were trying to figure out who killed the dog. I was just about to be exposed as the killer when the dream changed slightly. Now instead of dogs in front of my house jumping the gate and trying to enter, there were black bears. This made me and some other people in the house panic. We ran into the backyard and jumped into the neighbors yard. The yard was flooded - full of water. And a bear was entering the yard from the neighbors back door. The people with me started to fight the bears with wooden sticks with sharp points on the tip. They dream ended there.

Example: What Do These Dreams Mean? 10 pts.?

I had a dream i moved away and as we unpacked I realized and got worried about the fact i would have to go to a new school and make new friends and not see the person I like no more. (we both like eachother but we cant date) I called him and told him the news... I dont remember his exact responses but he sounded calm about it. I standing in the street all of a sudden infront of his house (it looked like the back though b/c there was a high deck) I saw him with a hose watering a small half grown tree and talking on the phone w/ me. (i wasnt on the phone at the time but i was watching him).

Now my friend said he had a dream with me in it. He said he was flying w/ an umbrella (like Mary poppins kinda lol ) and he flew over my house and saw me on the roof. He tried to reach for me and I just looked up and said "Hi mr.cat" (random i know) and he flew to new york after that.

What doe these dreams mean? I'm not sure if his means anything... lol but i dont know about mine though... I think the tree might be significant. 10 points for the best answer. thanks.

Example: Please explain me if there is any meaning behind my dreams?

Hi! Lately I have been seeing some dreams that I never saw before. These days I am at my parents place with my 16 month old daughter. After coming hear I realized that my father has gone through some tests for cancer. So definitely there is some level of stress. But before all these test things I saw 1st two dreams mentioned bellow. Then the rest three.
1st I saw that the washing machine broke as I put heave load of cloths on it. It broke such a way that a yellow colored water started coming out of it like a fountain, then both the supply water hose and the drain pipe broke. It upsets my parents.
2nd night dream: I saw my grandmother's house where there was a well. That place is looking like a swimming pool and filled with green algae.
The 3rd night dream: it was raining heavy. I am with my daughter and parents in a tall building's balcony and watching the rain pour. Suddenly I saw it started flooding up to a knee level. The water was muddy. Then a huge bark starts floating on it and kind of looks and moves like a snake.
The 4th night dream: I am in a city like Philadelphia. I am going out for shopping with my husband and sisters, while my daughter is with my parents at the hotel room. Then again it starts raining and flooding, this time a it is sea water(sea green color too). It's not entering any store but definitely stopping all the traffic. Then the rain stops, the water clears out and some ole starts falling on the street. I see my father coming for us and asking us to come back to the hotel room and we are following him.
The 5th night dream(last night): I saw 3 very cute owl entering my bed room(at my parents place) and sitting on a tree branch which is some how is there inside the room. All my family members are present in room. There are two parent owl and one baby owl. All three has light brown and white feathers. They were so cute. We feeling so happy and surprised to see them.

Kindly let me know if these dreams are not good signs. I am very worried.

Example: Extremely weird dream, meaning?

At grandma's house, been there all day, my boyfriend (we'll call him babe) comes over in baby blue briefs & we're sittin on the couch with my dad, babe starts kissing me & getting a little carried away for a sec, starts twitching & coming every where, I didn't want my family to catch on so I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom, I cleaned up the mess, dad doesn't say anything, go back to the bathroom to check on babe & it hasn't stopped, it's still twitching, we go to grandma's room (which is like this big warehouse place), now this stuff that looks like vinegar is going everywhere, I thought sex would help, grandma walks in & we act natural, then a whole bunch of people walk in & so we stop, I stand up & vinegar's all over my leg. Weirdest dream I've ever had. What do you think it means?

Example: I had a dream about a lizard and being sprayed with cold water what does it mean?

and there was a voice in the background saying i had to be sprayed down completly...

Example: What does my dream mean?

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about the apocalyps (2012) that a lava tsunami was on its way. Last night, I dreamt of an early apocalyps (December 11th 2012, I think) and there were small openings on the ground with lava bubbling right outside my house through my neighborhood. In my dream we (my family) were able to stop it with water from our hose and my family was happy that the apocalyps was over, but I had a feeling something else was going to happen. I felt sad and scared in my dream.
When I dream like this, I wake up reliefed it was only a dream. And sometimes feel like crying.
I'm 15 (almost 16) and don't know why I've recently had two dreams of the 2012 apocalyps with hot burning lava.

Example: Dream meaning?

A guy I use to deal with and I were about to go in a very large swimming pool that belongs to an ex co worker of mine that no longer speaks to me. The pool was dirty with black stuff floating on top, i could not identify what it was. She was telling us not to go in the pool because it is dirty and at the same time she was saying this , she was filtering out the water with a hose or something like that. Maybe this dream has a meaning to it, maybe not. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Example: A dream, water hose?! What does my dream mean?

I had another dream!
This time I was at school and we were in science class and we took a quiz or a test and then the teacher left to the teachers room which is a room down and my crush was in the back of the classroom with my best friend and I was in the front and my friend had a water hose and started spraying him and the classmates and then the water hose got to my hands and I was behind the teachers chair and a girl sat in it and I started spraying them back and then I saw the principal and I quickly dropped the hose and then I woke up...
Its weird that I am getting dreams like every night now...maybe its because I go to sleep late and I drank too much wine these past 2 nights...their grape juice so relax...its a Jewish Tradition-->Passover.
What does this mean?
By the way my crush is in the 8th grade and I am in 7th ;)

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