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Dream About Waterfall meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What DOES THIS MEAN? dream?

I was floaton a invisble seat in the air, waterfalls, birds, tropical scenes and flowers.i was sitting next to my significant other, and we were sort of just in awe and confused and i was b-tching at him because he was taking pictures of the beautiful scenes.

what do u think it means?

Dreams are the brains way of interpreting information. They are images that the brain creates to explain things, to expiriment with things, and to learn. So, dreams do tend to mean a lot.

Floating on an invisible seat in paradise. images of what you desire. You have lofty goals. High hopes. You want romance and beauty and you want to be the most important thing to your significant other (floating puts you above, like being on a glass pedestal). You're ambitious.

But, while he's seated next to you, he isn't appreciating your goals the way you hope. His goals don't match yours, and so you're left angry that he doesn't see the beauty you do. doesn't want to pursue your dreams with you. He's not taking pictures, why? because he doesn't see it as being as important as you see it.

So, I think it's all about him not sharing in your hopes and dreams. Maybe he thinks you're a dreamer, or maybe he just doesn't take you seriously. But, it pisses you off.

Example: Dream about plane crash and waterfall - meaning?

Last night I dreamt that I was on an airplane with a bunch of my old friends who I haven't seen for years as well as a flight full of passengers who I didn't know. I couldn't find my seat and I went into the other cabin to find my friends, but by the time I wanted to go back and sit in the original cabin the light came up saying 'Seatbelts'. I still got up however and the plane started rocking from side to side with my weight (like in a small rowing boat) and one of my old friends said 'Look what you've done now'. Everything seemed fine and I sat back down however the plane quickly began to descend into this bright blue sea that was near/in Florida. The water was really beautiful and clear and it was lovely and warm outside. Initially I thought it would be a soft landing onto the water, which it was, however we started heading towards a waterfall. Panic stricken, I had to remove my clothes because I was attached to something in the plane. I removed my clothes and jumped out onto this river bank near the beautiful water and watched the plane plummet down the waterfall with all of the passengers on it apart from me. I then saw, because there was a huge tear in the roof, that most of the passengers were fine and were jumping out with these floating lifebands to be rescued and at this point I thought that maybe I should have stayed on the plane too. I then looked around and I was in a neighbourhood right next to the water so I made my way into a house that didn't seem to be occupied by anyone. I think I called my mum.

That's all I remember. Any ideas what it means?

Example: Dream about bubbles and waterfall?

I dreamed these a while a go:
First dream:
I dreamed that I was outside just looking around on my driveway with a dirt path infront of me ( I live in pretty much a thick forest area AND the dirt path is really there... in real life) and I see random bubbles sprouting from trees and stuff. Next thing I know I am back inside with bubbles still on random things. Then I wake up.

Dream two: I am my Dad's old car and they talk about putting our boat at the marina at the lake. (The lake has no marina) I dream I am at this muddy public lake near our house (45 mins in rl.. a lot of lakehouses and a huge huge lake), only I imagine theres this like.. 30 - 40 foot waterfall and theres a marina at the top of the waterfall with hundreds of boats on these holding things one ontop of the other. We get our boat into the water then get in it. We get in and the current from the waterfall takes us towards it.. I dream we start falling and then in mid-fall I wake up.

This was a long long time ago and I've never been suicidal or had a load of stress or anything lol so ... what could it be?

Example: What does these dreams mean?

I've keep having dreams about waterfalls. For about 10 years now. It started happening when my mom died. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Usually the waterfall is calm. Im around people and sometimes im not. Its very peaceful. Does anyone know what this mean? Is it good or bad?

Example: What does a recurring dream about waterfalls mean?

I have this dream often. I dream that I am in a river and there are three waterfalls. I do not know how I got in the river, but I can't get out. The river sweeps me down the first waterfall. It is very gentle and fun to go down. Then, I go down the second waterfall which is VERY rough. At that point, I am terrified. I know that the next waterfall is deadly. I can see the sharp rocks at the bottom and the logs which will impail me. I try to swim away, but there is no way I can avoid going down this waterfall. Then, I wake up terrifed.

P.S. I am afraid of waterfalls

Example: Waterfall dream?

I am outside down town looking for a shop. Then suddenly I hear people shouting I look up towards a tall cliff with a waterfall flowing down it. The waterfall is out of control and the people on the street experience a heavy violent downpour of rain. Luckily I am just outside the shop I am looking for and go in for shelter.

Note - The water at the top of the waterfall seems clean, but when it starts falling onto the street it looks kind of muddy

Example: What does this dream mean? Not jumping off of a waterfall?

In my dream, I was following a line of people whom I didn't know, and they all jumped off of a waterfall into the water. The waterfall was about 20 feet high I couldn't see the bottom when I looked down, all I saw was rocks and bubbles. I tried to convince myself to jump but I just couldn't because I was afraid.

Example: Having interesting dreams about water,swimming and waterfalls. what do they mean?

not really bad ones, just very strange and interesting.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about someone falling down a waterfall but not trying to save themselves?

Example: I have this recurring dream of a very big and wonderful waterfalls. what does it mean?

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