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Dream About Water Wheel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream - car without a steering wheel?

I dreamt that I was sitting in a hall watching a play on stage, the room was dark and cold and the acting on stage was, well it was cr*p..it was awful, people forgetting their lines etc. but they just kept rambling on and on, it was soo boring and confusing. The cast in the play were people from a drama group I used to belong to -( in real life, these people weren't very welcoming towards people who weren't Jewish and they were hostile so me and other people left that group, I now belong to a professional, normal one with nice people)

I remember sitting there feeling trapped, so I walked towards a car that was parked in the hall it was facing some doors - I walked slowly over to it because the room was quite dark and I couldn't see very well, then I got into the car and it didn't have a steering wheel, the headlights came on and I saw that ahead of me the two large black doors were closed and locked with a padlock..so I was trapped..

I then went into what was meant to be women's toilets and the floor was flooded with water, the sinks etc. were broken and it was all in really bad condition..there were three women (who I've never seen before) in front of a mirror and I walked to the mirror to look in it..but they kept pushing me out of the way aggressively so I couldn't use it..it was really weird..lol

I gave up and came out, I realised that the doors that had been locked were now open, light was shining in and the car had gone..I walked out of the room and out of the building and it was really sunny outside..

this dream was weird...Im wondering what it could have meant..?

No steering wheel indicates that you do not feel in control of your life and your own decisions - cars are symbols of forward movement in life. Blue is the color of the throat chakra which governs communication. The padlocks symbolize that you do feel trapped to a certain extent. Shining light as a dream symbol indicates illumination on some issue.

Black is the color of negativity and things hidden - doors usually indicate openings or transitions. The ones in front of you are shut and padlocked. You may feel that you are kept out of participating fully in life.

Water is the symbol of emotions - toilets symbolize the crap in our lives. the bathroom is broke and in bad condition and flooded. perhaps things are so great for you emotionally right now. You try to look at yourself but are kept from it by three women (some women in your life/family/friends). Perhaps you don't even feel like you are allowed to be yourself.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had this dream 2 or 3 times where im driving in a car and the steering wheel is this tiny thing like one of those faucets for water with the 2 little bars well its like that and im using it to turn and it breaks i usually hit something but i dont know what it means any interpretation would help thanks :D

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream a week ago, my teacher was driving her car and i was in the passengers seat and my older sister was in the back, we kept driving past this one house until my teacher went to sleep and i began to steer for her and then she woke up and said 'your such a fish'. then i woke up. what does this all this mean? i cant stop thinking about it.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:

I'm on a pirate ship, dressed as Jack Sparrow. I wasnt sailing on water, but on the clouds. No one else was on the ship, just me. I had no map, i was slowly sailing, as trillions of stars and galaxies were right above me. All of a sudden, i hear a "BOOM" and the cloud to my right filled with the color red. I hear another "BOOM" and the cloud in front of me turned pink. I knew i wasnt in danger, but i sailed the ship to somewhere cloudless. And there i was, flying on top of the disneyland castle, and it was the fireworks that were making the BOOM sound. The moon was behind me, making me a silouette. Just like the silouette in ET, when the boy was flying the bike over the moon. But this time, it was a pirate ship sailing past the disneyland castle. The music was in the background. Whenever a firework took off, the sky would sparkle, making each star in the sky jealous. Then a cloud would turn a calming color. I stopped steering the wheel, and sat at the railing of the ship. A tear rolled down my eye with joy. I looked up, and i out of all the stars in the the night, i notice "the second star to the left" from peter pan, which would lead me to never land. I immediately got up, walked to the and sailed the ship toward it. This was when i woke up.

Dream #2:

I was with a bunch of my friends who used to be close to me. We were in my house, looking out my bedroom window. There was a bright, beautiful moon on the horizon. All of a sudden, clouds started covering it, as if heaven wanted it for itself. but the moon broke out and turned into three of the biggest, golden shooting stars. They looked cartoony, similar to the shimmering golden stars in super mario. They all flew to the right, leaving a long, glittering rainbow tail behind them.

These are my two most beautiful dreams, and i couldn't possibly find the words to describe how it looked or felt. Please tell me what they mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, some people believe in the meaning of dreams and whatnot. And I need someone to at least try to tell me what this repetitive dream means.
Every night since August 6th, I've been having this dream that I'm sitting on the edge of a pier with my girlfriend, a blonde teacher, a brunette friend and a blonde friend of ours. I don't know who the 2 friends or the teacher are. The teacher tells us to draw pictures of who we use to be and put them in the water, so we do. As we do a gray wolf who somehow I knew was named Sam showed up, and the others got scared. But I went up to him and told him to go home and a guy walked out behind me and froze all my friends except the blonde friend in a green slime that killed them. A guy walked out behind him and they both took me and the blonde friend. they took us, escorted us over a frozen and snowy wooden bridge over a railroad track that lead into the ocean into a camp ground. I escaped and ran through the camp ground. In the middle of the grounds a shaggy brown furred dog started chasing after me and attacked my pink and white wheel-less heeleys. I lost the dog as I turned the corner and I ran through to a small neighborhood. I ran to a fence with a security guard behind it and said you gotta help me. All he did was scream at me in an indecipherable noise waving his knight stick at me and I ran away between two red bmw's and beside a building. But then I saw a car coming down and I ran behind the building behind some trash cans. Just then I looked up and saw a man standing on a balcony staring down at me. He asked me if I was a vampire and I nodded, he went inside. Just then a guy got out of a wooden fence near the bmw's and took out a gun. A man came out of the car and they began a shoot out. Then I got pulled inside the building and that's when I woke up. Please try to help me decipher the meaning of this dream! Thank you!

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream ( it was short)...

I was in my bedroom with my mum (Im 13) and was knelling down cleaning a part of a car. The part of the car was the coloured bit that covers a car and was the bit that goes over a wheel the round sorta part. Anyway i was cleaning it with a piece of cotton wool and water next to my mum. The peice of the outside car was wet with dirty muddy water. The suddenly i start to clean faster rubbing it hard then theres a huge bang next thing i no im sitting up in bed horrible and hot.

Please interpretate it cause i found it quite disturbing

Example: Dream, Dream, what does it mean?

When i was a kid (about six years old) i had a dream that i was at an amusement park, just a random one completely from my imagination. and in that dream when i was on the ferris wheel, one in a style like the old ones or one you'd find at a county fair, it broke and i fell to my death. Later when i was like..ten, maybe, i had another dream that allowed me to see more of the park, there was this crazy water slide with a bunch of gaps and loop de loops and spirals, the whole park was solar powered and you could find towers with the solar power glass stuff everywhere. and then i rode one of the roller coasters, which i fell off and was run over twice. Then i died. i'm fourteen now and last night i had another dream at the park but this time i was simply rolling down a grassy hill nearby which turned out to be a cliff and i fell to my death again, any theories on what it means, if anything?

Example: Does anyone know what my dream means?

So for the past few days i have been dreaming about water.
the first one was with a lake and the water was kinda dirty. I was in a boat with some other people and the person driving the boat was mad and he turned the stearing wheel all the way to the left and we were spinning in a circle really fast almost about to fall out of the boat.

and last night i had a dream about a stream with clear sparkling water but it was at night so the water was dark. But it had a ton of tea light candles lit. But after the candles went under the bridge and went to the other side the candles went out.

lol i never had dreams with water in them that i could remember

Example: What does it mean when you dream about water and level changes?

Night after night for the past week now, ive had dreams of me looking out into the ocean, water parks, but most nights it's giant waves taking over! Ive noticed to be with family members in all dreams and its never the same family members. During the dreams i climb stairs or go to the top of building to save myself, theres also been elevators. The water is clear, but last night's water was full of wood pieces, boots, wheels, ect. from the boats that the giant waves broke down . . . I

Example: What does this dream mean?

Im driving on a highway at 120mph i was very sleepy.I was heading toward a bridge to cross a body of water.I drove straight toward the side of the bridge and hit it.My truck started to flip but i felt no pain.then it fell in the water.i was covered in blood about to die but somehow i still felt no pain and really i didnt seem to care if i died or not.and at the end of the dream i died.

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