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Dream About Water Skiing meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

We were vacationing or living as tourists and we owned a ski lift up the high hills... VERY HIGH hill... probably about 2-3 miles upwards... And the skill hill went up at about a 45 - 60 degree angle. On the top of the hill were forests and trees... Meaning that the top of the hill was not shaved so that people could ski down on it.

People also used the ski lift in summer as opposed to winter, because the ski lift was meant to bring them to a scenic spot out in nature where they could witness the beauty of creation. I have never been a nature fan but my parents love the outdoors... they are always going to nova scotia or pei to look at the oceans, the hills, the forests, the landscape.

You couldn't see much out on the hill because, your view was covered by trees, so it was kind of ironic.

There were 5 or 6 pixie girls (I think 5) and they represented either a nation or a company brand... and one of the pixie girls, the only one I remember was indian or middle easter with a long dark pony tail pulled to the back. The pixie girls lived on playing cards in the same way that cartoons live in the t.v. they were alive, and two dimensional... and then people had to vote for the pixie girl that they liked the most, and the one that they liked the most would get the special honor of being turned into a mixture of glass and water... which was a cool special effect.

And then I woke up...

So what does this dream mean?

Dreams are just dreams.

You are not an Oracle so it was just a Dream

Example: Is there some sort of meaning behind these weird dreams?

ok so as it starts off, im in the middle of a snow storm on top of a wooded hill at night, with 2 or 3 small cottages (sort of ski cabins) in sight. im in a light sweatshirt and snow pants, wearing one of those russian fur hats, you know the ones with the flaps on the sides that fold up... anyway thats a fairly important part of the dream...
so im walking aimlessly, when suddenly a blizzard kicks up and i hear wolves howling in the distance, so i head for the nearest cabin. i try the door to find it unlocked, with the lights on, the tv at the dvd menu of some movie (i can never remember which one), the jacuzzi bath ready, and a fire blazing in the fireplace, like somebody set it up for me. theres also a note addressed to me on the dining room table, its a different color every time i have the dream. for some reason, i decide to take a bath in the jacuzzi. once i get out i wrap a towel around my waist and i notice a chill; i realize that the front door was wide open. i came in through the back, and i never even saw the front door, but its one of those things that you just know cuz its a dream...
anyway im going to it when across the kitchen counter, sort of out the door and down the stairs outside of it, i see my girlfriend from high school. shes the only girlfriend ive ever had except for the one who is now, as of two weeks ago, my fiancee(im still really excited about that btw x3). the worst part is that we never broke up. she drowned when she slipped and fell while ice skating, she hit a thin spot and smashed it, fell right through and got stuck in the half-frozen mud on the bottom of the pond. i wasnt there, but the image her brother painted in my head (unintentionally, of course, he was as distraught as i was) was absolutely horrible. anyway so in the dream i see her, and im watching her for a bit, completely dumbfounded, and then as she makes her way up the stairs and notices me, she suddenly looks terrified and lets out a shriek that could wake the dead.
god i just creeped myself out...
thats when i notice that im back in the clothing i was in before, except for the cap; for some reason it was important to me, so i cant lose it. she then starts running away from the house and down into the seemingly infinite forest of birch trees. i notice the oddest details in this dream. anyway i run back into the other room to grab my cap, i grab it, put it on, and run back, and when i run out the door snow blades appear on my feet and i give chase. o yeah, from the second i see her i have this sensation of something hunting me, like you know when you were a kid and you were the last one up and so you had to turn the lights off, but your imagination always gets the best of you and you get that sensation in your chest that sends you bolting up the stairs and into your bed...its like that...
and so as im flying down the slope (faster than ive ever skied in my life, id say i was going a good 60-70 kts) i hear these crashing sounds behind me, not like a mechanical crash or explosion, more like something organic smashing into a tree. so as im going down i keep hearing these noises and im getting more and more scared when i come to a pond. a very familiar pond...
its still dead of night, mind you, so i cant see past the edges, but something below the surface is glowing. thats when i notice a gap in the ice. i take the blades off, and walk out just far enough so i can get a better look at the glow. it moves, i jump and at the same instant a gust of wind blows the russian cap off my head and as i reach for it i slip and fall onto a thin patch of ice, crashing through it. at the same instance i heard the crashing sound behind me, this time not ten feet away, and some enormous THING crashes though the water's surface and lunges at my face. thats when i wake up, usually to my fiancee frantically shaking me.
is there any possible explanation for this dream, and is there a way to make it go away? its really starting to freak me out and my poor Tori cant get enough sleep. and please dont give me some crap about my fiancee being the monster, because trust me, she is the most loving, caring, and kind person on the planet other than Mother Teresa (if she were still with us).

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have two dreams that constantly reoccur.

The first is a dream that I am on a diving board, and diving into a pool, but there is no water. That one scares me, but not as much as my second one.

The second one is where I am being pushed down the stairs. Like, I go flying down a staircase but wake up before I hit the bottom. It's not always with stairs but it usually is. Sometimes it is with going over a jump while skiing and going too high, about to crahs. Sometimes it is other things like that too.

I would really like to know what it means. Thanks!

Example: What does it mean you dream of water all the time?

My dreams always involve water. And it's always in sepia tones...and I get the whole creepy vibe. Like scared. After hurricane Ike I had a dream that I lived in this two story house in the country and that I was looking out the bathroom window (which happened to be flooded) and it was raining and the entire lawn was flooded with murky looking water. I also had a dream that my grandmother's house was completely flooded by nasty light brown water with some stuff floating in it. It looked like rotten plants.

I want the psychological meaning, not the dream dictionary written by a woman in a turban...please?
Seriously, it's getting annoying. I dream about water every single day. I don't even want to drink water so that I won't have to see it...except it happens to be my favorite drink.
And no, I don't need to go to the bathroom when I'm sleeping.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

First off, I don't necessarily expect anyone to know what my dream means. If you know, great. I mostly want to get this off my chest so I don't forget it.

The dream started off in some sort of a city area. I don't know how, but I was abruptly transported to the top of a mountain (this is where it starts to get weird) right after being on a bridge in the city. I think I was in Denver, actually. Anyway, The top of the mountain I was on had 3 other people on it with me. 2 guys and a girl, I believe. One of the men informed me that I needed to catch a certain fish to get off the mountain. I have no idea why though. Also, the top of the mountain was snowy and freezing, with ice over the small lake we were fishing in (the lake was about 15 by 15 ft to begin with, but throughout the dream it grew).

Although it was freezing, there was a thermometer attached to a ski lift that went through the top of the mountain that read "70" all the time. Also, on the lake there was ice, but we were fishing normally, not ice fishing. Back to the fish. Basically, we were each supposed to catch 4 of these fish (they looked a little like worms). I thought we would be trapped on this mountain forever because once him and his male friend got their fish they would leave the mountain somehow. I don't know why I thought that, but I was really scared they'd leave us. That would make it so we couldn't leave, because me and the woman had to leave with them. unfortunately, the fish we were trying to catch were the fish we had to use for bait. Basically, we had to get a fish somehow and then use it as bait to catch more of the fish. I think one of the men gave me a fish for bait, but when I threw my line out (or whatever you call it) the bait came off in the water.

This made me really upset, and I started trying to get off the mountain. I walked up the hill behind us. That's where the top of the ski lift was. The little box the operator sits in was there, but I don't remember if there was anyone in it. For some reason I couldn't go that way to get off the mountain. So i went up that hill about 20 feet and then started walking down the mountain.

When I had a walked a little, the weather was suddenly all nice. At that point it really was about 70 degrees. It was sunny and it was nice. I saw two people, a woman and her son, and I tried to tell them to help me. They walked around the corner and, when I got there, they were laying on the ground and had been turned to stone.

I kept following the path I was on and it eventually just led me back to the top of the mountain. The path just took me in a circle. When I got to the top of the mountain everybody was still fishing. Except the girl, she hadn't fished at all and she didn't seem to care what was going on. She always had a smile, but it was kind of a Derpy smile. Almost like she was confused but still happy. I don't know if it was me or not, but the person I was viewing the entire dream was wearing an orange jacket. One of the guys had a green jacket. I don't really remember how the dream ended. I think I woke up before it ended.

Example: What do my dreams mean? Water/boats/fish/drowning?

I always dream about water. Every single night I dream about water. Usually I am on a boat on the water, rather than in it. The boat is usually traveling quickly through the water, and sometimes I fall off the boat. The water is usually dark or dirty. Sometimes when I am in the water, I am able to see that there are millions and millions of fish of various sizes and colors, as well as huge fields of kelp/seaweed. It is almost always night time in my dreams and I often feel scared because I cannot see what is under the surface.

For example: Three nights ago, I dreamed that I was in a ravine, 100 feet under a huge bridge way out in the wilderness by a small river/creek. It was early morning and I heard/saw a vehicle coming down a dirt road so I waded upstream and eventually came to the ocean. The water from the mouth of the river forced me far out into a cold, white-capped sea, and I spent hours swimming back to shore, all the while afraid to look under the water even once. When I got to shore, there was a wooden platform at the bottom of a huge rock face. I got on the platform and it began to ascend up the cliff. I remember thinking that my hotel was at the top of the cliff. About half way up, I woke up.

Another from two nights ago: It was pitch black outside and me and two of my friends were on a small inflatable sea boat with eight sides, slowly motoring across a very rough and dark ocean. In the distance we see lights, but just then we hit turbulent waters and the boat capsizes. The three of us hold onto the boat and begin a conversation (I can't recall what about) and start swimming toward the lights. When we get closer, we stop talking and we realize the lights are from a Police/FBI boat. When they see us, the agents shine bright lights on us, jump into the water and proceed to push all three of us under. I wake up when I can't breath anymore.

And finally from last night: I am on the shore of a small lake at dusk with a wake-board/ski boat tethered to my arm. There are people and families with kids all around the shore of this lake. One of the boats from across the lake starts heading my way and I get in my boat and head out to meet it. As we come nearer each other, we begin speeding up, and eventually are doing full speed toward each other. When we meet in the middle, we both start doing hard circles with our boats, sort of circling each other. The water becomes very turbulent and I fall out of my boat. I yell for help from the other driver (don't know who he/she is), but receive none and begin to sink. I can see for what seems like miles under water. I can see millions and millions of colorful fish, octopus, shark, even whales, and tons of different kinds of colorful plants/seaweed. Some of the fish take interest in me and start circling me. This whole time I sink further and further down into darker and darker water. I remember being afraid the darkness and of these creatures, but making no attempt to flee and/or defend myself. I wake up when the water turns to black. Note: I have had this particular dream, or a very similar version of it at least a half dozen times.

Those are just some examples. I looked up a few of these things in a "Dream Dictionary", but have not found any real explanations of what these dreams could mean. Someone please help me figure this out, because its starting to affect my life. I can't sleep as well as I used to and I sometimes can't focus on anything other than my dream for the first few hours after waking up. I think this is why I can remember them in such detail and they seem so real to me. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback on my dreams. I hope to get some help and look forward to reading some responses. Thanks so much! Have a good day!

Example: Dreams about skiing and water rafting?

last night i dreamt about skiing and flying at the same time
the night before i dreamt i was water rafting but i fell out the boat and drowned
what does this mean?
why am i dreaming of extreme sports?

Example: Does this dream mean anything ? ? ?

I was with a mum [not my mum, but she was my mum in the dream] and we found a nerdy man and he was kind and he said hi and all that so he came with us. But suddenly we were all on a boat. Each one of us kept falling of the boat and we had to help each other up, and that kept happening, then, I was on a jet ski which was holding onto a boat [by myself] and the person who was in the boat, told me to get in because there was thousands of other boats coming up and if I didn't move, I'd get killed, so I went towards the boat then just before it I fell in the water and drowned. Then I woke up.

Does this mean anything ?

Example: Most of my dreams (or nightmares) involve water and me too scared of going near it. What does this mean.?

I often have dreams that have to do with water, like once I dreamed when i was on a HUGE waterslide and It pulls me forcefully down it and I fell into huge swimming indoor swimming pool 2x the side of a football field, and sometimes me levitating above the pool. I also have weird dreams of me going on some ski-lift under Niagra Falls, I was terrified in the dream, and I felt like I was falling off because all of a sudden Im grabbing on to the edge of a metal bar on the ski-lift and I'm about to fall. Can anyone interpret what these dreams mean? In real life im actaully not that afraid of water, accept when its at a certain height such as a falls. Yes I am a bit afraid of heights.

My second dream that makes me uncertain is me going down rollercoasters that I actually ENJOY during the dream but in realife im so terrified of rollercoasters. I also get dreams of jumping of random buildings, and getting those falling feelings, Is this because of my fear of heights?

Example: What is the meaning of water in your dreams?

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