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Dream About Water Park meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream mean if I'm flowing backward in a fast stream of water?

So here's how it goes. I dreamed that I was in a foreign country and that certain sprinklers at the park contained a rum and cannabis vapour which people traditionally ran through. I went running through them with some people. It was night. Some guy and I noticed that they were making a stream, and we splashed around in it. This stream combined with another stream (which didn't contain the rum and cannabis). We thought we had better be careful because where they came together looked awfully treacherous. I then started hanging out in the clean stream but got swept away to the rapids. I turned so that my feet were going first, and I was belly down. The guy said, something like oh no, now you're in trouble. I ended up being fine, and it was not as treacherous as expected. I landed at a place where I could easily climb out of the water. Then I was inside some sort of cage meant to prevent people from getting in to that spot, but I got out just fine due to my gymnastics skills. The other guy had followed me there and tried to get out the same way, but he broke the structure.

The reason I need input on this is because I did get quite the adrenaline rush going backward down the narrow rapid stream, and I am still thinking about it.

According to Jung, dream books aren't any help because each person may have different personal meanings for the symbols that appear. To find out what this means to you, you have to look at the symbols (Water/rum and cannabis/sliding down the stream) and decide how each one make you feel. What might the stream mean to you? Figure those things out,and you should have your own answer.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you fall off of an amusement park ride?

Last Night I dreamed that I was on some kind of spinning ride at an amusement park. It was kind of shaped like a saucer and it had seats all around the edge of it, and it would spin a round really fast like a top does. Well anyway I was on the ride and I never put my seat belt on, so I was hanging on for my life, and I couldn't put it on during the ride because if I let go of the handles on my seat, I'd just slip off! But in the end I actually DID slip off, and for some reason The ride was over some water. So I fell into the water, and some guy had to jump in and save me.

Example: What does dreaming of going to a water park mean?

I have dreamed of going to his park before but a long time ago.
but this time I was going to go watch this show (didn't see the show in my dream) but before I went I was in this other place waiting for something!

Example: What could these water dreams mean? (details)?

Two nights in a row,first dream was I was with a little boy on a cliff watching the waves,with my dog and I told him we all need to get inside cause a tsunami was coming.I was also upset cause I was on my monthly period (had a hysterectomy years ago) and was upset cause I wasn't suppose to have a period.

Last night, I was holding onto a piece of board or wood and was going down a rushing rapids but the rapids were contained like an amusement park ride and I was having fun but the water was crashing so fast,that I got off the ride,then back on again.

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream of A Puddle of Water Around Your Car?

So, in my dream I was stepping over mud to get to my car. Then I saw some muddy water underneath my car and it was surrounding my car. It's like the water had risen up from underground. It was like a puddle of brown water. Apparently my car had been parked in the yard, but I wouldn't normally do that in real life. I was concerned about where the water was coming from and thought maybe I made the water rise by parking my car there. Right now my car isn't working in real life. Any thoughts.

Example: Re-occurring dream about water and parking garages?

This started about 3 years ago. I started getting these dreams about being in a parking garage or skyscraper, on a random level, and they all of a sudden begin to fill up with water. I either have the opportunity to swim with the water or climb the stairs and get to the top. I take the option of the stairs and by the time i get to the top, when i try and go back down it's frozen. I normally end up jumping off the top story of the building and landing in a river, which is full of poisonous water snakes and dangerous fish and stuff, and before i can get to the edge of the riverbed I always wake up screaming.

could someone explain what this might mean?

Example: What does this reoccuring dream mean?

What does it mean if you keep having dreams that you're at a water park, riding down a water slide? I keep having that same dream from time to time.

Example: I keep dreaming about theme parks and water parks?

What does it mean? It's always a different park I'm at but usually one of my childhood friends is there who I haven't seen for years. It seems to be every night at the moment but I've been having them now and again for ages

Example: What is the meaning of water in your dreams?

Example: Water park dream interpretation?

me, my mom, and my little sister were walking around looking for something, we were like traveling. we come to this water park, there's a bunch of water roller coasters and i want to go on one. we're standing in line and i jump onto the one, its a long floating raft and when i jump on it starts to sink but i don't get submerged, then my mom throws my sister onto the raft with me, but she looks like my best friend's daughter. then we go on the ride and theres lots of tunnels and stuff but we're having fun.
that's all i remember... any interpretations?

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