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Dream About Water Guns meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My dream? Help me figure out what they mean?

I had a dream, last night... What does it mean?

1) My sister had a gun and shot me in the foot? I dont know what it would have ment. Does anyone know lol - I never went hospital either and I walked on my foot fine ( after she supposedly shot me )!

2) I dreamt of my cat who passed away, Ben (He was pure black with a white bib). He was sitting in our garden, With loads of little black kitten around him - I looked down, at him and then I picked a kitten up - I looked at him again, Patted his bum - Which he loved when he was alive! And he seemed really, happy for me to pick this kitten up.

What do these dreams mean?
- I also Dreamt of the dreams, In the same night but properly woke in between them.

Kidda, anyone that can claim to authoritativly know about what your dreams mean is talking less sense than a potato at a madness convention.

The reason being is that every item and person means something different to someone else.

for instance, dream books would have you believe that water represents "tranquility" or possibly "benificial change".

This is utter crap. To one person, water could represent danger: especially if they can't swim. To another, it may represent their holiday in Brazil when they swam with dolphins.

These dreams are something that only you can work out. The gun thing could represent danger or safety. It could represent the fact you feel invulnerable or the fact you feel threatened by your sister. No one else can tell you what any of this really means.


Example: I need help with finding the meaning of this dream. help?

I have had this dream for a few days now and its kinda freaking me out a bit...can someone help me out with what it means? This is how it goes, its really realistic:

I'm on the edge of a cliff, its over a large lake with a forest looking thing on the sides of it. I can't see the end of the lake, just the horizon and the edges close to me. There are some people with me, they have their back to the water and they have guns and weird outfits. They're like chrome tight suits with like belts and accessories and stuff on them. They don't look bad, but they're weird. I'm wearing...like what i normally wear. But i'm on the same side as them. They are shooting at people who are walking toward the edge of the cliff and we're trying to stop them. They have like a zombie type air about them. Like they're eyes are out of focus, they are walking like they are about to drop dead on the spot, but no matter how much the people in chrome shoot at them, they just keep going. Also wherever they get shot, there is not change. No blood, no wounds, nothing. After a few steps they run right through us and start jumping into the water. The all the people get into the water and the people in chrome keep shooting. And suddenly i get a horrible urge to jump in the water with them. So i do, and one the the girls is chrome (she seems to be my friend) yells after me and i think she yells my name. But i'm already in the dark murky water. I can't see anyone else, but i don't care. The light can get through only a few feet before it gets to dark to see. But i suddently become very relaxed and i allow myself to sink into the seaweed. (in other water dreams that i have had i'm scared of the water) But then suddenly a guy (i get a small glimpse of his face) just comes out from the depths, grabs my ankle and drags me down to the bottom. And i get filled with such and complete and udder panic and fear that i think my heart may stop. And then it goes blank.

And it restarts, and not matter how many times it repeats itself, i still jump in. Sometimes i swim away, but he always ends up dragging me under. Help?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a semi-short dream. Basically it was me and my cousin. We used to be super, super, close when he lived here. But, his Dad passed, so his Mom decided to pick up and move to Cali. She's brain washing them, so we don't get to talk to him very much. I try and talk to him and its just not the same anymore. Its awkward and he doesn't seem interested, whatsoever, and that hurts.

My dream; we were in a hot tub with my Mom, she was showing us something, I can't remember. I do remember that he was leaning his elbow on my shoulder as we were looking at this thing. Then, all I remember is he was shooting a gun at me and laughing. But, so was I. I would go under water and I could hear the bullet zipping past me. I then woke up. It was very short, and that's all I remember.

So, what does this mean? Anything at all?
Thanks everyone(:

Example: What does my dream mean? guns/friends face rotting/fish/job?

ill make it short
In my dream last night i was sitting at a restaruant w/ my best friend face to face
i suddenly look up to see her face melting/rotting off
the most intense was seeing her eyes droop and seem to melt away i got up n ran out

also further in the dream a guy was chasing me w/ a gun shooting when he got a chance
a bullet grazed my arm, i then took out my gun and shot at him, but never got a hit
he chased me through out the dream

3 small tilapia fish came to me (dont know/cant remember how)
i didnt want to put them in my regular tank in fear they would kill my other fish
so i put them in a little box of water barely big enough to fit them in
and threw them in my closet...later one jumped out, i put it back
the others were not found

also i went to my old job and talked to my manager in hopes of getting re hired (i was let go)
he said he was going to give me another chance, so i got the job but never went to work in the dream

**everything was in order
what could this meannn?

Example: What does a man with no face holding a gun in dream mean?

I had a dream where a man came out of a lake and had no face. what's weird is he wanted me dead and tried to shoot me. He was shot in the process but did not die. My mother also did not have a face and shoved me away by my face.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night where Ocelot from MGS3 and I were kids, probably 9 years old, and we lived in the house I used to live in when I really was around that age. I don't quite remember exactly what we were doing, but someone like a mother figure, though I don't remember if it was my mom or not, gave us both a paper crown, like the ones they used to have at Burger King, but they were different. Ocelot got one that stood for the king of Russia, and mine was one that stood for king of America, or something like that, I just know they were of some importance in that fashion. Then I took out my M1911 airsoft gun and spun it around on my finger like Ocelot. He said I was good at that and then he took out a revolver and started spinning it and then pointed it at me.
Then I remember lot's of water, like there was a big hurricane, or flood, or both, but it's really vague, and I wasn't scared, I remember though, that I was thinking about how to lead my people (who were also kids) through the storm while water was spraying in through the windows and rushing down the hallway. I lost my paper crown in the storm, and Ocelot went missing too. That's all I remember from the storm.
Then, same place, there was a line of kids going to where my parents' bedroom would be, but instead of their bedroom, it was a sort of game room. walking in, there was two book shelves in the middle of the room, and a window on the right that was pretty high up, kind of like a basement window, but it went all along the wall and looked into another room.
The object of the game in this room was that I find a way get into the next room. I knocked the bookshelves over so that they propped up against the wall with the window, and used them to get to that window. Then I broke the glass and got into the next room.
The next room was just like the previous room, except there were teammates, and in the room after that there was an opposing team, and we got these toy guns that look real and electronically make the same noises that the real gun would make, and they shoot a laser light, and there was armor on the window that was between the teams. I knocked the book cases over, like I did in the previous room, and we climbed up it. I hit a plate of armor with the butt of my rifle 'till it broke off. Then I eliminated someone from the other team, but someone else from that team eliminated me, so I left the room. When I left the room, I was 12.
Then I left and went back to the hotel that my family was staying at, which was in the place where the apartment I lived in when I was around ages 12-18. There was also this girl who left at the same time as me and we were walking in the same direction She was probably about 12, the same age as me at that point. I said something to her about how the armor on the windows in that game were so hard to break, and that I was going to try to get to the other team's side. She replied with "I don't like it when people play like that, cuz you're supposed to eliminate everyone on the other team first." As we walked, I got older, but she stayed the same age, and when we were almost at the hotel, and I was around 18 or 19, she quickened her pace and I found myself running to keep up with her. I asked her what's wrong, but she didn't answer me. When we reached the hotel, I was 19. She kept going. I yelled out to her "Maybe we can go airsofting sometime?" she turned around, and walked up to me and said "okay, I'd like that." Then she asked me why I had to go to this hotel. I told her I was here to see my brother. She said "Your brother's really weird. Last time I saw him, I had to ditch him."
Walking into the hotel, I turned 20 (which is the age I am now, if that's of any relevance). Also, one of my legs suddenly got really long, and in order for me to walk evenly, and without hitting my head on the ceiling, I had to walk with the longer leg squatted and the normal leg normal. This came naturally to me, because one leg being longer than the other seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams lately.
Now that I think about it, the house and the hotel were also recurring themes. the house in the beginning of this dream, was in another dream, where my parent's bedroom was futuristic and mercenaries were looking for me, and the hotel was in another dream where I killed a bunch of people who had guns because they were in an organized crime gang, and they were using it as a hideout, and I was trapped in there, and was trying to find a way out. I eventually did at the end of that dream, but the hotel was in a different place then, and it wasn't as nice of a hotel as it was in this dream, but think it was the same.
Anyway, I did eventually find my brother. He was sitting on the floor putting his socks on, with my step dad. while waiting for him, I decided to sit down and put my legs out so I could see how much lon

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, some people believe in the meaning of dreams and whatnot. And I need someone to at least try to tell me what this repetitive dream means.
Every night since August 6th, I've been having this dream that I'm sitting on the edge of a pier with my girlfriend, a blonde teacher, a brunette friend and a blonde friend of ours. I don't know who the 2 friends or the teacher are. The teacher tells us to draw pictures of who we use to be and put them in the water, so we do. As we do a gray wolf who somehow I knew was named Sam showed up, and the others got scared. But I went up to him and told him to go home and a guy walked out behind me and froze all my friends except the blonde friend in a green slime that killed them. A guy walked out behind him and they both took me and the blonde friend. they took us, escorted us over a frozen and snowy wooden bridge over a railroad track that lead into the ocean into a camp ground. I escaped and ran through the camp ground. In the middle of the grounds a shaggy brown furred dog started chasing after me and attacked my pink and white wheel-less heeleys. I lost the dog as I turned the corner and I ran through to a small neighborhood. I ran to a fence with a security guard behind it and said you gotta help me. All he did was scream at me in an indecipherable noise waving his knight stick at me and I ran away between two red bmw's and beside a building. But then I saw a car coming down and I ran behind the building behind some trash cans. Just then I looked up and saw a man standing on a balcony staring down at me. He asked me if I was a vampire and I nodded, he went inside. Just then a guy got out of a wooden fence near the bmw's and took out a gun. A man came out of the car and they began a shoot out. Then I got pulled inside the building and that's when I woke up. Please try to help me decipher the meaning of this dream! Thank you!

Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

At the moment I am 16 and I am a senior in highschool. Latley ive been having weird dreams that have Starter Gun Shot Sounds in them. Im on the track at my school and Im running.

I dont know what to think of this dream. I mean, Im fast, but Ive never expressed intrest in track and field.. could this just be a series of dreams? or is my dream telling me something?

Example: What does this dream mean?! I need your help badly!?

Okay so I had a dream about going to this haunted house. and the family told us what ever we do don't ring the bell. So we investagated the house and when we went downstairs there was ingraving on the walls that said run away! so the guy who i was with ring the bell and the door swon open. So I went through the door and there was a group of people and we were having a water fight. lol..throwing water bollons at each other using water guns eg eg.
Then they had to go off to war. Know this war wasn't like the one in Iraq it was more of an midevail time war. The war was over we thought and went back home. i remember seeing a man on the cross being carried up a hill. Over that hill was my house. And my house was destroude because of this war.
I asked one of the soilders what this war was for he said: "to save your sould rebecca.evil is coming your way. powerful evil. be strong and remember who you are."
then i woke up.
wat do u all think this means?
15 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Also I had a dream of a man dressed in black coming looking for me so I hide in the snow. Deep inside of it.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being on a beach in mexico and out of nowhere a gunman comes out of the water?

And started shooting. Everyone including me ran away but two people got shot dead

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