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Dream About Water Carrier meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you drop a glass of water in your dreams?

I have been having dreams of this nature for quite some time...not everday but certainly every week. About two days ago I dreamt I was on vacation on some beach or other...I was in a hotel lobby and knocked over a vase with flowers and water. I´ve also dreamt that I´m getting married at a church and when the priest hands over the wine, it looks like water and i accidently drop it. By the way I´m not married nor is marriage a life goal

Fascinating...the containers are indicators of things like prosperity, abundance and security, and being a water carrier is also an auspicious symbol, according to dream-of. But you are dropping these items, and water indicates an emotional component. One possible thought would be that you need to guard your financial or work situation, for example, you may be spending more than you can afford, and doing so for emotional reasons, which may threaten your security. Another possibility might be that the security of a relationship is threatened through carelessness on your part. It would be better if you could write down each dream as you have it, and post the entire dream, other symbols will have a bearing on it...
Edit on your additional details...
hm...the vase of flowers and wedding ceremony, priest, wineglass, celebration...they are all positive symbols... I'm starting to get the feeling that maybe you need to spend more energy on your "spiritual" life, in whatever that means to you... marriage in a dream is not necessarily a symbol for marriage, but for "integration" or "union", but this is not a physical joining in marriage, although could be about uniting of male and female energies, and several of the symbols you have mentioned have a strong feminine connotation to them...Maybe you need a vacation, in your waking life... have you put that side of yourself (spiritual side) aside in order to pursue career goals? Or possibly have suppressed qualities considered to be "feminine" in order to pursue career goals?
Perhaps these qualities are asking to be considered, and integrated...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was surrounded by a group of mexicans and they was talking bout how one of the men in the group baby die. He was holding the baby in a baby carrier and clear water was in it what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to drown in a dream?

Yes, I died and I know this because from my location there was no way to be saved. I had a dream where I was standing on the end of an airplane carrier and a harrier jet spawned in front of me. I jumped of this vessel to inspect the state of the harrier jet. By the time I hit the water, the jet had already sank and, frustrated, I went under water to scream. I stayed there for a bit and went farther down but I couldn't swim back up and soon I kept getting closer to the bottom as things were getting darker.
Side Note: I've been having this reoccurring dream where I fight and I'm the one who starts the fight(s). I've never been in a fist fight in my life.

Example: Weird repetitive dream meaning?

I have had this recurring dream for 2 weeks now that I am on an aircraft carrier by a beach and there is a huge storm and the ship is swaying and the sea is churning. Then it stops and a golden retriver walks up to the ship over the water which doesn't turn out to be deep at all and I see four people who take me to a house and no-one says anything but I know there is a zombie apocalypse (somehow). So I get to the house (Which is my house) and sleep in my bed and wake up with the other people in the house telling me to leave. BUT I don't want to leave because I have these bags of food and clothes which I want to take with me but before I can even pick it up two zombies are in my house and the people are gone. So it turns out that I have a knife and I walk out my room into the living room and stab one of the zombies in the head and it is just like stabbing an apple. I walk into the hall and the other zombie is facing away from me but turns and runs to me and I kill that too. Then I walk back to the living room and another zombie is breaking throught the window and as I grab it and stab it to death I see a zombie on the road outside drive past and look into its rear view mirror aand get out the car. So I go to my door with the knife and walk out knowing that they are going to keep coming.

ps the dream doesnt bother me but Its just strange it happpens over and over.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

I dreamt last night that I had given birth to this baby and I had no idea who the father was. I told my boyfriend (who at the moment we are having relationship troubles) about it and I wanted him to raise the child as his own, and put his name on the birth certificate. We then spent ages deciding on a name for the baby, initially wanting to call it Reginauld Patrice Button (Button being the surname of my boyfriend) but then settled on George Button. In the dream I was carrying the baby round in a car baby carrier, around my college, and I was very excited about having the baby.

Anyone any ideas what this dream might mean?

Thank you.

Example: I had a strange dream... What could this mean?

First off, don't judge. I've wanted pet rats for a while now. PET rats, as in, as related to wild rats as poodles are to wolves. That's not really the point of the dream, so just move on from that, because I know some of you will just reply with "EW, RATS R GROS." -.-
Anyway, the dream starts and my mom allows me to get the rats. I'm psyched and she gives me this tiny little travel cage with three rats in it. When I first open the cage, one of the rats physically jumps out and attacks my chest. It doesnt hurt me, and he calms down. It gets a little fuzzy, but then I was at the beach. Somehow, I decided bringing my rats into the water - fantastic idea. I end up half-drowning, holding their carrier as high above my head as possible, hoping they spend as little time underwater as possible. Then I woke up, tossing and turning in my bed, very distraught.
Is this me worrying about failing as a rat owner? I don't consciously feel that way, because I know how much research I've done, but does my subconscious think it'll be too much for me? Or that I'll make stupid decisions and pay dearly? Any insight welcome. :)

Example: Does this dream mean anything? please help?

We were flying and kept feeling like we were going to crash into the water but kept barely above it. next thing ,We scuba dived to land and I thought back how cool it was then I realized there were sharks in the ocean and I was frightened to scuba back. I went on the helicopter to do a jump. We were flying over a port which was my spot to jump. I threw my back pack out of the helicopter because I was going to use it as my marker for where to land. The shoot was getting caught in my plate carrier before I jumped and we kept flying, the helicopter wouldn’t stop. I took the bullet proof vest off and jumped and realized how far I was from my landing target. I thought about just landing where I could. I was coming down really fast and I was trying to slow it down as much as I could by tugging on the shoot strings to try and force it against the wind. I decided to go for my target anyway and I landed on a beach next to a family and I look beside me and see my back pack. I was so excitited and proud of myself that I looked at the lady and said “lady I know I don’t know you but you have to listen to this” as I begun to tell her all excitingly ssgt came over rushing me saying we had to go. Where the same chopper we jumped out of was where we went to pick up are vestsbefore we went to the airport but mine was the only one that wasn’t there. I told ssgt and he said he’d look for it. a little bit after take off you could here the fuel line just stop functioning. Right away I knew we were going down. First thing I did was pray with a lot of confidence that we were going to have a rough BUT safe landing, which we did.
I dream very often and very descriptively i almost always rememeber everyhting when i wake up

Example: I keep dreaming about a baby in a swimming pool, what does this mean?

First dream I had was right after my husband and I were trying to conceive. I dreamed about a tiny, really tiny baby girl locked up in a clear plastic box. The box was floating in the swimming pool, I grabbed it and took the baby out and saved it.

The second dream I had was last night. I was in a swimming pool and saw my mom and brother in the water. I swam up to them and talked and all the sudden to the side of me was a baby in a carrier.
He/she was laughing hysterically and when we made jokes the baby would understand them and laugh. Even though he/she was only like 3 months old, it was talking. Then it said it wanted to go to bed. My mom carried it towards the crib and it crawled in by itself.. sleeping quietly.

I might be pregnant right now but what does this mean? some women dream about babies while they are pregnant, but what if I'm not?


Example: What does this mean?dream of white wolf and baby at night.?

So I had this dream this morning that I was pregnant I carried full term and had a beautif6ul baby. About 6 months later cuz he was big. We were sttaying in this huge house by this creak and some picnic tables. One day we had a picnic and ater I forgot the baby. I went into the house and began cleaning and setting up baby things to move to a differnt room in the house. I then realized my baby wa\ not with me. I ran outside it was now dark and tried to cross the river to get to the picnic table that had the baby on it. I fell into the river with my purse dropped my phone in water and was soo concerned about it. I then went around back to the picnic tables and saw the baby but there was a whit wolf licking the baby in his carrier. The wolf looked at me and ran off. When I looked in the carrier I saw blood splattered on the sides but couldn't find where the baby was injured. I then woke up. This dream is odd to me because I have no kids and I keep seeing the white wolf looki7ng at me as if I stole her baby...

Example: Dreaming of dead cats, 3 nights in a row. What does it mean?

For the past 3 nights I've been dreaming of dead cats.

1st night: My dad was driving me home, we were at one of the roundabouts close to where I lived. The road was cracked and there was thousands of dead cats. Some were alive, and some were injured. I burst into tears but I felt as everyone thought this was something that was normal. I then woke up.

2nd night: Again my dad was driving me home, but this time we were at my childhood home. We were at the traffic lights just near where we lived. There was 3 kittens dumped at the side of the road. My dad dropped me back and I grabbed a cat basket. I then ran down the street but couldn't run properly. It felt like i was wearing heavy armor or like a deep sea divers suit. I got to the traffic lights and the black kitten was dead. The other two kittens were play fighting at the side of the road. I put them in my cat carrier and took them home. But when I went into my childhood home it turned into where I live now. The kittens were riddled with fleas and then I woke up.

3rd night: (this dream made me cry)
I was sitting at a table and had a big bowl of noodles. The one you'd buy in a shop, in the plastic carton. On the top was a grey dead kitten. Again I felt like everyone thought this was normal. I burst into tears in my dream. I had a box of cereal next to me, also with a dead grey kitten in it.
And also I think there was a bottle of water with a grey kitten in it. I woke up and cried.

I've searched online and haven't found anything helpful. It's really distressing. Apart from these dreams i feel fine and haven't been worrying about anything in particular. Any answers would really help me.

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