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Dream About Water Balloon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my hot air balloon dream mean?

I don't usually ask for dream interpretations, but this dream was very vivid and seemed to be symbolic in some way?

I was in a hot air balloon over the ocean and it was descending. I wasn't in control of the balloon, there was a man that was operating it, and he kept making it fall very fast. In the distance I could see another balloon falling very fast. I was scared in the beginning but began to have fun. I started to get scared when we got closer to the water.

The next thing I remember I was in a desert with my feet on the ground but still holding on to the balloon with my hands. I jumped and I started to rise up uncontrollably but my mom grabbed my hand a pulled me back down to the desert floor. I saw my dad next, and asked him if we could go hiking throught the desert like when I was little. He said no because he hurt his knee.

I would interpret the hot air balloon to mean "hot air."

You know ... the kind of wind that comes out of people's mouths, when the talk real big and excessively, about nothing?

To put it colloquially, somebody in your life, is full of B.S. and it is controlling your life and you feel it in your soul.

Water in dreams means soul.

Land means flesh.

Somehow you got "grounded" and it seems like you see through this nonsense, but having to deal with it everyday must really be bothering you.

That is how I interpret it, anyway.

Example: What does a clear door in your dream mean?

In my dream i was running from a women with different colored water balloons. I ran up these stairs, went to the first room i saw then closed and locked the door. But when i closed it i could see through the door i seen her and a lil boy with colored balloons trying to open it! what does this mean?

Example: What does my baby dream mean?

i am pregnant and i had a dream last night that i had a miscarriage in the bath but it wasn't really gory or anything, my bf was with me and he said whats that? then i looked and it was a sack type thing, like a placenta i suppose, but it looked more like a water balloon. it had a hole in where you could see in and i looked and there was a tiny tiny baby size of a mouse and it was still alive and smiling, it was gorgeous and perfect and i was thinking 'awww should i ring hospital and see if i can still save it' it was bizarre it wasn't really a sad feeling it was like happiness. but then it started falling asleep, it looked peace full though, but it drifted off and then i could tell it was never going to wake back up. i was feeling empty because i knew my beautiful baby had gone and i had loved it before it even had existed properly, then i woke up. for a moment i thought it was real then i realised it was just a dream and was relieved i am still pregnant. but now i am wondering what dream meant and hoping it not a premonition or my baby saying goodbye or something. i am due for a 4 month scan tomorrow

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that my color guard team and I were all eating lunch in a modified version of our high school auditorium. I was sitting with my best friend, and then we admitted our feelings to each other (romantically). Next, everyone had a huge water balloon fight, and each color balloon meant a different emotion. I was really upset because I kept grabbing the love balloon, and it would not pop on my best friend no matter how many times I tried. We are both girls, and I have never thought of a girl that way, so what does it mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I dream about snakes a lot. One of the dreams I had I was standing with my older sister by like a old shed and there was a snake on the ground. I was trying to walk away from it but there was another snake. The whole backyard was suddenly filled with snakes. The snakes are different sizes and colors. They never bight me but I can't get away from them. I am terrified of snakes. Another dream I had I was on a cruise ship, which I do about once a year, and there was a snake in the grass on the ship. The ship was in the middle of the water so I ran to the youth activities director. On my way there, I tripped and fell by another snake. Then the whole sidewalk was filled with snakes. So I finally got to the director and he told me they could put dots on the snakes so I could see them. Then, I was eating dinner with my mom and brother, I don't know where my dad was, and he was our waiter. He told us there was a balloon filled with poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and the balloon popped. What does this mean? I have reoccurring dreams about snake, but they never bite.

Example: What do my dreams mean? 10 POINTS!?

Dream #1 - So yesterday, I had a dream that I was in a tall building in New York City. I had recently come home from summer camp and I loved that camp! Turns out everyone at camp was there. There were 3 buildings, all facing each other. And everyone was throwing water balloons. My friend who I kinda had a crush on was standing next to me by the window helped me throw balloons. All of a sudden I was transported to the street where I met the archery teacher who I had become good friends with. Then a kitchen worker walked by. I have no idea what this means.

Dream # 2- Two days ago, I had a dream my younger brother by 1 year was chasing me with a laser gun and I was shooting him with my own. Apparently I killed him 37 times. Then there were all these people from camp and me and my friend was chasing this lady with scissors and cut a lock of her hair. Then I gave the women candy.


Example: What does it mean to be looking for someone while flying in the air with balloons in your dream?

As of late, I have been having some pretty vivid dreams and I tend to remember them. I had one recently that I have searched and tried to interpret myself but the answers just don't seem to be out there.

Here goes: I am flying above what seems to be a flooded area and then if I keep flying there are people swiming in the water and there are bobbles in the water like at a lake to cut people off from going to far. I am using helium balloons tied to me to fly. In some areas where there seems to be flood waters there are trees comming out of the waters with SUV's in them. I sometimes land in them and talk to what seems to be mostly girls in them. Granted there aren't any sounds to my dreams, just the feelings I have while in it, but it seems. That I am asking the girls if they have seen adam. Adam is my high school sweet heart . We have been on again off again for a long time and now we are on again because time changes everyone. The girls all say no. I tend to pick up something from the vehicles and cover myself. Its as if I have a swimsuit on just like everyone else but its melting off or tearing apart while I'm flying. I leap out the vehicle and keep flying yelling and looking for adam. There are all guys in the water. I wave at them and keep going never finding adam.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a adream that my whole family (even my grandma who past away) was mad at me for something i did then they all started throwing stuff with water in it at me (like water ballons or sumthin i forget). Whats up with this dream lol what cud it meaaan?

I dont remember what it is that i did, but i know i felt a little guilty and ashamed...i think

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in a bathroom with a giant tub. This really obese guy was there watching the tub fill with water. He was dumping out bottles of shampoo and soap and laughing. I realized that this shampoos belonged to my dead husband, Sirius. I was terribly upset that the fat guy was dumping them out and I said "It smells like him! You can't get rid of them!" Then I was suddenly somewhere else. I went downstairs and into a room made entirely of green marble and the wardrobe to Narnia was in the center of the room. I went through the wardrobe into a white room and there was a hot air balloon. I got in it and it flew up through a hole in the ceiling. I was flying over a city and I realized I was afraid of heights so I told the guy to put the balloon down. He did and I ran away. I went to Remus and he told me he sold Sirius's guitar and I was really angry and sad. But at the same time, I loved Remus. So it was very confusing because I missed Sirius but loved Remus...

Example: I keep having a continuing dream, about a sail boat, roof and balloons and kites.?

My dream is one that reoccurs, I lying in bed there is an open gap in ceiling and I can see out side. From the edge of my curtains I can see a small sail boat with the sails unfurled. It's windy out side and I'm watching the wind blow the sail boat that is tied off at the water spigot, into the air and I'm watching it through my window then the ceiling and back down. Then looking out the ceiling I see either hot air balloons or kites not the little kids kites but the huge kites. I then get woken up. Can someone tell me the meaning?

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