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Dream About Wasps meanings

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Example: What does this wasp dream mean?

i normally do not remember my dreams but this one i did, this is the second time having this dream with in 2 months...
i am standing in front of a mirror and i pick a zit on my chin and like a small cocoon comes out like a squeeze of a popping zit there is no blood, but then some black wasp looks like it flew out of the hole. i tell myself that i must have not seen it fly to my face. my dad is standing right next to me petting my cat, and then another wasp comes out of the hole in my chin but i see it come out this time. i tell my dad that there is something inside of me coming out of my zit. he is still petting my cat and does not look up at me, then i try and squeeze the hole where the zit was and yet another wasp starts to come out but then tries to walk back in the hole. i use my finger nail to pin it's wing to the out side of the hole and yell at my dad to look at what is happening, but he is still petting my cat and is not looking up. so i drag the wasp out of my chin and as i am squeezing the wasp to death i see another wasp coming out of my chin. i yell at my dad saying that there are wasps coming out my my chin, but my dad is still petting my cat, and then i woke up feeling like there is something under my skin all over my back on the top of my head and even on my chest... that was a very uneasy feeling and do not like it very much.

Hi Raptor,
The zit is an infection, and an infection is ill feelings you've been holding on to that need to be released. So you set out to pop the zit, and release the infection. Then the wasps come out, the wasps represent deep anger you are trying to release. Your father is pretty much ignoring you in this dream, so it seems like you feel that your dad doesn't pay enough attention when you need help with a problem. Whether the wasps and infection are related to other problems that you're seeking guidance from your father about, or whether they represent anger toward your father over his lack of responsiveness to your struggles, I can't tell for sure, but in the imagery seems to point to that you are having problems that you want your father to help you with, and you are having trouble getting his attention.
The location of this problem on your chin shows something good about your strength of character. It shows you are resilient, and good at rolling with the punches over all, this doesn't mean that you don't get upset, or in need of comfort and support, but over all, you are good at "taking it on the chin". This dream reveals some very upset feelings you need to talk about to regain your balance, so I hope you can get your dad's help, and if not, somebody's. That this dream is recurring shows it's an ongoing issue, it could be a specific problem you really need help with, or it could be an ongoing thing concerning your father's attitude.
I get hives when I am extremely upset, the reaction of your skin when you woke up could be a result of stress related hormones... This is a very interesting dream, thank you for sharing it...good luck...

Example: What does this mean? Bee/Wasp Dream.?

I had a bizarre dream last night. Before I woke up. I was climbing up ladders and putting stuff in these crates. I was on a castle wall. Or so it seemed. And then a bug (wasp or bee) flew into my shirt. He got stuck and I tried to get him out but I couldn't. This angered the bug and it started buzzing around my neck. It wouldn't stop buzzing and flying and bumping against my neck. I guess it was stinging me but it didn't hurt. I tried to grab it and I thought I had grabbed it but it would always slip from my hand and go back to buzzing around my neck. I saw I child and asked him for help but he wouldn't listen to me. He looked at me and apologized. I woke up after this. I do not understand what this means as no one on the internet mentioned buzzing or stinging around the neck but only the ears. Any help would be nice. thanks.



Example: What does this wasp dream mean?

Hello. :) I had an odd dream last night and I was wondering if I could get other peoples' opinion about it.
For a reason I don't quite remember, my sister and I were running from somebody in a department store. All of a sudden, a wasp flew up underneath the back of my shirt and started to sting me repeatedly down my body. Instead of pain, it was more of an tingling sensation, and I just stood there and tried to ignore it.
I do have a phobia of wasps, but I have never dreamed of wasps before. In the dream I was more annoyed than afraid.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a gentle wasp?

In my dream this wasp had no wings and would sleep on me, on my face, my hand, anywhere.
In my dream this wasp was like my friend, until it got killed by my brothers knocked up girl friend.

I looked up what wasps may mean, but it just spoke about aggressivness and pain.


Example: What do wasps mean in a dream?

I had a dream that I was in my backyard with my friend Lucy around the pool. All of a sudden I couldn't stand, but I could crawl. Then (my head picked this number in my dream) 21 angry wasps flew in and started to sting me. Only me. Then I got a view of my back after they all flew away and (my head picked this number too) I had 21 big bumps on my back. I also had two big bumps on my left arm, and then on my right arm. Same spots. Then in the blink of an eye, I was in my father's blue 2002 Chevy Silverado. I was slouching in the truck, while my father was driving. We were going fast (my father speeds a lot) but I don't know how fast. My window is rolled all the way down, and one angry wasp is flying beside the truck. Occasionally it would fly in the truck to try and sting ME, only me, but I would swat it back outside. I swatted it away 3 times and then I woke up. What does it mean?

Example: What is the meaning of my dreams? :wasps?

I have had the same thing happen in numerous dreams lately. A wasp is always attacking me somehow, yet has never stung me. I always wish it will sting me so it will just go away, but I'm too afraid to actually let it.

Example: What do wasps mean in dreams?

I had this dream where I was naked lying on the floor at my grandparents surrounded by wasps. I am deathly allergic to them and they are my greatest fear. Well anyways they weren't flying around they were just crawling all over the place. At one point I was able to get up and walk to the kitchen unharmed but I soon returned for some reason unknown. I laid there knowing I couldn't move, scared that they would touch me and scared that I would die due to a sting. How does this all fit together. My grandparents house, naked, wasps, and being forced to lay there? The only issues I can think of lately are my secret crush on my best friend who is straight, my final for College Algebra, and just homework overload.

Example: What does this wasp dream mean?

So, I just woke up to this dream:

I was standing in my grandmother's house and I noticed a strange feeling on the top of my left arm. I don't remember what was happening in my dream before this strange feeling occurred. Once I looked down at my arm, I could see what appeared to be the end of a wasp or ant tail sticking out the end of an opening on my skin.

At first I disregarded it, then I realized it was really there. My vision was instantly "extended" to show the tunnel that the wasp had created under the skin. It was pretty interesting as well as terrifying at the same time. I would see the wasp walking back deep and further down my arm under the skin.

I frantically started looking for something to kill the wasp once it again exited my body. Some kind of spray or poison. I didn't want to crush it while it was under my skin. I started to shout for my mother just like anyone would as I was digging through the pantry.

Before I woke up the wasp started making it's way to my back while under my skin and the feeling finally woke me up. Very uncomfortable feeling about all of it. Wasps are destructive all around aren't they; ha-ha!

Example: Dream about wasps - Any meaning?

Ive always been facinated by the meaning of dreams

I dreamed that i was running back from the market to the car because it was about to thunder and in the car park were swarms of wasps but i ran straight through them waving my arms about to get them off me. They didnt sting me

Any possible meaning to this dream?

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