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Dream About Washer Woman meanings

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Example: Are there any romantic novels as good as twilight or even better...?

I read the twilight saga...N just loved it...!
I just read it recently and i seriously cannot get over Edward Cullen..!
I want to read more romantic teenage novels...
which are as good or even better than twilight..!
Bt this doesn't mean that they have to be all fantasies..
they just must be as gud..(& romantic..) as twilight...!
Any suggestion...?

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
An incredibly funny, very upmarket love story with an enchanting heroine and the perfect romantic hero: a tartar with a heart of gold.

2. Middlemarch by George Eliot
Another great romantic story, in which the adorable intellectually pretentious heroine makes a disastrous marriage to a dessicated fossil before finding true love with a penniless somebody.

3. A Dog Day by Walter Emmanuel with illustrations by Cecil Alden
Quite the best dog story ever written, covering a day in the life of a stylish but wayward Victorian puppy.

4. The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford
Another wonderful and incredibly funny love story, based on the antics of the legendary Mitford sisters and their eccentric parents. A seminal book for my generation - as schoolgirls we all dreamed of the hero, that marvel of Gallic sophistication the Duke de Sauveterre.

5. The Tortoise and the Hare by Elizabeth Jenkins
One of the most brilliant and saddest novels ever written. The feeling of menace is unbearable as a gentle, beautiful, sensitive wife loses her smooth, cold lawyer husband to a formidable boot.

6. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope
The hugely satisfying and quite unputdownable story of high jinks and politicking in a cathedral town. Unforgettable characters include the bishop's wife, the thuggish Mrs Proudie, and her adversary, the unctuous, scheming Mr Slope.

7. The Tale of Mr Tod by Beatrix Potter
Two of Potter's finest villains - Mr Tod, a suave fox, and Tommy Brook, a louche badger - slug it out while their rabbit victims escape. High comedy.

8. Excellent Women by Barbara Pym
Another wonderfully funny novel, about the goings-on in a London parish. A handsome naval officer and his feckless, unprincipled wife cause havoc among the flower-arranging ladies and the local vicar.

9. A Question of Upbringing by Anthony Powell
The first touching and hilarious volume in Powell's magnificent 12-book series Dance to the Music of Time shows Jenkins and his cronies at Eton, then moving on to life in London. We also catch our first glimpse of the great comic creation Kenneth Widmerpool. All 12 volumes cannot be too highly recommended.

10. The Judge's Story by Charles Morgan
In this brief, marvellous novel by a woefully neglected author, a retired judge, poised to write his masterpiece, is caught up in the financial disaster of a glamorous young couple. Tragic consequences lead to a surprisingly satisfying ending. Subtlety of characterisation and Morgan's vast knowledge of classical literature add immensely to the story's charm.

11. Dangerous: This is Nora Robert's best romantic novel.

12. Taken by Surprise: This novel by Susan Johnson is also a very popular romantic novel.

13. When We Meet Again: This novel by Victoria Alexander is about the love story of Pamela Effington and Prince Alexei of Avalonia. In this novel is a very interesting blend of romance and humor.

14. Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman (Little, Brown). At 17, Arlyn Singer walks into a mismatch of a marriage that she and her bridegroom, John, soon come to regret. True love turns up in the form of the window washer who tends to the Glass Slipper, the ironically named Connecticut residence where Arlyn and John share their less-than-fairy-tale marriage. Hoffman's brand of magical realism squeezes caring out of hard-to-reach places and ends up being a celebration of love.

15. Conjugal Love by Alberto Moravia (Other Press). In this newly reprinted 1949 novel of love and betrayal, Silvio Baldeschi, a member of the idle rich in 1930s Italy, goes to an isolated Tuscan villa with his sensual wife, Leda, to finish his novel. In the process, he's forced to admit that he has not only overestimated his writing talents but underestimated his wife's need for passion.

16. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill). Jacob Jankowski, the cranky resident of a retirement home, looks back on his years in the circus during the Depression and a love affair with Marlena, the offbeat star of the gritty circus and wife of the boss — a sadistic and unpredictable man.

17. Julie and Romeo Get Lucky by Jeanne Ray (Harmony). First-time novelist Ray — mother of novelist Ann Patchett — spins a delightful story about the complications that ensue when Romeo Cacciamani and Julie Roseman fall in love at age 63. In this Shakespeare-inspired tale, published in paperback this year, the lovers are from feuding families who own the only floral shops in Somerville, Massachusetts.

18. A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo (Vintage). Fans of Love Story, Erich Segal's tearjerker about the rich boy/poor girl relationship severed by death, won't want to miss this one. An accidental meeting leads to love between painter Jake Entwhistle and public relations assistant Janet Rossi, and to Jake's crusade to save her from dying of cystic fibrosis.

19. Stardust by Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins). In th

Example: What should my audition song be for RENT?

I am a female, I have average(but more on the low side) belt range that I would like to show off.
I need a pop/rock/gospel (NOT BROADWAY) song to audition with

Example: I saw creepy insect in my dreams?

i saw some creepy insect some thing similar to cockroach, but at the same time it has beaks like bird (ostrich) and could bite like scropio (light brown in color). In my dream, i was also sleeping and i got pu...the room ( hostel ) was dark but i switched on the light...then i could see these insects all over my floor..and very creepy! there was no space to stand some how i manged to climp up a table and open my door...i think it was dawn outside...but i did not go out...although i could have jumped out...but i dont know why i didnot! rather i called my servant...women...to help me...and she cleaned it for me..till this time i was standing on top of the table ...when things were clean i got down...some how i saw that a huge- (size of a two liters bottle)- insect which was left inside it was red in color and had beaks...like scorpio...approched to kill/ bite me...but all the others were tiny one like the size of cockroach. However i manged to kill this one ...into piecs...but then i realised that ...it was the Queen of the insect ...and now again i asked the women to put it in a plascic and throw away...now i was scared ...if the insects would know ...they would come for a revenge! i was very scared...however..i even see a glimpse of a women...i dont know same women who cleaned it or another...but she was caressing this creepy queen with lot of love as if it washer pet! please tell me what it means...i have no enmity with any women...of course i have a boy friend...iam dedicated...but he is just 70% serious...and im some times doubt him as he lies many time to me...and i catch him...once...he was also wooing another girl!
but things are normal and steady now! please tell what it means!

Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about this little girl who was playing hide-and-go-seek with 2 male relatives. She was hiding for her life. If she didn't find a good hiding spot her relatives would slit her throat. I was with some woman and we went into the kitchen and in the dish washer the little girl sat. Dead. Blood was everywhere and everyone was crying. Her mother didnt want anyone to see her daughter so she just closed the dishwasher and got rid of the body later.
I dont know what this dream means but I do know that a murder in a dream can represent an anger or issue that your faced with in life. But what about the rest of it? I literally woke up and my spirit was broken. Today was NOT a good day.
Any ideas?

Example: What do my dreams mean? what's your opinion ?

last night i had a couple of disterbing yet odd dreams. first i dreamed that this spider jumped out of something and i knew i had to kill it but at the same time this huge orange and black spider ran in and went between the washer and dryer. that is also where the can of poison was. i couldn't reach for it because of fear for the bigger spider getting me.
the smaller spider started running when i was running to the living room i stepped on it. lucky for me i was actually wearing shoes. but it didn't kill the spider. the larger spider i remember came out and was running towards me.
my daddy was sitting on the other couch reading and paying no attention to what was going on. i was on the second couch asking him to help me because the spiders were trying to get me. he said something but never looked up from what he was reading. he made no effort to help me.
the larger spider jumped at me twice both times i knocked it back with my shoe. then it got on the coffee table and jumped on my daddy's leg. without looking up he brushed the spider off, then it jumped on him a secont time again he brushed it off.
then i woke up.

my second dream follows as i see one of the people in my neighborhood walking down the street. this is nothing unusual, this woman walks down the street every day.
i was outside doing something and when i saw her i went inside and locked the door. i could hear her walking down the driveway and to the garage. (which is crazy you can't hear people walking up to the house) i hid in the landry room.
she opened the door as if i had never locked it and started looking for me. she opened the laundry door and found me. it was scary i had no idea what to do.

this is disterbing to me because i keep all the doors locked. it is also an invasion of privacy.

so what do these dreams mean?

Example: Could someone tell me the meaning of my dream, I have a dream dictionary but it didn't cover it all.?

I was in a house in my parents home country Chile, and I was on the floor playing with snakes, the three that I remember, one was red with black designs the other yellow with black poke-dots and the other was orange. I had one of the snakes rap around my left arm and it faced me and it sticked its tounge out lots of times looking at me.

But after I had to go because the people I was with there where walking out the door, so I didn't want to be by myself. I got up and looked at the snakes again and saw they where shedding there skin, I thought it was cool because they where all doing it and slithering away from it. I brought my attention back to leaving and I noticed a room with a dim light on on the side of the exit door, it was some type of laundry room and there was a snake on top of the washer machine. I thought oh no I gotta put it back with the other snakes, so I went over and noticed it was brownish color, and it the other thing it was a cobra, but for some reason in my dream I called it a python, I went closer and it attack me by biting me on my arm lots of times (I saw it teeth and felt the bites jab in me, I know your not suppose to feel it but I did I don't l know why), the snake fell to the floor and I stepped on it and then kicked it across to the other snakes, then I looked back to my arm and saw all the bite marks and noticed my arm swelling up in bumps.

I left the house and all of sudden I was walking by a plaza and I was walking away from the group that i was with, I was standing by the curb on corner of the street watching the traffic go by, the street was a pinkish brick road, and on the other side was the plaza and there was some type of event going on, and a police ladie letting people go in, from what I noticed was that the event had a capacity so there where wasa only so much of people that could get in, I crossed the street and I was feeling ill and like I couldn't breath, like my throat was closing in on me.

I came up to the police woman and she said to me " Ok you can go in too" and at the same time she told others they could get in too. I got upset and yelled at her " I don't wanting f***ing go in there, I feel ill, can't you see!" I showed her my arm and noticed it had swelled into big bumps and where whitish purple. She covered her mouth then said "ok lets get you to the hospital right away. We started to walk down the street on the side walk when we came up to a pinkish red brick building, at that point I felt like I was dying and couldn't breath anymore.

There was big wooden door and she opened it up and it was like a back alley with a desk and some doctor stuff and there was a woman who was older but I could see her face she was sitting at a desk working on something, she had reddish orangey hair. Then there was the doctor who was by this chair that look almost like a barber chair, I sat down on the chair and the doctor asked me what happen, I told him that I was bitten by a snake and I showed him my arm and he asked what type of snake, I said it was a python from some reason, but since I was talking in spanish and everyone else that was in the dream that i forgot to mention, I wasn't sure how you said python, so I said peaton peathon, then he walked away.

it was hard for me to talk already because I couldn't breath and I was desperate for the pain to go away, then I looked over to the woman at teh desk, and she turned to face me, and it turned out to be someone that I know in real life that I haven't seen since last summer, she is no one close or anything, but for some reason she was like a nurse or something, I started to cry in relief because I knew that she could help translate some things I couldn't say, and that when I woke up in real life and I was actually crying like crazy, I checked my arm just in case because the bite seemed so real.

Does anyone know the meaning of the dream, I tried to explain most of the dream that I can remember but I had this in the morning so I couldn't get everything in there. I did check in with the dream dictionary but It didn't cover all of it. So if anyone could help me explain what the dream meant.

Also another dream, before this one, it was in europe I beilieve, me and my mother where walking up the stairs to some type of castle museum and we came across a room slash cage, there was a bed in the corner and a night table with a water pot on it and a frame hanging on the wall, the wall had floral print on it, it was old and the floor was a beat wooden floor. all of the sudden Three people appeared out of no where on the floor, they sat there looking at me with grins and pale faces, one was a little boy and a woman and man, the boy leaned over and started to jab his teeth on to the man shoulder eating it away, and then ripping off flesh and eating it, then they where all doing it to each other and blood was every where, they looked at me and laughed and grinned and had flesh hanging from there teeth and blood dri

Example: Can anyone Interpret all of these dreams?

Okay there are sort of a lot and I think my dreams are just so bizarre I have to wonder what they could mean. So Please just wondering if anyone could interpret any of these dreams.

This one is when i was really young but I remember really well. me and my mom were walking into a cave. There were on of those big round fountains u see on TV in one of the corners. From out of the shadow comes and alligator. I jump up into my moms arms kinda like scooby jumps into shaggy's arms. I reached down to pet the alligator and my mom pulled my hand back. "It's okay" i said. She put me down and I pet the alligator and we were suddenly looking at a dog. We sat down by the fountain and I asked if I could keep the dog.

Then there was one also when i was young. It was this town like hiding from a tornado in a big school gym. my mom was like instructing all of them and stuff. then she said she had to leave and told her im going with her. So then we were driving on one of those rides along the mountain you know? Of course it was all sunny and bright out. then we see this jeep thing or something with like hillbillies sitting on top of the seats. like on the head rests or whatever. They pulled out guns and shot my mom in the side through our window. She like pulled over and like climbed over to the passenger seat. I was like yelling and reached over the seat to see if I could reach the pedal. it was on the seat i pushed it and we stopped.

Then a couple of days ago it was something like in the future and we were police i was on of the police on a team of 3. 2 guys and then me the only girl. The two guys were like gay and in love with each other or something. Then I woke up because of the thunderstorm last night an when I fell back asleep the same dream picked up where it left off (weird).So then it was me my mom and some other woman. We were at an airport (still same plot tho like time and me being with the police.) Anyway, we were at an Airport in the bathroom which was full of a couple stalls and a bunch of washer machines. We washed our clothes and then missed our flight. Then i was in headquarters with my partners. i think we were fired (can't really remember) and I think someone was shot (again don't remember) So then I woke up again because of the storm. When i fell back asleep it picked up again. So it showed the future city we were in and all of a sudden these animal (mainly wildebeest) and other animals were jumping on the buildings and cars n stuff destroying the city. Then me and my partners were in our like futuristic fighter plane up in space just above earth's atmosphere fighting this HUGE white bird (like as big as the plane) and it was like the leader of the animals. Then my alarm went off so end of dream

there was another one just a few days ago. I don't really remember the whole thing but it was also in future times. There was a like a government and a dog barking in the dream. We were fighting and shooting with these high tech gun things and stuff. Then it liked switched a different scene but same story. It showed a bridge that stopped like 8 miles before it reached this cliff thing on the other side. In the water were these floaty things that spelled out some words. So it showed a woman in a really high tech car driving towards the bridge. she was going faster and faster. The car told her she was out of FDM. it switched to like a short supply of emergency fuel and she drove onto the bridge. Then the car told her she was reaching the Flat Canal. she didn't stop only went faster. then the car told her she would be dead in like 30 seconds. (or maybe it was 2 minutes). Anyway she reached the end of her bridge. her car shot off and like had helicopter propeller things come out from the top of it but she now out of gas so it started fall/ drift. You could see that the floaty things spelled out Say no to Drugs or something lol she landed on one and the car like bounced higher up and when the car landed on the other side it crashed and she rolled out and was alive then like spoke into her headphone saying it was a success or something.

Well that's all for now. And i don't do drugs lol. But i think my dreams are just so weird maybe its just me that thinks they're a little bizarre. Hope someone can help thanks in advance. Please no rude comments.

Example: Scariest dream ever , I woke up crying ?

Well , I was walking home & a tornado started .
I was like , "Oh sh*t, that can't be , & I tried taking another
step , buht the wind was blowing realllll hard"
& I tried hiding under a table or something
yeah ,still outside by this
apartment complex
buht it didn't work & I was screaming for help & this one older lady stopped & I went into her car
& there was like a hole in the door , & it wouldn't close
& I asked her if we could go to her house , good thing , her house was like right there , we drove up there went into the garage & I dunno what happened to the lady buht this came out of the house out into the garage & he was like are you okay ? & I was like I'm fine , I dunno why buht I asked him if he was a player cuh he had like 6 cars... & we went inside his house & this woman was cooking
& then I just stood there .
After a few minutes the tornado passed by his house , I saw it , & I was all scared & they had a french door open , I closed it
Then we all found a place to hide
me & that guy went by a washing machine right by a door , & I slid between the dryer & washer & he hid somewhere around there
& then the door opened & the tornado was like blowing really hard & I was like trying to squeeze my self hard between that little spot & I was clenching my fists & grabbing on the the machine & then somehow I almost slipped & I was almost blown away buht we managed to close the door & I woke up crying
I was SO scared . because I wasn't with my parents , and I haven't been warned .
& I was with strangers . it was terrifying , buht the tornado , was a person , I been having dreams of that "person" since I was like 6 , it's this black shadow I've always had bad dreams with , buht I dunno where it came from , I dream of it all the time & it always causes me trouble in my dreams .

& I had no idea , why , this thing keep coming back .
No I never been in a tornado before
so I flippin' scared .
I know , the dream sounds
really confusing , buht
could someone tell me what they think it means ?
No , I am not mental or
have problems , lmfao (:

Example: Interpret this dream, please? (Long)?

Me and my Aunt are in a car, driving to pick my brother up from his girlfriend's house. I have no idea why, or how relevant this is, but we go to the next house, which is really an apartment complex. This guy pulls up next to us. He doesn't look menacing, but he doesn't look friendly either. He and my Aunt say "Hi" and he continues on into the apartment complex. My Aunt gets laundry out of her trunk. She tells me to wait in the car and she goes in. Through a window, I can see that she's in a laundry room putting clothes in the washer. All of a sudden, she slumps over (while still standing...don't ask.). Her face turns white and her eyes and mouth turn to little black slits. I get out of the car, and I see my brother coming up behind me. I grab his arm and tell him to run. He obeys, but then, the same guy me and my Aunt saw earlier comes out with a gun. And he chases us. So we're running aimlessly with this creep chasing us, and all of a sudden we're in this area with a deserted area with grass and a shelter that looks like it could have been one of those island homes, only it was ugly, dull, and made out of grey bricks. All the while, the guy screaming, "I just want to dance with you for no apparent reason!". So me and my brother turn around, only to find that the creeper is with another woman. I can't remember exactly what she looked like or what she was wearing, but I believe she was blonde, and fit. She doesn't talk, though. The guy says something and If I can recall correctly, the girl then walked off with my brother. I grab the gun in the guy's hand, and we struggle with it. But only for a few seconds, until he lets his grip loose. I end up with the gun. I put it to his head and pull the trigger, but it doesn't do anything. He miraculously ends up with the gun again, and shots himself in the tongue. But the gun became much smaller before hand, and a little tube was sticking out of it. His tongue starts bleeding. And then I forget what else happens.
Can anyone help me with this?

Example: Why do men chase a simpler, more basic lifestyle more than women?

Many guys live to go hunting, fishing, camping or dream of retiring on a boat or small cabin in the woods. More than women, they seem to at least chase the idea of a simpler life, even if it means living without those things so many seem to think we need to strive for.

Do you agree, and why? What does this say about the differences between men and women and what does it say about how what we strive for as a society matches what we really desire?

I think two factors are: Men often want a simpler, less complex life than they currently have and they are often just as happy without many modern conveniences. What are your thoughts?

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