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Dream About Walrus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did this dream mean?

K its 5:00 in the morning, and I just woke up from this dream, like 20 minutes ago. My ex, and my new guy were in my dream..and my ipod was also in the dream..lol. But heres how it went. In the dream..I had my ipod, and every time I wanted to listen to music, my ipod icons were all..weird looking, and when i looked away from the ipod to look, it would be like an allusion or whatever you call it, you know when you look at something on a computer and you stare at the wall, and you see it? Well it was like that from my ipod in the dream. and in the dream, I told my new boy Louis that I saw those things, and i told him ;I gotta go inside and im gonna go to bed, im really tired and hes like okay, so we hugged and kissed each other good night. So then I went back into the house..and I heard a knock at the door like 10 minutes later, and here it was my abusive ex boyfriend. And he asked to come in, and I said "Noo I can't okay, just leave" then he just walked in. Then all of a sudden, there was this black dog, it started barking at me, not him, but at me..and that dog jumped up at me, and starting being vicious to me like..that dog was biting my on my hands, and jumping up at me, while I was walking, and..that dog fallowed me to the room, cause I wanted my uncle to get that dog off me, and I was screaming so loud and everything, that dogg kept on BITING me on my hands! But like my ex was so abusive..like he would pull my hair, hit me, slap me, and eveything. and right after my ex appeard in that dream..that vicious dog did and starts to attack me. So my new boyfriend was in there and my ex was in that dream too.! What do you think this dream means? I woke up and Im scared to go back to bed now. Do you think I'll finish having that dream, if I go back to bed too? Im kinda freaked out.

Look. Dreams mean sod all. They're things that your subconscious pick up without you knowing and when you sleep you use different parts of your brain so you dream.

Example - You are reading and glance at the TV and see a walrus swimming. You don't acknowledge it but you see it. When you sleep this walrus comes into your ddream. Along with all the other things you didn't acknowledge or give a second though about.
MIllions of people make millions of pounds off dreams/tarot/astrology and it's complete crap. Trust me.

Example: Dream about a walrus and a baboon...?

I had a dream that i was riding around in a golf cart taking pictures of things, in a parking lot. I was not driving the golf cart, i was the passenger. the driver and i were friends, although i cannot remember who the driver was and if they were male or female. We then (on the right side of the golf cart) saw a walrus. He was huge! and he was injured, like bleeding and had gashes and cuts in his skin. I had to convince my friend that it actually was a walrus since it was such an odd thing to see in a parking lot. We then took a right turn around some tennis courts and there was a giant baboon standing with his back to us, he was also injured and bleeding in some sort. I do not remember much after this except that i ended up going to the tennis courts and taking pictures from the top of the light poles. I vividly remember an aerial view of the courts.
I guess my question is can anyone make sense of this? since i know that different animals represent certain things in dreams, but i also have a feeling that it is important that neither of them were in their natural habitats, nor were they healthy. (both bleeding)

please help(: thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream of walrus's?

Example: What does it mean if you dream you are a walrus?

Last night I had a dream that I was in a walurs family with about a thousand other walruses and we wnt to war with bears, latley iv been having weird dreams but this has been the weirdest.

Example: What does it mean if you see a walrus in your dream?

Example: I had a dream about a walrus?

i had a dream that a guy came into my maths class dressed as a walrus what does it mean?

Example: In my dream i am swimming in 2 pools 1 with walrus and i go swimming to beach what does it mean ?

and my dad has to pick me up using a boat

Example: Dream about leeches and walrus's?

i had a very vivid and long dream that i walked out side of my apartment door and there happened to be a lake right outside my door. and from there on out the basis off the dream was i had leeches all over me and i couldn't get them off and if i did they came back on, and i was being chased by a or multiple walruses any body knows what in the hell is means? the leeches weren't freaking me out that bad i Just kept taking them off and towards the end of the dream i was getting scared that there was nothing i could do about them and that it wasnt going to go away but i was scared of the walrus lol any input? i never usually dream so this was weird to have such a vivid dream.

Example: What does this dream means?

Hi guys. Okay this morning i had a dream about a ghost, well this is what happened, the ghost i could feel it, it wasn't nice and the first time i saw it, he was pulling a baby's hair and dragging it from cross the room to other room. Surprisingly i wasn't scared, i was trying to grab the baby, help it get away from it, and when i finally grabbed the baby, I was running for my life as i could feel the ghost chasing me, next minute i am hiding the baby into a safe place and when i did, i was then looking for a ghost again to face it and try get rid of it almost try to kill it some how but i wasn't scared of "him". all i know when i was running trying to chase it, i keep running up the stairs and down the stairs, a place i have never being in my life too. the place did not look familiar.

This is the first time i had a dream about a ghost! so what do you think it might mean?

Example: What do you think that this dream means?

there was a spirt that was talking to man with a cloth. he gave her a tatoo. Here body had turned in to a baby wlarus and everyone was soo scared they kept on speaking pig latin.There was the same man with a cloth that had a stamp on it. He asked me if I wanted to live forever . i said no. Everyone it my family came home with that a tatoo that looked like the image on the cloth. They left . then the light went out. I saw an extra door in our house that was not there before and entered. I saw the wires that were back electricity. But I couldn't find out how to pluf them in to get the power back.

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