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Dream About Walls meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of aqauariums of fish and spiders crawling on walls?

It means you are psychically connected to my basement where there are 30+ aquariums up to 150 gallons each and the humidity can attract some spiders. Usually they are the big black ones that scurry across the floor, but since you are sleeping horizontally, the floor probably looks like a wall.

Of course that only applies if you intended this question for the aquarium fish keeping category.

Here's a more traditional answer in case your question placement was dictated by the key word automaton.

Dreams about aquariums of fish indicate you are coming into money or into a close relationship with a wealthy person. Spiders indicate manipulation, either yours or that of others. That the spiders are crawling indicates that something is happening now, and the planning and waiting that would be indicated by spiders waiting in webs is past.

Example: Dream meaning?

i just had this dream. i was like in a small field and then i spotted a climbing wall. im not sure what this wall was made of, but it was dark grey and shiny and smooth. Then i tried to climb over this wall, i managed to lift myself with my arms, something almost impossible in real life... I Lifted myself like three times and i could not climb over this wall...

what the hell does this mean? thnx for reading!

Example: Meaning of dream...?

in my dream, their was a girl who came over to see me and my family along with her parents
I don't think I know who this girl and her parents are, but then...

my parents started talking about our past with them (a past that never existed outside my dreams)

2 guys came over and was about to flirt with that girl, but then she asked my father how old I was
then she grabed my arms and I was about to refuse her to do so and push her away, but just
a few seconds after she almost gave me a hug, she said told me something like she's doing this so those other guys will leave him alone because they will think she haves me

then all of a sudden...
though i almost refuse her, I just parted my arms around her and said...
I love you too

in a dreamy kind of way*

and she was shock and whisper to my ears that she's just joking..
but i ignored it..ahaha
and I just kept my arms around her and gave her a hug

later after her and my parents finish talking...
we stopped talking..

it was werid because in my dream...
a huge wall was closing in between us and she just kept ignoing me when was about to ask her some questions

...wella does anybody got any idea what this dream of mine meant?

Example: I have a dream about being tied to a wall. What dies that mean?

In the dream its like a scary place but I'm never scared and someone walks in. I'm just sitting there with my hands tied to the wall above my head looking straight. My stomach grumbles and the person touches my stomach and ask if 'm hungry, but I'm not hungry Does this mean something?
The person I'm seeing is a man but he doesn't look mean he looks like he's trying to help and he's like about 30 so I always think of him as wise.

Example: What could that meaning dreaming blue on the wall?

Dreaming of my mom's home and i walk in the room to kitchen and mom was painting with blue light and i walk through bathroom seeing blue again. and see blue so what that meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream of collapsing walls?

Any ideas on what this dream means...

"I dreamt that I was back in an old flat I used to live in a long time ago, both of my maternal grandparents were there (who are deceased).

I heard a loud crack, a wall collapsed onto a bed destroying it; I heard a second crack and ran into the adjacent room to find another wall had collapsed.

Soon after a workman turned up & fixed the walls, they looked better than new."

Example: What does bleeding walls mean in a dream?

Example: Dream meaning, writing on wall?

I dreamt that my ex was dressed in business clothes and we had been go church but he accused me of making him leave early. We went back to my place and were kissing and eating hot dogs together that some contractors had left. Suddenly we both saw writing on my wall and the wall was falling apart but the language seemed Hebrew or garbled I did see "don't describe". Whats this mean?

Example: Does crossing walls in a dream have a special meaning?

Example: Dream meaning of wall?

so i been having this dreams for a couple months. every time I'm in an apartment, but every time the apartment is different. so i'm inside the apartment but the bedrooms are missing a wall (usually the wall were the door is at) . Then in my other dreams I'm in the apartment but the bedrooms are missing the diving wall, i can still see there are two bedrooms but there's no wall in between. usually in my dream i just look into the rooms or walk through the bedrooms. in another dream, there were two bedrooms both without walls, and i was going to the kitchen and i seen a person sleeping in one of the room, and i passed the person like five times. what can this dreams means?

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