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Dream About Wallet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream, whats it mean?

I had a weird dream recently and I cant seem to get it out of my mind as I am sort of trying to figure out whats it about..so ya any help be cool.

Ok so im at a random clothes store getting clothes and im about to pay so i take out my wallet, and set it down on the cashier counter to take out my money and pay. As i do that these three african american girls who are like in their teens take it and mess around with it, asking if its for sale. I pay the cashier and tell the, the wallet is mine, and they say "o sorry" in a teasing cocky manner, and as i walk out i say "F*****g B****es*".

So im walking outside and im in a city, and all of a sudden i begin to worry if these girls are going to come after or sumthin, so i start to panick.

Yet i realize that its not the major issue, because as i walk everyone behind me starts to follow, so i start moving faster and faster through the streets, and there are no cars just people.

I run faster and more and more, like thousands of people are following me and im nearly out of breath so I finally stop and turn around, facing all these people.

Thats when they all bow down, and im very confused at this moment so i say to them all "what!?" , and thats when one of the girls from the store looks at me and says "TURN AROUND"

at that moment i turn around and see a one eyed cyclops type monster, its like weird and staring at me, then it says "WHO ARE YOU", and its yell vibrates all around, causing me to fall down and down, then i finally WAKE UP.

It was pretty creepy, but i saw this cyclops in a dream before when i was younger thats why i remeber, it was a dream where i was getting out of the shower and staring in the mirror and asked, who am i, then i say the same cyclops inside the mirror and it pulled me in, where i fell till i woke up...i think this is strange

anyone have any suggestions?

Hi, Okay so when you dream of a clothing store means that your attitude or behavior you put on to show the world. Shopping for clothes indicates a need or desire to get a new attitude or behavior pattern. Changing clothes would mean means change in attitude. Pay attention to the type of clothing and condition of the clothing. Does it reflect your current attitude? Do you need to put on that attitude?
Your inner storehouse of ideas, attitudes , resourcefulness, always at your disposal.
Materialism, greed. You may also find yourself in the shopping mall when you need some pampering or are searching for something to make you happy.
The girls in the dream mean part of your personality you are unfamiliar with. Time to become familiar with this aspect of yourself.
That's also with the people that were following you too.
When you start to run this means: Do you need to pick up the pace somewhere in your life? Are you trying to keep up? Things may be going too fast. Slow down. If you are running from something then you are probably avoiding something or someone in your waking life.

Turn around in the road means: The road of life. The type of road and condition of the road will reflect how your journey is going right now.
The cyclops means, open your eye/eyes and take a closer look at your situation. Your perception or point of view.
And with the Mirror in the other dream you had, that means: Shows you your true self, how you really appear to others. Like a mirror, or dreams reflect our true selves.
Okay, hope that helps, good dreams to you :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

two nights ago i had a dream that someone was ripping out my nose ring, and then last night i had a dream that someone stole my bag and my wallet. What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had same type of dream serveral times, I loose or can not find my car. I look and look and them become paniced.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that someone found a wallet that belonged to my step dad and when they opened it it seemed to get bigger and each compartment in it held a gun.There were 6 different guns(there are 6 people in my family).
What does this mean?Please help.

(not my dream,its my friends)

Example: Strange reoccurring dream about money? What does it mean? Two Wallets? Surprise savings?

This month I've had the same dream about three times. Though I can't remember the dream completely all the way through I can remember the just of it. So just from a preference I'm a teenaged girl, who is entering her senior year in high school. So in this dream I'm out side and I've gotten some money from my father. (about twenty dollars I believe) and i'm outside shopping or window shopping I don't actually have any bags or spent any money for no real reason. At some point in the dream I run into someone that I know and I remembered that I wanted something (s) and I open my navy blue wallet with light blue flowers on it (my wallet in real life ) and my allowance is there. However as I start to walk down the street and reach back into my bag I pull out a second wallet, a turquoise one, which happens to be a my favorite color and inside of it is a massive stack of twenties. At least four or five hundred dollars worth. However once I open the second wallet i'm surprised at the money but I remember that I had put the money in there and forgotten all about it and that I was saving it.

What could this possibly mean? I've had it a couple of times now so it must mean something. Help?

Example: Weird dreams at night, hidden meaning?

i had a lot of weird dreams lately, so let me just list 2 from last night, and you tell me what you think of them.
i am at a huge high school(apparently infinite space inside and out) barack obama comes to me and tells me he is my father (i am 23, so i cant figure that one out) he takes my old wallet and gives me a top of the line designer leather one(huge brown leather one) we both FLY around the school and then he makes a speech about creating a new type of government. he then tells me i can have anything in the world i want, as long as i never talk to him again(do not remember what i said) he then flys away and i am transported to my house(now is an infinite space house inside and out) serial killers are inside it and i am hiding. somehow i find a phone and get through to the police, but the cops ask way to many questions and will not send anyone out until i answer all of them. so i just hang the phone up and run out of my house, across the street several doors down to a neighbors house that i have never been in before. they then barricade the doors and i try the cops again. this time the cops do not believe me and instead send paramedics and firemen to my home address. after this, i then wake up.

Example: What does it mean to dream about someone cutting my wallet in have with a cleaver,( knife)?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

All of a sudden I dreamed about my ex fiance (whom I have thought about over the past 10 years) and in the dream we recognized each other on the street. He said that every time I come to the west coast we should get together (both knowing we couldn't). He then told me he loved me and threw his arms around me in a hug, then took me by the hand to his home and told me about his 2 kids and how the house is always a mess with a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old, and how they lived with his mother in law. Then I took out my wallet and showed him a picture of my kids. Then his family walked in and he introduced me to them and then I left shortly after and the dream ended. I have never had a dream so real.

Example: Dream to find a wallet with money and passport?

hi guys can someone tell me the meaning of dream to find a wallet with money and passport? i dreamed that i found a black wallet there were money of 100, 50 ect and a red passport in the passport i read the person is from senegal i did not take out the money from the wallet! what's the meaning pleaseee

Example: What's it mean to dream of your wallet being stolen?

It was more like a feeling of deja vu this morning when I looked for my wallet. I expected to see it gone.Only to realize it was still where I left it. I remembered it was a bit of a dream.

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