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Dream About Wall Street meanings

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Example: What does the figures in my dream mean?

the figures in my dream were angels mostly and 1 bull but what do they mean

You're on Wall Street, buddy! Embrace it! The bull on Wall St. just means that you'e succeeded in all your financial needs and the angels represent the government giving you tax cuts. Just make sure no monsters, aka Occupy Wall Street, don't come around and mess everything up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Lately I have been into dream interpretation and I couldn't figure out what my dream meant.
I was home alone, I went to sleep and was woken up by a burglar stabbing me in the chest with a knife. I grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed him (the knife still in me, right in the center of my stomach) in the calf and in the side. He left and i crawled out of my bed and was able to get to my friends house two houses away. I banged on his door and rang the door bell and fell down on to my butt. I was leaning against the wall when his mom came to the door pissed off and about to yell then she saw me dying. She was standing over me, looking at the knife. I then realized I was on the sidewalk watching my friends mom look at my body. Im guessing that means i died. After that I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

had a dream where i was in my home with my family. it was me, my mother sister, my mother's boyfriend, and his daughter. all of a sudden people wearing masks and machettes in their hands starting taking to the streets of my neighborhood and broke into homes and were killing people. I got everyone into the bathroom and got the gun that was under the sink and shot any of the killers that got into the house. after a while, they were called back by someone and left. i took a carepackage and blew a hole into the floor of the bathroom revealing a tunnel that would lead to our escape. Moms boyfriend and his daughter did not wish to go and i didnt make them.
The last thing i remember after that was being in a dark room with a little girl, a woman in a nightgown with blood all over it with a machette of her own, and a mother being held with the knife to her neck. the room is very dark so i dont recognize any of these people. the woman says the girls name, then slits the mother. blood splatters on the walls and before i wake up the woman just stares at me and says nothing.
Can somebody please explain this to me? it has been bothering me for weeks

Example: Dream meaning question?

first off sorry for my english its not my native language,if you don't understand something tell me
I had this dream today,it was really intense and adventurous
I'll try to remember most of things and write them down here from beginning to the end
-First I was in my home but it felt weird its hard to remember this but iI remember that some objects were on other places than they normally are
-then it was really strange I don't know why but I packed my clothes to 1 bag and I left my house
-I was in location similar to city (maybe in future Im not really sure about this one)
-I had nowhere to go so I went to some building by back doors(these doors are there again later)and I left my bag there I think
-Then I remember going on public restrooms and washing hands I think(I think that's because I was really thirsty when I woke up)
-When I was about to leave it some girl/woman opened the door(I think she was like 18-26 and I told her this is men's rooms (I know weird lol) and she was like stopped and talking to me maybe blushing I'm not exactly sure
-It was like I had nowhere to go and then we went somewhere to some store or something and she had her own bodyguard or something meant she was rich and I think she wanted me to fight for her like some underground fights I don't know lol
-Then we went outside that building and on the street was 2 or 3 "police men" which was clearly after me so I tried to run off(they had weird weapons which are hard to describe but they looked like some broom shaped vibrant maces (I know hard to imagine I guess lol)
-Weird was their clothes were similar to french police men(blue shirts and that symbolic hat and it was in not too distant future I think because I looked bit older (now im 17 and i looked like 20-25)
-Ok so they chased me really hard and I they were really pain in a** they were shooting at me with some kind of pistols that shot acorns I think but I managed to run but then they chased me from all sides and I climbed on wall/pillar or something and they were hitting my legs with their strange vibrant weapons lol then I woke up
-Notable information,before I entered the restrooms I undressed my t-shirt and I had larger muscles(Not extremely but maybe twice as,I think it was because I was older but don't know
that is all,thank you all who read it and answer

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

(first of all - please excuse my english)
Once I had a dream in witch some dogs were running after me.I was running on some streets and there was blood on those streets. I was very afraid,but suddenly the dogs dissapared and in front of me was Jesus and there was a wall of glass and beyound that glass was a wonderful violet athmosphere,but in the wall of glass was only a little hole and next to hole was a big black scareing dog.
Jesus said to me to go through that hole and he told me that the name of that dog was Violet,but I was afraid of dogs.
I don't know if I could pass through because I waked up.
I've always felt that this dream was important for me,but what do you think it means?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

So I understand most of this dream but there are parts of it I don't.in this dream I was getting ready to go to a dance with my brother,but the thing is I don't have one...I'm an only child...but I was talking with him as if I have know him for a long time(well my life).so we go to the dance and then two earth queakes happen,one smaller than the other but still big.every one starts to run in panic,I find a small path and walk along it.it takes me into a forest were every thing I would look at would catch fire and burd.I continued to walk and I ended at some small town not sure of where it was.in the blink of an eye I'm up on the foor of some building hamering at the wall along with other people,but I didn't feel right doing that and was thinking about jumping off.I spent like five min think if I should jump or just stay up ther and wait,I couldn't wait so I jumped off and landed fine on the floor...with out a scrach or broken bone.then ther was a small brown dog that I guess I knew,I would call to it and it would come to me. Me and the dog started to walk and ended up a a fork in the road,it continued to go straight and I would call for it but I just kept walking,I felt super sad at this point but then I just started to walk again.so I took the other road and ended up at the beach but at the same time it felt like I was up on a mountain.out on the water ther were three big wind twisters making the water go crazy,and in the distance ther was a volcano with white smoke coming out of it(in the dream I knew that this was a bad sign).after I saw that I whent home and talked to my mom about the volcano.later on I whent back to the moutain beach and ther was this building right at the edge where you could climb and look out to the sea,it had 4 flours.so I whent in and walked to the third floor,getting ready to go to the top,I steped on the first step and felt really cold I looked up to try to see out side and all I saw was thick mist.I was getting ready to go but woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking in a mueseum maze of the street on Mexico. There were chambers along the side of the walls. In 1 chamber saw a wax wolf. Then I got lost so i freaked out and scrambled to find the exit , eventually I did. As I ran out the door in saw a red headed girl (15) That was walking in. I screamed in reallife and in the dream. Then awoke

Example: What does my dream mean?

The other night I had a dream a posted a question about it, "I had a dream last night which was jumping about to different subjects but the most prominent thing I can remember is stumbling across this factory that was building my house, not a house that I live in now or have done, I saw the walls and clear glass of the ground floor like a blueprint or maze. The walls and structure seemed and felt modern, maybe due to the walls being white and the factory being white."

Last night I had a similar dream, however there wasn't a factory, there was a huge house like a mansion it seemed to belong to my Grandma, parts of the house were still in refurbishment other parts were refurbished to the highest quality. Unlike my other dream there was one level, in this, there we now two.

Thanks in advance,

- Alexander.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is a dream I have had at least 3 times now. I know it must mean some thing. I find myself in a large, white city (all of the buildings are white, not the people ) The city is prospering. Everyone is getting along, and there seem to be no homeless people, or crime. There is a great white wall surrounding the city, with a single gate. Just out side of the gate small, box, made of pure gold, studded with all sorts of gems. But the mayor of the city has warned everyone in the city to stay away from it. Every time, I'm am drawn towards the box, and I open it, but it's empty. Immediately, the walls crumble to the ground, and the buildings turn black. When I go back into the city, buildings are on fire, crime is everywhere, and homeless people line the streets. Just before the dream ends, the mayor says calmly "You need to fix this." I ask how, but he just says it again, and points to a white Mountain, hundreds of miles north of the city. Then the dream ends. Can somebody PLEASE interpret this dream? It makes NO sense to me.

Example: I dreamt about me carrying a sledge hammer in the streets throwing it at car. What does it means?

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