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Dream About Wall Gecko meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning? (About hens, bunnies, and a gecko?)?

Lately, I have been dreaming a lot.
One night it was about a peacock I was scared of that was "guarding" a friend's house.
The other two nights I'm really curious about.

So one night in my dream, I dreamt I was in a farm like field. I saw young hens walking around and hiding (like as if playing hide-and-go-seek with me). I ended up straying away from searching for the hens because I found some chicken eggs in the field... Lots of them (like Easter egg hunts, but with real chicken eggs). So I started picking one after another and soon enough had a basket of them. In the middle of this, I found a metal cage with four little baby bunnies inside; two white and two black. I completely adored them so I decided to take them home with me.
And that was it.

Another night (my most recent one), I dreamt I was in my backyard but it was filled with potted plants and growing leaves and vines everywhere (My backyard has none of this). And I really wanted a gecko for some reason and I finally got one. Well.. I think I found it somewhere.. I didn't have a proper cage, so I put it in this huge plastic container and put the lid on it slanted (so it could breathe..). I put some leaves and a water bowl and what not in it. I remember the gecko was trying to climb the walls to get out.. The main problem was that I didn't have any food for it. And by the time I found a bug/worm to feed it, the gecko was turning yellowish brown and dying...
In the end, it died, and I felt really bad...
In reality, a gecko wouldn't die in an hour... (Unless it was starving already, I guess)

If you could help me out by solving the meanings with me, I would greatly appreciate it (:

It sounds to me that the gathering of eggs could mean fertility and harvesting. Its hard to explain fully because I do not know your age, so if you were a young woman I would say you were thinking about having a family. If you were 13 or so I would say its about puberty.
The rabbits could mean that it is the way you view things in life, i.e black/white. In other words when you reach your decisions about things they are either black or white, and you could be stubborn in judgement.
Your second dream about the garden is about how you want things to be, you want flowers, which is like saying you want a rose garden, or something perfect which you dont have at the moment. The Geko is about again making a decision, whether to go ahead with something that you want but fearing the outcome.
Of course this is only my opinion, you should keep yourself a dream diary, as you obviously have a good imagination, which is excellent. Also when we enter dream state we can also astral travel and can go into other dimensions, so keep dreaming who knows what information you could bring back with you.

Example: I had a dream involving geckos, what does this mean?

my dream involved me being in an unfurnished house with friends, we were all in the front room, then this small gecko crawled onto the front middle wall, we all stared at it as it had beautiful flourescent blue coloured striations on its back.. then all of a sudden a much larger gecko (i say gecko but it was the size of a medium sized lizard) and it too had the same colourings as the smaller one, but then ate the smaller one, leaving the tail waving outside its mouth while it was being devoured. as this happend, the gecko stared at me, and i remember feeling quite.. eerie?.. its black eyes were quite emphasised.. i then made a joke to my friends saying 'well thats me off before it tries to eat me too'. then i head up the stairs slowly, as i reach the top, i hear pattering noises, i look down and i see the gecko running up the stairs, it then jumps and lands on me, i get freaked out and batted it down the stairs, (ps; as i looked down to bat it off, i notice im wearing a tie dye swirling tshirt again of the same colour blue) the gecko rolls back onto its feet and runs at me again, this time going for my face, and once again i batted it off, the third time i think i got abit aggressive, as soon as it landed on me i grabbed it and threw it to the floor with force. the dream ended there. then i had a dream after that one, very short, i was pregant walking into a house with my partner (ex) i guess we was looking to buy as it needed renovating, the agent was showing me around, i noticed a small gecko running along the walls, i carry on talking to agent, i turn back round and theres more of them, i point it out to the agent and he smirks and dismisses it as a common thing.. then i look round again and there are hundreds running along the walls and the ceiling, i tell the agent i dont want this house as in my mums culture its a bad omen? (this is not true lol, quite random) as we walked out of the house with my carry along suitcase (random addition) i go pass the window which happens to me the window from my old house in reality, the geckos are all tightly packed next to each other on the window glass, watching me walk off with my partner.
what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream symbolize, and what does it mean? Dream about geckos?

Okay.. So the dream kicked off with me waking up in bed. Every single thing in my room was vividly realistic, it was all there. I got up from bed, opened my door, and proceeded to the bathroom. I turned on the faucet, and pulled out my toothbrush and toothpaste to simply brush my teeth. I began brushing my teeth, looking into the mirror as I do. And in the mirrors view, I spot something odd on the wall.. It was a gecko. Just one particular gecko, about six inches in length, but a kind of fat gecko too, the kind of fat that if you grab it you could feel it's abundance. It was in a bluish grey-ish color, with green toward the tail, and white on the feet. I spit out the toothpaste, dropped my toothbrush, and out of impulse, I tried to grab the gecko! The gecko quickly dodged my to the side, and then I managed to succeed in grabbing him upon my second attempt. I pulled him off the wall, but it took a lot of effort! I had to put my entire body into it! When I finally did, it left a hole in the wall where he had grabbed. It was like a tear in a sheet of linoleum flooring.. Funny, because the wall in my bathroom isn't linoleum.. Then I had him in my hands, he kept ducking his face into my palm, trying to squirm away from my gentle but secure grasp. He managed to flee, and I chased him downstairs. I frantically paced down the stairs, not letting his silhouette leave my sight, and I grabbed him again from the wall on the living room, on this greenish wall right after the stairs. He had changed color, he was now the familiar neonish green, with red dots on his back like some geckos had. He had made the same hole in the wall, but this time, it was much easier to grab him. And he didn't try to flee from me this time.. He just sat there in my palm.

And that concludes the dream.. I really want to know what this means. It's pretty crazy, and random. And I haven't been watching any geico commercials, any animal planet programs on reptiles/geckos, anything of the sort. Please.. Anybody, help! Help me decipher the meaning/symbolization of all this! It's intriguing, the vivid dreams I have.. It's as if they're a message, a symbol. But this is by far one of my most vivid ones ever..

Example: Can dreams be prophetic?

Prayers and Dreams

Before I went to sleep last night,
I knelt down by my bed.
I asked the Lord to keep us safe,
And let us feel no dread.

I asked the Lord to tell me true,
Why man is bound to Earth.
And cannot do the things we want,
It's like that from our birth.

Why can't we sound the ocean's depth,
Or sail the azure sky?
Or see the things as sharp and clear,
As from an eagle's eye.

I finished praying to the Lord,
For my old soul to keep.
Then crawled into my soft white bed,
And promptly went to sleep.

I dreamed that night, I was a whale,
Out in the deep blue sea.
The things I saw beneath the waves,
Were joyous sights to me.

But then I was a bird in flight,
An eagle soaring high.
The rush of wind through feathers soft,
A sparkle in my eye.

I spent the night in dreams like these,
Of creatures large and small.
I even got a look around,
As gecko on a wall.

When all was done I heard Him speak,
"Which would you like to be"?
"You had a taste of many things,
Which one appeals to thee"?

The options in my head not few,
Around my brain they ran.
When I next spoke my mind was clear,
"Lord, let me be a man".

For as a man I see these things,
That mean a lot to me.
And I can love them all this way,
And try to keep them free.

Example: House Fire Dream? Interpret PLEASE DX?

My dream took place on most likely the 4th of July because the fire started in a bush outside my window because of a firework landing in it, it caught the rest of my house on fire, my parents got out but by the time I woke up the hallway leading to my room was in blazes, and the window wasn't an option either (because of the bush). Soon the fire consumed my door and flooded in my room. I grabbed my lizard (leopard gecko) and put him in a vase with a blanket over the top. I fled to my walk in closet and shut the door. I stuffed my dress under the door to keep smoke out. I heard a bang and a loud crash. I was certain I was going to die. I keep a lot of stuff in my closet, including a small knife. I carved into my wall. I remember even thinking about what to write. I wrote the first thing I could think of. 'I'm Scared, Wesley.' I began crying in the closet and tried to write more but I blacked out. Then I woke up with tears on my face. The dream scared me. My boyfriend thought it was cute because I thought of him first but I just want answers to what this means. Im not suppose the talk to Wesley at all because my parents dont like him. I don't know if thats why or what, but I want answers thanks

Example: I sleep extremely lightly and do not dream, why?

Please spare me the same old monotonus answers like everyone dreams they just don't remember, I know that everyone knows that, Just because people tell you something doesn't mean it's right even if everyone believes it, look at Y2K, or wether or not eggs are good for you or bad for you.

Also, please don't tell me anything about waking up and writing my dreams down right away, there is nothing to write.

If you are not a doctor and have previously written what you are thinking of writing right now, don't... go answer someone elses question please.

Please only answer if you have serious knowlege about dream states or are a sleep doctor, I don't care if I only get one or two answers.

Thanks a bundle for not clogging my answers with mindless psycho babel other people have been feeding you that you never bothered to check out because so many poeople seem to think the same thing is true.

Example: I foraged through Francine''s web and found this one, no spider in it, c/c this please?


Surreal amber glow encompasses my yard and house
both soothing and provocative to mind
evening enters while my day unwinds
I sit quiet as a mouse bathed in primal glow
which fills the sky ... and washes over earth below
peace now descends a cloak to keep me warm
wraps tenderly my form giving me hope and I
hold fast my dreams ... untie my troubles let them fly
I close my eyes in brief attempt to pray
that God will bless me every day
...and cover me through darkest night


Example: How to become a trader?

I am a 16 year old boy living in Canada. I want to be a trader when I grow up. Finance/business is my passion. I wake up every morning reading up the business news just for kicks, even though the material there hardly applies to me. I have my own stock simulator account. In my spare time I read finance/investing/trading books. Every "for dummies" book relating in the slightest to finance/investing/trading I have read, and a plethora of other books. I have a passion for it!

Academically, I am excellent. I live in Canada so we don't use GPA's (at least in my school) but my scholastic average is at 94% (top 1%), whatever the equivalent is in terms of GPA... so you can definitely say that I'm very intelligent.

Now, the question I have to ask is how one goes about becoming a trader? Does one apply to an investment bank and join the trading department or something, or are there separate trading firms that one joins. My dream is to become a prominent fund manager of some kind, though I do acknowledge that might take a while, if I am capable of fulfilling that dream at all!

In regards to university education, for my undergraduate I will NOT be going to Ivy league or any other US university. That is because me and my family are not particularly wealthy, so we can not afford to pay tuition to such a privileged (or overpriced, whatever you believe) school, and we both agree that taking time off from my valuable studying to work at a job would be detrimental to my education. So to make things short, I'm staying in my local university, which is pretty highly regarded in Canada anyway. The reason I'm mentioning this is that I have heard that education, upbringing, and status does not mean as much as intelligence,drive, and ambition Is this true? Do I have a chance? Like Gordon Gecko said "Id rather have a poor, hungry, smart man over a Harvard MBA"

Also, I have no intentions of working on Wall Street immediately, instead, Canada's equivalent, Bay Street, would be satisfactory, at least for now. I would probably work for one of the big Canadian investment banks, like CIBC World Markets, or TD Securities, to name a few.

So to recap, how does one become a trader, whats the daily life of a trader like, requirements for being a trader, and your opinion on Canadian Investment Banks.

Mind you, I won't be entering the work force until 6 or so years once I finish high school and my undergraduate, so I am hoping for the financial sector to repair itself by then. Any possibility of this?

LASTLY, sorry for the long post. I prefer to ask an extensive question so that I may get more extensive answers :) Thank you

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