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Dream About Walking meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?... Horse walking on the roof.?

Ok I searched it up and something Islamic popped up and its weird because my dad was in the dream and he's muslim. But anyway besides that what does the dream mean it was kind of creepy. (the roof broke eventually in my dream if that matters l0l)

"If you dream of seeing a horse, you should listen to your instincts right now. They are trying to tell you something your logical side wouldn't see. If your the horse is black, something in your life is about to change. If the horse is white, someone needs your help -- you can make a small sacrifice or take a small step that will make a difference to someone else right now."

Example: What does it mean to dream to walk down the stairs?

I have been having this dream on numerous occassions that I am walking down the stairs. The stairs that I am walking down are quite steep - however, I see other people using the stairs, the others are in the same situation as I am (coming back from work). The building is very tall - like a huge scyscraper - it has about 24 floors. In a dream we work near the top. There is a lift available - however, after work it gets too busy to use it and on top of all of this it appears that you would have to lie down in that lift to take you down. So I choose stairs to walk down - as the doors into the lift have a very tiny entrance lying down in the lift in the dream makes me choose those long steep steps instead). Stairs are made of iron quite safe to walk down - overlooking the city (In my dream I know is near Canary Wharf London, however, whilst walking down reminds me a bit of NY). And I hold baby in my arms- appears to be mine - it doesnt cry. I notice is a cute baby. Sometimes makes me feel it is a doll. Normally, I make it to the bottom and feel relieved touching the ground, however, today an alarm clock woke me up before I did.
Any ideas what this dream may represent?

Example: Dream Meaning: I cant walk?

I keep having dreams where I need to go somwhere or someone is after me and it hurts to walk and getting up to stand is a struggle. In the dream I can actually feel the pain in my knees from trying to talk. Anyone have any idea whats going on here? haha

Example: Meaning of my dream ...walking naked alone..?

I often dream in night that i am walking through the street without any dress.pletely naked..even without any ornaments wearing..alone...At that time I am thinking whether anybody will see me...and I am trying to find out a shelter for me to hide..but at that time nobody on that street..what do this dream mean..this dream comes frequently..I am confused..what is the meaning..pls say...( sorry for my English)

Example: What is the meaning of this dream where I walked in a corridor?

In my dream I was walking in a big, white medieval looking corridor (I think I was underground). Then I saw two girls and they wanted to tie me up alongside another guy, and I was like "it's too hard, untie me, I can't breath". Then I left those girls and walked off somewhere else in the corridor, I remember I was getting lost and there were too many doors and corridors in there - I was stuck.

I then came back to the first corridor and I saw the two girls (one of them) performing oral sex on the guy, and he had a very big penis. She was shaking it on her mouth. I remember getting disturbed.

Example: What does walking in a field mean in a dream?

In the dream I was walking in a field with a whole bunch of people they just kept walking. I was walking with my sister and this person told us we were wearing deaths colors.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of walking in the dark alone?

This is my third time dreaming about this
First I am in a crowd of people but I have to get in front so I do that and start walking ahead away from the crowd of people and I am walking in the dark alone but I also start to feel scared?
What is the meaning?

Example: Dreaming of walking in darkness meaning?

i dreamt i was in pitch black and i felt heat and burning and sweat and i felt it on my body as well as my inner i screamed jesus help me i heard a voice saying the our father prayerthe voice was like the wind whistles and my body trembled to wake me i was so scared i woke and prayed then a week after i dremt i was walkingdown the street and it was real dark and i was being followed by 2 women when i looked and turned forward i heard them say im stupid i was almost completely ure these were demons i was walking and praying in my dream i said 3 different prayers i never had dreams like this what does it mean and the first dream i woke up my body was very hot to the touch

Example: What does it mean to dream that I was walking in a marathon?

I dreamed that I was walking/running with a large group of people(at least a thousand).. And it seem like I was in a bridge with some of the people, there were some people on another level of the bridge(under me) and there were some people on the ground,... There were people everywhere and I was just looking... We had stopped to take a break I think

Example: What does it mean to dream of walking in India and seeing people up in heaven?

In my dream I am walking past crowds of people some wearing red or orange Hindu type attire, seeing rows of mats laid out for meditation, them looking up at the sky and seeing spirit people staring back at me smiling and waving at me. I distinctly remember a yogi or Dali lama next to me with a walking stick following my lead. People in crowd seemed surprised at seeing me, but I felt peace, love, acceptance and happiness from them. I believe this to be a dream spiritual NOT RELIGIOUS in nature. I would appreciate any feedback that does not include advice to pray or accept Jesus as my saviour. If I need religious advice I will consult a church, pastor,rabbi, or minister.

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