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Dream About Walk Around meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that everyone, including myself walked around naked but with silver paint covering our bodies?

what does this mean? also in the dream all the women had major long hair like down to our ankles :S

It's an expression of your ambivalence about your sexual self, I'm fairly sure. On the one hand, you want to walk around naked and presumably, if you're like everyone else I ever heard of, have sex with lots of people. Normal human thing to have that internal sexual drive self. And yet, you also have the part of you that says "hmm, letting myself go sexually without limits scares me." So you cover the bodies with paint and hair.
Sounds like a reasonable compromise, and nothing too troubling.
Good luck.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about walking around in a circle?

I dreamt I was walking with a group of people around a white cirlce. Slowly everyone disappeared except me. All around was white and people were sitting and watching me. As I walked, I saw some silver coins. At first I picked up two, then I went around again and got two more. But I kept walking in the circle

Example: What does a silhouetted person in your dreams just walking around mean?

It is just a silhouetted person walking back and forth all alone. It is a dream just about this person. Nothing else just the person.

Example: Can anyone tell me what it means to dream that I'm walking around the solar system?

I had a dream that I was walking around on Saturn's rings. The funny thing was that I was able to see all the solar system. I could see all the stars in the universe. I had no problem breathing. The one planet I remember clearly seeing was Jupiter.

Example: I dreamt I was walking around topless ?

it was night and i saw myself walking out of my house taking my top off and walking topless ? what does it mean ?

Example: Recurring dream - I keep walking around the streets of my neighbourhood where I lived as a child?

Recently I've been having these dreams where I keep walking around the streets of the neighbourhood where I lived as a child. They are not all the same dream - in some I'm walking, in others I'm driving or riding a bike, and it's not always the same street (but it is the same neighbourhood). I haven't visited that city since I moved to Sydney (over 10 years ago). What does that mean? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

It's bothering me because before these street dreams I used to have recurring dreams of railway tracks. I'd either be on a train, or walking on the tracks on foot, or walking on railway platforms, and even some where I'm walking through rail tunnels.

Example: Stressful dream about walking around with no shoes on?

So, I was walking around town and everything was fine...until I realised, I only had socks on! It was wet so I just took them off, then suddenly feared my friend would notice my lack of shoes. I was doing everything to hide it, it was so embarrassing. If she went to look down, I'd yell or something so she'd look straight back up. I'd be running into shops when we went into them, hiding, to make sure no one saw. Then, when we were about to go home, we saw our English teacher -- I tried to go the opposite way but it still lead to the English teacher! I was so uncomfortable, I sat weirdly so she couldn't see my shoes whilst she talked to us. I don't even know what she was saying, I was stressing so bad!

Hahah this sounds like a weird dream, I'm just curious if anyone knew what it meant :p

Example: Dream of walking around hell?

It was dark, reddish and bits of the floor on fire and i noticed strange beings looking at me from behind boulders creeping around but i wasnt even bothered by it and i just kept walking slowly. It didnt last too long as i ended up dreaming of something else which i cant remember but i remembered that as soon as i woke..

Example: Dream involving walking around on broken glass?

I really wish I could remember more details of the dream, but what I recall is minimal.

I'm in a basement. The cement floor is very cold on my bare feet. What's more, the entire floor is covered in broken glass. Tiny little shards everywhere. They kept digging into my feet and it stung really bad, but I would just wince and keep walking around, thinking I'd deal with them later.

I remember I kept walking back and forth to talk to people in the basement, but I can't remember who, and I was walking across this broken glass the whole time. The only one I remember at all is some guy I was trying to convince not to kill me. I was very wary of him though he hadn't really done anything yet, but I think it was his fault that I was in the basement anyway.

I never did deal with the glass in my feet.

I know lots of questions regarding walking on broken glass have been asked, but from what I've seen everyone ends up pulling the glass out of their feet in the dream. I never did. Anyone have any idea what it means, if it means anything?

Example: Dream where I was walking around topless?

I was in my suburban hometown (right now I'm living in a house at school 20 min away) and walking down a main street with no shirt on. I guess I'm confident in my body but don't really like my boobs to be hanging out, they're not that big or anything...but anyway, many kids pass on this street cuz the huge highschool is on it, and I usually jog down it and my friends always beep at me. Well I was walking and going back and forth between thinking "This is really weird... why am I not comfortable doing this?" Then I would snap out of it and be like whatever its fine, and would take my arms down from covering. I would look straight ahead and just keep going then all of a sudden get self conscious again, but telling myself that I was silly for being embarrassed lol.

I have anxiety problems lately, finals but also other things...Any idea what this could mean? I also once had a dream when I was younger I forgot to wear pants and underwear to school lol..

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