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Dream About Waiting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream last night where I was going to my first elementary school's playground with all of my family members and all of my closest friends. Me and my parents got up onto the high up jungle gym and they turned me around and pushed me off of it. When I looked down there was a big ocean with alligators waiting to eat me. While I was falling, I saw some of the memories i've had throughout my life and then I got eaten.
What does this mean?

I may not understand what is required in an open question, but here is what I think your dream meant: This dream is clearly a dream of transformation. There are still vestiges of ancient rituals in which dramas very much like that of your dream were acted out. They celebrated the coming of age of a child. With certain so called primitive peoples such rituals are still strong today. There is one for girls that have begun to menstruate. This involves ritual (pretend) killing of the girl that is no more a girl, but a woman able to bear children. The ritual will always take place with all the women of the clan involved.

Interesting is to see that some fairy stories hark back to such rituals. Red Ridinghood is one of them. There the little girl who had brought cakes to granny was swallowed by the wolf. It was a wolf because the ritual that inspired this story was happening in a land where there were wolves. The swallowing of the girl meant that she was dying to her childhood and that she would emerge from the wolf’s belly as a menstruating woman which is signalled by the red hood. In Egypt such transformations took place inside a crocodile with the same result.

Your own dream ritual is closely associated with the ancient Egyptian one which may be because you live in a country where crocodiles figure strongly in people’s mind or that crocs for you inspire fear. Fear is actually part of this ritual for no one likes to die, not even to childhood.

The whole dream is a modern scenario for such a transformation. It takes you back to your primary school to show you clearly that the passing of childhood is a stake.

What I find extraordinarily interesting is that the centre of the ritual is the JUNGLE gym. Even though this steel structure of this play ground equipment is as far removed from the jungle as can be, its name nevertheless takes you back to a time of a totally natural and unspoilt life. That it has to end is shown in a rather uncompromising manner by TURNING you around and then pushing you off. The very phrasing your dream employs shows that you have reached a point in life where there is a TURNING POINT.

Since we all resist growing up and fear the impending responsibilities the dream has to resort to force which is exercised by your parents which in the ancient rituals were the elders of the tribe. They symbolise the relentless onwards march of life. It stops for no one and in that regard your parents represent the innate aging process of life.

The OCEAN below is an icon for the beginning of life. As you may know Darwin said that life began in the ocean as a tiny amoeba. What Darwin said was of course only a projection of what is happening in the human context. Our women carry the water of life or the amniotic fluid where we first swim as fishlike creatures. Since you have already been born the falling into the ocean signals a kind of REBIRTH, which in your case may well be 'being born' into a grown up woman replacing the child.

What I found utterly astonishing is the surfacing of childhood memories while you were falling. This is actually something that does happen to some people when they are in the grips of the fear of death. Some say that their whole life had rewound itself in fine details. Thus for you this ritual dying has been made quite realistic, but then some rituals among unspoilt peoples like the Aborigines of Australia were not short of real bloodletting.

These people for instance had a common initiation ritual where a young boy was ritually killed before he was made to a medicine man. In this ritual certain incisions into his body were made and then after a time he was declared to be dead. The women would weep as if they had actually lost one of their tribal members. And like in Red Ridinghood such a boy would then be kept in a dark cave that was the belly of a giant serpent where he was reborn to the status of a fully qualified medicine of whom it was said, after he had emerged from the darkness, that he no longer had to walk but now could fly from place to place.

Example: What do these kind of dreams mean?!?

My Dream started when i heard my niece crying because she usually does when the hall light is off and she has to go to the restroom (Shes 3) so i got up and turned on the light since the switch is out side of my room and to tall for her.She ran to the restroom and i lefth my door open to wait for her to finish and then she came back running crying. The light was off again and i stared at her confused and turned it back on. The hall light was very dimm and then it went off completely, she was hugging me and i tried turning the light back on but it wouldnt work and i got a very sick feeling so i kinda dragged her and pulled her with me to the kitchen and turned on the light but it was very dimm and went out and i tried that with the living room but light but the same and my heart began to pump very fast and we went running towards the front door and i opend it and moonlight shone in and i pushed her towards the light and tried calling my mom but the light on my phone was very dimm and then it died.I was shaking by then and i grabbed Abby and ran up stairs to my parents room and opend their door and the light was on and my sister abbys mom and my other sister was their and they were staring at me. I tried talking but i couldn,t i felt like something was stuck in my throat and i felt possed i was growling and my view of myself it kept shifthing from first person to third person view and my eyes were entirely black and i couldnt speak I began to claw at my self at my chest and then i woke up at my classroom but it was still part of my dream everything was normal and we were watching an old tome movie.I woke up afther that and i had scratch marks on my chest and my throat felt like i was sleeping. I woke up at 4 o'clock but went to bed at 11pm..
I feel like if i was possed, and something was chasing us.

Example: What does my dream mean if I was bitten by a black dog?

I was sitting in the car with my younger brother, then I opened the door to let out a fly and my brother warned me not to open the door because there was a dog, but I didn't listen saying "The dog won't come in here, it's fine" then a big black dog leaped in through the door, happy and playful at first, but then I tried to push it gently out of the car and it turned aggressive, snapping at me and barking and it bit me on the arm. Eventually my brother and I shouted loud enough for the owner to hear and he called off the dog and I shut the door.
This is the most I have ever remembered of a dream and I think it means something but I don't know what. Can anyone help?

Example: ?Dream meaning?

I'm an 18 year old female,my crush(35) man came back to work at my school,he replaces other security men temporarily. On the first day,he searches for me because I'm not in the lockers(mine is far away from the bigger ones)it's in another area. And when he finds me,we talk and I wrap my legs around his waist and he caresses me really tightly and we kiss passionately. So what does this dream mean? He used to work before at my school. And his job is to replace people who get hurt and so. He once grabbed me by my rear arm and took me away when I was talking to another guy. Is this jealousy?He attracts a lot of women of his age(I can tell cause they all flirt with him)but his behavior is different with me. He is a gentleman. He would do anything for my attention. He once looked at me and when I looked at him,he quickly looked away. Why? Does he like me or so? He can easily get women of his age. He once asked me what I do after school. He looked at me a lot. Trying to get my attention. Explain the dream. Please and the situation. I don't have a problem with age and love doesn't have an age, so don't give me that age gap crap. We both are open minded. He used to talk to everybody,like the girl we call sluts at school. And his behavior would be different with me.

Example: Dream meaning- murder?

I believe in dream symbolism and enjoy picking apart my own dreams. Anyway, I had a dream I was murdered, I won't go into details, but the only info I can find regarding dreaming about murder is murdering someone else, not being murdered yourself. Anyone have info on that?

Example: Repetitive dream meaning?

i keep having the same dream over and over again where when i break up with someone i dream that that person is stabbing me over and over but im smiling and im lying on the ground waiting to die but i dont, however the last dream was slightly different he was hugging me as he stabbed me and the word alligator kept popping in my head ( i didnt see an alligtor just heard the word) what is the meaning of this

i also have another repetitive dream where theres a house on fire and all my friends are inside and only i can get in and it ends with one of 2 endings 1: i get them all out and then die from smoke inhalation or 2: i get them all out barring one cus im so tired but i lie on top of the other person and i die but they dont cus i protected them can someone tell me the meaning of both these dreams please?

Example: Help on meaning of dream: dreamt of being dead and floating but needed to go back as someone's waiting for me?

I dreamt of being with my mom and brother but seemed we were already dead and are spirits. I grasped my mom's hand so we will not be separated. She said that i should go back to my body as it is being revived and that my loved one whom i have a rift with is waiting for me to go back. I then saw my body in the hospital bed, being revived, with my loved one talking to my body while electric shock waves are being administered to get me back to life. 

Help on the interpretation :-) btw, my mom
And bro are still alive. They were just both in the dream

Example: Shes Waiting, Dream meaning?

So i had this dream me, my best friend and his sister are all riding bikes ti get to somewhere. They speed up and i cant catch up so i get there later when i get there his sister is in some sort of waiting room waiting for me and i have to hit a button to be let in, and i cant figure out what button to press then i wake up, what do u guys think it means?

Example: What does it mean to dream that you are waiting in line?

I've had this dream about three times already, but it is at different locations. The first one is at the beach, that I'm waiting to go into a night club, second is that I'm at an amusement park and it's really sunny and the last dream that I was waiting outside by a church. Can anyone answer this one?

Example: What does it mean if someone says there is a "requiem for a dream waiting for you"?

i imagine it means something bad due to the movie. i would think it means something devastating is waiting to happen. but is there any oter reference to "requiem for a dream?

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