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Dream About Wagon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What might my dream mean?

My dream began with me driving in an older model station wagon (not our real car but a lot like a car my mom had when I was a kid) with my husband and son. I was driving and came to a drawbridge, and no one was in front of me and I drove right off the edge and into the river. But it was ok because my car floated to the bank on the other side and I continued. Then we went to the grocery store and got some eggs and had to go back to exchange them because three were completely broken but the yolks wouldn' t break. While we were there we saw my grandmother and offered her a ride home. She got in the car and I noticed we were packed like we were going somewhere. Then we picked up my parents and continued over the bridge and I fell off into the river just as I did the previous time and the car floated to the other side. When we got to the bank it was a campground and everyone except me and my father started setting the picnic table up for dinner. My dad decided he really wanted to see a snake so the two of us started walking along the river turning over rocks looking for one. The entire time I was really worried about him getting bit by a rattlesnake. He eventually found a small black poisonous snake and started poking it with a stick and laughing while I was begging him to leave it alone before he was bitten. We were walking on the path back to the picnic table all the while with my dad poking the snake with the stick and me telling him to leave it alone. Eventually, I stepped back and I felt something on my calf and and I saw I had been bitten by a different snake that was many times larger. I fell down and hugged my pregnant belly worrying about the baby (which I had not noticed I was pregnant in the dream until then). Then I fell down unconscious. That's when I woke up.

So what might this dream mean.

It means your future 3 children will be in danger due to a snake/sneak that bites them or your from behind (calf being a child). It isn't the snake in front that you can see that causes the harm.

Color of them may relate to the skin color of the person who causes the problem.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with people I didn't know, and walked into a small temple with oxygen tanks, there was an old almost broken wagon that carried people and I had a flashback of a photo of people working on the temple. I baked a PIE, chocolate cream was the one I baked, also my fav, so my dad took a peice of my pie and I cried and the pie somehow flattened like it was sad. A dragon was chasing me in my garage and he was breaking the floor, and I saw my cat near me. At the end of my dream, I brought my crush home to people that aren't actually his family in real life but I gave my crush a hug saying, "your too tall! I can barely hug you!" He laughed (he is pretty tall) and then I said, "see you on Saturday!" With a wink and I heard his family say, OOOHHH... Like when someone is about to get teased.
The weird part is that I actually am going to see my crush on Saturday

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Here are a few dreams I have had in as much detail as possible, please attempt to decipher them. Some of them are over 3 years old. The more you can figure out the more points you get (Most of my dreams are in third person, is this strange?):

1. This dream was not exactly in black and white, but in white and brown. But anyway: It looked like it took place inside of an auto shop, there was a black car in the background inside the shop (this is the room in the auto shop where you actually work on the cars and has garage doors leading outside). The camera/my view was in a fixed position facing a wall where a kid roughly in his early teens (he was not me) was getting kicked and beaten to death by two other men that were possibly in their twenties. Thats all I can remember for that one.

2. This dream took place at my house inside the living room. There was a third-person view of me looking at myself staring out a window while it was pouring outside. I noticed that water collected and made a little stream outside the house (roughly only 1 foot across). I ran out side up next to the stream and I jumped into it. Just then I fell through the wet ground and was submerged in what looked like an underwater trench with steep walls on both sides roughly 5 feet apart. The current of this new stream wasn't strong but I couldn't swim to the surface and I slowly sank down where the I could not see a bottom. From the light from the surface of the water, I saw a large looking shark swim toward me and it opened its jaws and just before it ate me I woke up.

3. This dream I had within the last month, also in third person. I was working on a farm in a cleared area through the woods. The farm was two stories high with many small pens inside and outside that contained chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, and goats. The farm was around 100 feet in length and 18 at width and next to a lightly wooded area. The farm was at the top at a slight slope that was at a 15 degree angle. There was around 4 acres of clear grass that formed a circle (with the barn at the top) with a few scattered trees (around 5-8). A dirt road ran across the grassy property as a diameter to the circle. But anyway, that is just describing what the place looked like. So I was working on the farm alone when an old truck with a wagon with a tarp hood drove a quarter way up the road. Two lightly bearded men got out and stole a great deal of animals while I wasn't looking at them. They then drove away with the animals. Somehow, I don't know how, I arrived at what to be an underground cellar bar with many men, I easily pointed out the two thieves. From nowhere, I pulled out a revolver and shot them and was able to get the animals back home safely. That was pretty much it.

So if you can see if any of them mean anything or just post your thoughts (meanings preferred) I would be grateful. By the way, I am in my early teens if that helps. Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey, when I was younger I had a dream where I was pulling an empty red wagon down a dirt road. On the left were trees and on my right was an empty field with no crop. In the dream I keep looking around me and I finally looked up, there were hundreds of birds. I'm not sure if they were crows, ravens, vultures, or what. But they had this really scary feeling about them. After that I can't remember, but I think I woke up. Does anybody have an idea what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was an exchange student in America. I'd stay with a host family and everything. I was at the airport terminal in America looking for my host family when Johnny Depp is there holding up a sign with my name on it. I went over to him and he was like: "I'm not even your host, get in the car" and I was like: "Okay". Which I wouldn't have done in real life. We got into this old white, dirty station wagon and he made put on this seatbelt that went over my legs and across my body like on a rollercoaster and a crash helmet. He made me scream: "BLAST OFF!" and the car went on it's way going only 10 miles per hour. So the conversation went like this:

Me: So if you're not my host what am I doing here?
Johnny: I need a lawyer
Me: I'm 16 years old.
Johnny: I need a lawyer
Me: What did you do?
Johnny: I stole grapes
Me: Why?
Johnny: They're green now be my lawyer

Okay so that was it what does that mean.

Example: What Does My dream Mean?

Me and my boyfriend were in a purple sparkly rollar coaster and I forgot to put my seatbelt on (that would so happen in real life) and as we were going through a loopty loop I flew out down and I looked up and my bf was trying to reach me and I could still feel myself falling for a longggg time! I knew I was going to die, and then I woke up! lol I was so relieved it wasn't real but I wonder why my mind came up with this whole image. Am I trying to tell myself something?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I was riding in a station wagon with ex-boyfriend whom I have loved since we broke up a year ago.

We were alone in the car; he was driving on the left side (weird because we're North American) and I was in the front seat next to him. To the right of us there was a big field and a wood fence between the road and the field. He started driving fast, and I was a little bit concerned because he had just gotten his permit, but not afraid or nervous. Then he turned right and broke through the fence, entering the field. We kept driving on the field and I think we ended up in a red brick alley, but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance if you can figure it out :)

Example: What does this dream mean part 2?

This is the second part to my other question what does this dream mean?
So I wagon the table I felt like a zombie and I looked and saw the girl to the side of me she looked so healthy now. I felt like mabey I was suppose to be turning into what she was. I dunno but it was weird. After that I woke up.
So what does that mean I'm a sacrifice? My astrology sign is ram didn't they use to sacrifice them in rituals? Also ever since this dream I only have dreams something or someones after me. Lime mobs of people, snakes, ect. Please help me understand. Thanks you :)

Example: Any idea what this reoccurring dream could mean?

I've had this dream a couple times now, and it never deviates from the same basic series of events.

The dream seems to happen in this kind of series of flashes and sticks with me most the day. It also ends curiously, though I have to admit it makes me laugh. (Good kind of laugh.) I guess looking at myself being somewhat silly for maybe reading too much into it.

In the dream it begins with me traveling abroad. I don't know where I am since I can't read the signs, but it's someplace in Europe, that much I know. In the next flash, I'm hiking somewhere and have a fall, breaking my leg. I'm in the distant woods and all by myself and feel pretty hopeless.

Here's where things turn odd.

In the next series of flashes I see myself lying on this pallet in the back of a traditional type (or at least as any story might write them) horse drawn gypsy wagon. My leg is mended and I'm being tended by this gorgeous girl (I guess around 18-20) but I can't speak. It's not like my mouth is gagged, but for some reason I can't make a sound come out of my mouth.

In the last flash, I'm sleeping with this girl. Now it's not sexual, but more like she's trying to protect me or keep me warm. It's as though it's very cold there and she keeps speaking to me, saying something that I don't understand but it sounds caring. Kinda like a mother to a child. As before, I can't speak during this, being unable to produce some sound from my mouth.

A couple times of this I've awoke, only to find myself curled up in a ball with one of my pillows held tightly to me, almost as I was holding the girl in the dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So me and some friends are staying at a hotel in this dream and my whole school is there with us. There is a room we always go into and it has tons of windows and a view of a river and forest...

So we were outside for this big gathering about something and the cops show up with long limo like cars that can hold 20 people if they need to (but they are still cop cars).
They said someone had illegal drugs and they need to do a head count and search all the rooms for the drugs. So they had us line up and we would say our name and go into the window room, I was one of the first people to go to the table and the person at the table claimed to be my mother and this person was Angelina Jolie (weird I know) so she's like "Oh go right through hun". So it seemed normal to me so I walked into the window room and a couple friends followed.

The room smelt like smoke and my friend (who will go by the name of Jen) opened the closet door and started freaking out because someone turn the burner on (like a science lab burner) and it was over heating and was going to explode! And there was fire in the closet as well. Jen wasn't worried about the fire on this oil barrel in the closet, she was more worried about the burner so she shut it off and didn't bother with the oil and just walked out of the room with some other people.

I find out the person who set the blaze and had the drugs was this annoying girl I hate in real life.

So I was alone and I was searching the room for a fire extinguisher but couldn't find one anywhere, I found one in the corner but it didn't work so i threw it at the blaze and then the room blew up...

I was still alive and then some crazy guy in a scream outfit took me away... and then I woke up shaking.

too many movies? or does it mean something?

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