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Dream About Wages meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning. Bat bite, cut off arm, hospital.?

Took a nap and had a strange dream... We were all grown up, the kids and everything, it was cool. Umm myself n my middle sister always see each other but never my older sister even as older version of us, I went to visit my older sister and waiting for my niece because I hadn't seen her in a very long time, for some reason I didn't take the boys,(my children) I left them house sitting, so my neice knocks and there she is tall and beautiful, she comes in and for some reason the door stays open and after a while I decide to close the door but next a weird looking creature comes in, it was a blue with white edges, it was a bat...very weird, as it gets back close to the door I slam its head, its strong and pushes the door, n I run away, n I put my arm up, all this is happening n my sister in the kitchen not knowing about the situation, I can't scream for help, the bat is biting on my shoulder, in my dream, it hurts I felt the poison settle in. I can't scream n I don't know from where my middle sisters husband is sitting by the kitchen n I got out a help, n he threw something at it but again it gets out and bites me again this time on my lower arm. After that my bro in law shhoooed it away and it left the house. I then got up and I said I'll be fine, I had a jacket on, so I took it off, and fell on my bro in law, the bites were bleeding allot, half my body was numb. I was on the floor, yelled my throat is getting numb, n I couldn't breath. And fainted.I woke up screaming , seeing lights up, I was in a hospital, I saw they had my arms spread n yelled at the sound of chain saw cutting off my arm. N I was just in tears. (the funny part the cut of half my arm not the while thing, n I got bitten on my shoulder)After that there was a scene In this dream, the decision was up to my husband s family, my family n husband. My family decided to cut off my arm bcus couldn't c me die, husbands family to let me die, the last decision was my husbands and he decided to cut it off.

For years you are holding onto some bitterness or unforgiveness toward this older sister. And because of this the door is being left open for a demonic attack and set fear in you. The brother-in-law symbolism for angel and shoos the bat away. Hospital place of help, Could be a church, they are helping you by cutting off the thing that causes offense, helping you by showing you how to forgive and walk in love, not literally cutting your arm off. And your family loves you by helping you get passed this thing with your sister, which brings life and not death.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bitterness is known in the Bible as spiritual poison and a means by which many are defiled (Hebrews 12:15). It is the source of countless spiritual and physical problems in millions of lives today. The Bible tells us that MANY are defiled by the means of bitterness. Bitterness can be tricky to recognize because it's not a symptom or visible on the surface like anger usually is.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Alot I the times when I have dreams in come true in some way I honestly think I'm gifted that way for example I had a dream that me and one of my exs where going to get back together and the next dy we did. I had a dream that my friends mom died and a months later she did. I had a dream that my friend got her arm cut off and some time later her finger got cut off ( I was there when it happens and has to carry it to the hospital) but any way this last dream I had I met this girl at a museum. It was a museum about segregation and there was a bus that we could get on. The bus was a replica of how the buses looked back then and it had manniqans and they were all looking at me with these really angry faces. But then I saw the girl and she starte talking to me I have need seen his girl in real like before I can really remember what he face looked like all I can remember was her being pretty. So we started talking for like 30 min and she was really nice it was like we were best friends and had known each other for forever. We were having such a grate time together. I had asking her is she wanted to walk with me home ( I was thinking she would say yes because we had such a grate time together we were like best friends even though we just met) sh said yea but when I turned to look at her her nose grew like Pinocchio nose when ever he lies so I laughed at her and made fun if her and then asked why was she laying to me she said she wasn't an then he nose grew again make. Long story short her nose keep growin and I couldn't understand why becaus wage seemed like she liked me alot but then lied to me I have no clue who his girl in my dream was do u guys junk this dream is tellin me something if so what?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have stomach aches and go to a doctor who happens to be my art teacher of 2 years ago. She shows me a blood test & everything seems to be good except that I have very low fat. I tell her "I don't eat much sweet things!" (in reality, I do and I know it is irrelevant to low fat). She tells me not to worry & says the only way she'll be able to flip my stomach is if I take some acidic liquid. I drink it and she flips my stomach around - it looks cartoon-ish & the acid is in the shape of many little ants flowing in a circle of yellow liquid. She tells me to eat all the acid (ants), I give in and swallow them slowly like eating soup out of my own intestines. As I do, I enter my digestive system which is a green public bus with seats that has a few people on it already. I sat down and it seemed as though the bus was getting digested by driving through my friend's town in a super-fast video-game mode.

Example: What does it mean to dream about hell?

I had a dream that I went to hell and the sky was a dark red it was also smoke in the air. I was standing there by myself and I herd a voice so I looked down and the ground had faces of the dead. Your thinking how come I didn't feel the faces under me, I ask myself the same thing. Arms began to come from the ground and pull me down with them, but I couldn't fight they were too strong. Next you know I'm part of hell's floor. What kind of **** is that? Does that mean I'm going to hell? I'm not a bad person at all.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in this wild west town that has been run by medieval knights.
They told me they invaded Iran in 375 a.d (I think it was called Persia then) and China in 400 a.d. When they returned from their crusade to this town they separated in two clans (something like mafia but medieval one).

So what does it mean to dream of knights who are waging war somewhere in Texas and acting like mafia?

Dreams might not have meaning but I'm interested in how would you interpret it.

Example: Dreams-what do they mean?

I continue to have this oncurring dream that I'm either working or visiting my old job that I haven't been at for at least six years. What could that mean?

Example: What Does The American Dream Mean To You?

Where did this phrase originate from? I always here it but did it start some where?
What does it mean to you?

I guess for me, "The American Dream" is not something I can say. I feel like it is so vaguely used.

Example: Please help me find out what my dream means?

Okay, I had these two dreams about showering.

In the first dream, there was this building in town that gave out free showers every once and a while. My mom wanted me to go with her because she didn't want me to miss my chance. She said it would be stupid to pass up such a good opportunity. I really didn't want to go, but I went anyway because it seemed to mean a lot to my mom.

In the next dream my parents told me to go to this lady's house and take a shower there. They gave me some money to pay her and told me to not come back untill I took the shower. I really didn't want to go, but I went to the house anyway. I asked the lady how much she charged and she told me it was one hundred dollars. I told her no because it was too expensive for a shower and left her house. She shouted after me that I'd regret not taking her offer. I went to te next house over and it had a big sign that said 'cheap showers here.' I went in and asked how much it cost. (more)

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I live south and there was this big storm and i couldn't find my parents (I'm 13) me, my sister and my three friends (Leonie: my bff, Austin: my best guy friend, and Tyler: my other best guy friend) we had to take my parents car b/c they died and we had to move north away from the storm first we went to a cheap tacky motel and in the middle of the night there was a big storm and then the roof started to come in so we had to go farther north and we went to a better hotel and then we got jobs and we had to pay bills and buy house hold products (like soap, shampoo, dish washing liquid tooth paste, plates, forks, toilet paper) and when we first got our pay check we were like wow we have money but then we all had to put our money together and buy the list of stuff above and it was like after we had bought that we had to pay for the hotel and buy my little sister (she is 4) clothes we had very little for gas and food to the fact we all made minimum wage and had to buy food and supplies for 5 people so we tryed and after a year or so I guess we got financially settle (we had been saving for a good while) and we got a beautiful house wher we all got our own room (but my little sister slept in my room because I am just so protective over her she had a twin bed in my room and i had a twin as well )and finally got stuff like new clothes (because we packed like 4 outfits per person so we had to buy a lot of washing detergent) but we were getting new clothes then we got phones because we couldn't afford them at first and we just lived there and by the time I was 15 I had a family and pretty nice house

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was Link and I was on this island in the sky, much like skyloft but very dark and really bigger buildings. So big I had to climb them like mountains, much like in catherine. It was me, llia, and collin. I had lost all my weapons. We saw a school in the distance that looked like Hogwarts or something. Basically a really big Castle. We got to the school and llia and collin ran into the school and suddenly I heard screams. I came through the door, I bumped into this guy. I forgot what he looked like exactly but he was very dark and brooding. Kind of looked like Zant in a sense. I looked into the building and saw that it was a restaurant filled with monsters and demons. They were all eating and socializing like humans. I put my attention to the guy. I remember saying his name, but for some reason I don't remember the name. He told me he would kill me. But I offered him the triforce willingly if he could help me find llia and collin. We made a deal and started looking for them. I was looking at the demons. While the guy was looking under tables. The tables were like fancy restaurant tables. Round and covered by long draping table clothes. The tables would change to red then white. And I remember my view kept changing. I was first person as link and then I could see link in third person like in the games. I asked one of the waitresses who looked like telma if she seen any kids running around in here. She said they should be hiding and it would be easy to find them. She was staring at the table clothes. So i looked under the tables and found a poe. It chased me out of the building. I layed on the grassy hill in front of the building. I started throwing a tantrum, pounding at the grass, because I didn't have my weapons and because I couldn't turn into a wolf. Then I saw some of my friends from real life across the campus and waved at them. They waved back and went to their class. I walked around the building and saw four of my friends from real life. They said they were going to help me sneak in the second floor because thats where llia and collin were. Before we started climbing the brick walls. A couple from the first floor window saw us. And we ran to hide behind a tree. All of a sudden we saw large red eyes in the sky staring at us. My friend was next me and she starting saying that the monster was staring at her. She ran out to the field. It was coming straight forward and then I realized it was coming after me. It was just a big black face with glowing red eyes. I ran until it started chasing my other friends. I noticed that me and my friends were power rangers. The giant face turned into the red power ranger who was possessed by a demon. I kicked him on the floor and everything was back to normal. Thats all I remember. What does it mean?

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