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Dream About Video meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I dreamed that I was like on this rollercoaster thing then from The top it turned into this slide and one of The people that was with us died. Then I suddenly was in this tiny house, I turned on The TVs, then there was a Michael Jackson video that was they don't really care about us. What does The video mean/ dream.?
Thank You

The roller coaster represents something that you are trying to achieve that is difficult and a little scary, but you know is worth the effort. Your are nervous about what could go wrong (the slide/deaths). Death in dreams doesn't mean actual death, but a failure or ending. The video expresses your concern that you are in this on your own, and those around you don't care about what you're going through.

I suggest finding a friend who is a good listener and telling them about how nervous/concerned you are. Just putting your feelings into words sometimes helps. If you can't find anyone, put it writing. If you put your worst fears in writing, sometimes you can see how silly they are; e.g. "If I don't pass this exam I'll never graduate or get a good job and I'll end up serving hamburgers the rest of my life!"

Some anxiety is normal--it keeps us on our toes. Just do something fun and get your mind off your problems for a while. Good luck!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where at one point I was watching Squidward's Suicide (i know its a creepypasta), I watched it with one of my support teachers at school, in the "episode", it had the only solid piece of evidence of its existence, the picture where Squidward was laying on his bed staring at the viewer with blood in his eyes and an inky think going around them, after a few seconds, the picture changed, I think Squidward looked normal, but the background was completely different, then Squidward shot himself, blood shot out everywhere, but brain matter didn't fly out of his head, his head was still intact, thats all I remember from my dream, could it have some meaning? Please don't tell me that it means nothing! Thats not an answer!

P.S: The reason that I am reposting this question is that an idiot gave me an answer that I didn't want, and I don't think there will be anymore answers on the first post of that question.

Example: Dream meaning?

So there's a boy who i really hate, but he keeps showing up in my dreams. Like in the first one, he's playing xbox with my dad, and in the next he's apologizing to me for being so mean to me. In my friends dream, we got married. Does this mean that i have repressed feeling of a lovish nature?

Example: What does my recurring dream about video stores containing no movies mean?

In the past two weeks, I've had this dream four or five times and I'm wondering what my subconscious is telling me by repeating it:

I go to a video store looking for a specific film and there's always a lady working there who asks if she can help me find it but I always tell her I am sure I'll be able to find it. However, as I explore the video store, I can't find where they keep any movies. I can only find food and books. I also find some rooms (always carpeted) which contain nothing but some chairs lined up along the walls. The dream continues as I keep looking at rooms and I wake up without ever finding any videos.

Does anyone have any idea what the dream means?

Example: I had a dream last night that my exboyfriend made a video apologizing for abusing me. what does this mean?

i was in this relationship for quite some time. as time went on the abuse only got worse. now that i am out of the relationship i keep having these reoccurring dreams with him in them, the theme is always different but he is always in them.

Example: What does it mean to dream of making a music video with a celebrity?

Ok so first the dream started out like, I was part of a new paparazi "crew", and they were describing who everyone was for me. And then, I went shopping in London, England (just as a normal girl). And I was wearing pink, it was a light colored pink. And then somehow, I saw Rob Pattinson (and I mean I like Rob as a person, I just don't think we would date eachother, I mean I like him, don't me wrong, I do. But I'm only 17, he like 24?.. I think he would just see me as a little sister anway)...So then, somehow we new eachother, and we went to this music video set, and I was wearing a yellow long dress, and we were out on a bridge. And their were cameras everywhere, paparazzi. You name it the works. And, we started to film, but my dress got cought in something on the bridge. Rob helped me, and then we kept going. But then the director said to stop. And then he came over to us, and explained what to do. And then we started again, and we held hands this time, and then we just skipped all over the bridge, and their were clowns and stuff. And it felt like we were king and Queen even though we didn't have any crowns. And then the dream ends. What does this mean?..

Oh, and P.S. I am not one of those annoying fan girls who "love" Rob when they don't even know him. I don't even like him like that, I just think he's a great guy/person. What does this mean?.. And I am starting to audition for legit things in the entertainment industry so I don't know if this has anything to do with it or what... But any ideas would be greatly appriciated :) Serious answers only please :)

Oh and their was this one part, where it looked like I was someone else, like from the movie "Madeline", where I was drowning, and Rob didn't come and get me, and then the boat broke, because it was old, and yeah, but then some weirdo came and got me out of the river..

What does this mean?.. I'm really confused. Thanks :)

Example: What does this mixed-up video game/anime dream mean?

(Ninten, Ana, Ness, Paula, Lucas, and Kumatora are from EarthBound!)
Well, Ninten and Ana were married to each other, and Ness and Paula were too. Lucas and Kumatora were as well, but they had a child, who was actually Sonic The Hedgehog! (Also, they appeared to be the same age they were in their games! SONIC AND AMY ARE FROM SONIC THE HEDGEHOG) Sonic was dating Amy Rose, and surprisingly, Yugi and Tea (From Yugioh) were dating, too, but Yugi was the person who seats people and Tea was a waitress! Marik and Mai(From ygo) were having a double date with Sonic and Amy. Also, they all had Pokemon, but they were ALL Duskulls! (The ghost Pokemon.) Then Link (the legend of Zelda) randomly appeared from inside the Duskull, and them six more Duskulls generated out of the Duskull Link came from, and Link landed on their table, and those six new Duskulls belonged to him! However, May and Brendan(Pokemon) were in the restaurant, riding on a giant cat! And they had a Mudkip and Treecko, but those were soon changed into Duskulls! What was this dream all about!?

Example: My Dream meaning...?

I was at the fair with my uncle and aunt and we were driving through the fair in a car, and they said i couldnt go because i was in trouble so they parked the car at a 7 eleven (convience store) and this yellow wall came up from the ground surrounding the store and my aunt and uncle left me and then i was home, it was night and i walked outside and their trees they put christmas lights in(they actually do in real life) just shut off...so it was dark outside in the backyard so i went in the house and my aunt and uncle where in the living room and my uncle said The lights are? Lets turn them on! and he plugged two plugs together inside.
and then a commercial came on for Inuyasha Feudal Combat (its a video game which i have in real life) but the commercial showed an entirely different thing the same characters in the game but doing different things

What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream your in a video game?

The whole dream doesn't take place just in a video game, it started with me dieing from an accident, but I was in somebody else's body. I later came out from a car, and these ghost like people were staring at me. The one touched me, and by his face it looked like he got a "high" from it. We walked into a building, and when I got inside it was like I was in a video game... I was the only one around, but I could a couple people talking. That's when I got too scared, mentally 'paused' the game, and woke up. What does this dream mean? Thannxx

Example: What do dreams that are set up like video games mean?

Like you see yourself preforming several tasks like fighting monsters but you also don't see through your eyes but instead a camera mode like in a video game along with the status of yourself or the character below displaying HP and MP.
What does this mean?

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