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Dream About Video Store meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

This isn't the dream. Ok i recently moved to a new house in a different town and my brother got a new wii game called Need for Speed Carbon. That might help you with your answer. Ok here's the dream.

I was in my house that i live in right now and then my mom all of the sudden said we have two houses! So we just like poofed to our old house which really didn''t look like it and it had a giant backyard. We went inside and i went downstairs. I saw stuff that we left behind at the old house.(it was games that we don't even own) The basment looked the same and when i went in the storage room where the washer and stuff was there was a small t.v and a i told my brother that there was a playstation 5 downstairs.(there isn't even a playstation 5) I saw the t.v and playstation in another dream. So from there i think it went to like a store and lindsey lohan was there!? we had a dog and his face started getting red and he started running everywhere. Then something weird happened like every was acting like zombies and getting into there cars. So i ran into the car with lindsey then we went on a canyon. She said we had to race and gave me a wheel. It looked exactly like a need for speed carbon race like one of the canyon races where you can fall off so when went and i drove us off the cliff and smashed the car. Then i woke up!

So i'm just wondering what does this crazy messed up dream mean!

I think it mainly means you miss your old house since you are dreaming about going back to it.
As for the Need For Speed video game, you must have been thinking about it/ playing it the day before. Our brains are so complex, they take things we have been recently thinking about/ worrying about and put them in our dreams.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

So I had a dream where a bipolar girl was on a video chat website, like chatroulette, and she met a strange guy. The guy made her laugh, cry, and he scared her. When she was laughing, he pulled out a gun & said in the creepiest way possible, 'Veronica, look over here!' & She started crying. Then he shot himself. I don't know anyone named Veronica. Do you have any idea what this dream means?

Example: What did the dogs dream mean?

I dreamed I found a lost puppy and it was either a husky or a scottish terrier. I was begging my father to let me keep it and she agreed. But when I picked it up, it died when I accidentally turned it over. So I killed it by mistake. Then I had a dream about Golden Retriever who I also found and wanted to keep. Again, my father said I could keep, and the dog looked more than Happy and actually wanted me to keep it. However, it soon ran away and I was crying for both of the dogs. Then Later, I went into a video store, looking for my dog, which was ironic. What did it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok I had this dream last night and it includes my ex of a year (He stopped talking to me (complete cold-shoulder) completely) and a guy I have never met before.
So basically I was driving (I can't drive being I'm 14) to a video game store. I didn't get anything and went home and then I went back and started talking (well flirting) and then when I was about to leave the guy asked me if I wanted to go dinner later. He had asked it so nervously I laughed and said definitely. All of a sudden my ex walks out from this door that led to the basement of the store. And he was yelling at me about saying yes to this guy and I was crying and then I got back into my car and he got in too and somehow he was in the drivers seat. And we were driving down the street really fast and he was still yelling at me for basically everything I did or didn't do when we were dating and I was crying and asking him to slow down and to steer (he wasn't holding onto the steering wheel). I don't remember much about what he was yelling or what I was crying back. But I do remember quite well myself crying "If I kiss you will you grab onto the steering wheel" (We had only kissed once, my first). I think he laughed (evilly). All of a sudden I saw my teacher looking at me and shaking her head (Yes, she knew my about my situation) and then I woke up.
So what do you think this mean? It was the first time I had seen my ex in a dream in a while, and I have no idea who the video store guy was.

Example: What does my recurring dream about video stores containing no movies mean?

In the past two weeks, I've had this dream four or five times and I'm wondering what my subconscious is telling me by repeating it:

I go to a video store looking for a specific film and there's always a lady working there who asks if she can help me find it but I always tell her I am sure I'll be able to find it. However, as I explore the video store, I can't find where they keep any movies. I can only find food and books. I also find some rooms (always carpeted) which contain nothing but some chairs lined up along the walls. The dream continues as I keep looking at rooms and I wake up without ever finding any videos.

Does anyone have any idea what the dream means?

Example: What do these dreams mean...?

Usually it's rare that I have bad dreams, they're mostly just weird, but still fun. Lately I've been having dreams and I'm just in my room doing nothing, looking out my window at the world go by. My brother would be hanging around his friends and my mom would be just outside holding hands with her boyfriend, and everyone overall was happy but me. I was alone, by myself. I also have dreams of family members (and my moms bitter ex-boyfriend) coming after me with verbal and physical abuse. I don't really go out with my friends much because I can't afford it, and even when they have movie nights I can't go sometimes depending on who's house it is because I have really bad pet allergies. Also, my mom and I don't really get along (the family never bonds) and I'm graduating high school this May and off to work/college this fall, and I'm stressing. How can I just relax? I've even woke up crying a few times because of the hate and abuse in my dreams, it seemed so real? Thanks in advance

Example: What do this dreams mean?

What do this dreams mean?
it started 2 nights ago i had a dream about Enrique Iglesias he was like my boyfriend or something like that . then again last night i had a dream that it started out i saw my old friends from school and then
adam sandler was in my dream he was siting next to me . we were at a award show or something and then someone came on stage impostering michael jackson he was singing beat it .
then i was at a store thats all i can remeber so what dose it mean?

Example: My Dream meaning...?

I was at the fair with my uncle and aunt and we were driving through the fair in a car, and they said i couldnt go because i was in trouble so they parked the car at a 7 eleven (convience store) and this yellow wall came up from the ground surrounding the store and my aunt and uncle left me and then i was home, it was night and i walked outside and their trees they put christmas lights in(they actually do in real life) just shut off...so it was dark outside in the backyard so i went in the house and my aunt and uncle where in the living room and my uncle said The lights are? Lets turn them on! and he plugged two plugs together inside.
and then a commercial came on for Inuyasha Feudal Combat (its a video game which i have in real life) but the commercial showed an entirely different thing the same characters in the game but doing different things

What does this mean?

Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

The other night I dreamnt that my boyfriend who passed away was sitting on the couch playing a video game and my mom's friend was sitting on the other couch helping my mom take care of her feet,and I was like watching from afar,like it was a vision...Then last night I dreamnt that my boyfriend and I were in the store,I was pushing the cart and he was walking beside me with his arm around me and I said "we need juice" then we walked over to the juice and he picked it up and put it in the cart...They say you dream what is in your self-conciouse,but seriously why would that be in my self-conciouse?I dont believe in that.

Example: I had a dream about me and my mom watching a video about this little ghost boy, what does it mean?

The little boy in the video was just running back and forth and in my dream, I went to bed and I saw the boy from the video. I just want to know what this means.

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