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Dream About Video Games meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I am dreaming about video games! Is that a sign - and how to stop it?

ok, i was dreaming this night.. just as always. i was sitting in school and i had to write some stuff down when two girls came in, and shouted 'lets play!' i was thinking about some adult stuff, but then i was in the world of mgo! (metal gear online)
since i know these girls from real life, i know that they are not into action gaming. i was throwing one of the girls to the ground, just like you would do in mgo. while she was on the ground, i tried to stun her with the stun knife (that sends out electric charges). but she didnt get stunned. i was using that thing over and over and she was screaming like bytch. then my teammate (whoever that was) showed up with his uber cheatin gun. i was thinking about getting a gun from the enemy, so i throw her to the ground once again and tried to take away her gun, she was shooting a few times but (glitch or something xD) didnt hit me from 2 inches away. i was able to get her gun when she gave up and raised her hands...

as i said, i know this girl from real life and it hurts me to dream sick stuff like that. (especially that stunning stuff)

i think its because i want mgs4 so bad! for those who dont know: mgo comes with mgs4 on one disc.
i have to wait till christmas for my ps3.. could the meaning be, that i want a game more than i want a girl? idk, im lost!

like another time: i was playing battlefield 2 for the first time in my life on a friends puter, i was amazed by that game!
so i dreamed that this little guy from lord of the ring (the fat guy with the axes) and me were surrounded by enemy tanks, and he was like laughing at the tanks. it was so dark, i didnt see nothing! well they tried to shoot that fat guy, but instead hit me. me, who was being covered by 3 walls.. they could have IMPOSSIBLE hit me... well that was more a strange than a sad dream.. but it starts to frighten me..

so is there ANY meaning behind dreaming dreams about video games?

and whats the best way to evade this!?

note:sry if my english isnt that perfect =(

always go for a girl over a video game... but anyway dreams sometimes signify more than just wanting a girl or a game... things in your dreams can be your minds representation of a conflict happening in your life... like you being hit by tanks, for example, could mean that your afraid that your going to take the blame for something bad that a friend of yours did(gimli laughed at them), even if you have an alibi( the three walls). im not saying thats exactly it but im saying that maybe your minds way of putting something simply is to use things out of games or movies.

Example: What does this mixed-up video game/anime dream mean?

(Ninten, Ana, Ness, Paula, Lucas, and Kumatora are from EarthBound!)
Well, Ninten and Ana were married to each other, and Ness and Paula were too. Lucas and Kumatora were as well, but they had a child, who was actually Sonic The Hedgehog! (Also, they appeared to be the same age they were in their games! SONIC AND AMY ARE FROM SONIC THE HEDGEHOG) Sonic was dating Amy Rose, and surprisingly, Yugi and Tea (From Yugioh) were dating, too, but Yugi was the person who seats people and Tea was a waitress! Marik and Mai(From ygo) were having a double date with Sonic and Amy. Also, they all had Pokemon, but they were ALL Duskulls! (The ghost Pokemon.) Then Link (the legend of Zelda) randomly appeared from inside the Duskull, and them six more Duskulls generated out of the Duskull Link came from, and Link landed on their table, and those six new Duskulls belonged to him! However, May and Brendan(Pokemon) were in the restaurant, riding on a giant cat! And they had a Mudkip and Treecko, but those were soon changed into Duskulls! What was this dream all about!?

Example: What does it mean if you dream your in a video game?

The whole dream doesn't take place just in a video game, it started with me dieing from an accident, but I was in somebody else's body. I later came out from a car, and these ghost like people were staring at me. The one touched me, and by his face it looked like he got a "high" from it. We walked into a building, and when I got inside it was like I was in a video game... I was the only one around, but I could a couple people talking. That's when I got too scared, mentally 'paused' the game, and woke up. What does this dream mean? Thannxx

Example: What do dreams that are set up like video games mean?

Like you see yourself preforming several tasks like fighting monsters but you also don't see through your eyes but instead a camera mode like in a video game along with the status of yourself or the character below displaying HP and MP.
What does this mean?

Example: I have this video game/ rollercoaster reoccuring dream!?

I have had this dream twice.
I walked into this building. In the front there was a man who just sat there for tickets, in a big desk. We walked up to him and we got our tickets. there is No door you walk right into th seats. It was a big circle blow-up thing. It had at least 8 seats. we all took our seats. It had train tracks and trains coming right at you and you had to move out of the way. Then you turn the corner and you go straight down a waterfall. then i woke up.
the second time i had this dream I was with My friends savanna and madie and their mom. It looked almost like C.V.S, me & savanna & madie all went and looked at magazines. After a few. i left them and went to the man at the desk and said, "I have been here before you painted it blue." He said, "I'm sorry we just opened up." I said then, "But, i was here before. There was no C.V.S and the walls were white." I just walked away. Then we got our tickets and we were sitting. This time the seat was like a sled. When we went off to the trains i fell off and i was sliding with the trains coming right at me. Then I turned the corner and i went down the waterfall. I was drowning as i was going down. I had a hard time breathing and then i woke up...

What does this mean? Thank youuss.

Example: What does a video game mean in a dream?

Example: Have you ever dreamed you were in a video game?

I mean in the game, not playing it. What was it like? Did you play video games too much that day? How was it? Can you describe it?

Example: Dreaming making a video game?

i dreamed that i had designed a video game and i was playing with it, it was awesome.Does this mean i should design it and make some money and if so where do i start?

Example: How do i o about making my dream video game series?

So one of my dreams in life and one of the biggest is to make my own video game series cause i have a story in my head about it and often when i have nothing to do i dream about it and add to it so eventually i want to bring this dream to life and hopefully have it be successful and have it be on par if not better then big titles like Tes or Gow (I would say something like cod but I would like it to have quality.) so how would one go about some thing like this my only main fear is that it would require to huge of a budget do to how ambitious it is.

Example: Dreams of being in a video game?

So, about a while back, I dreamed I was in the video game "Grand Theft Auto". I haven't played the game since 07' when the PS2 came out. I seemed to talk to the characters that were my allies, made deals about selling a car, and getting chased down while I was on a bike... It felt all so real. No, I don't play violent games( since 6 years ago). I haven't watched any violent shows. Is there a meaning to this dream? Very curious.

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