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Dream About Venus Flytrap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: If you stick your finger in a venus flytraps mouth, will it try to eat you?

I had a dream that I stuck my finger in ones mouth and it closed up on my attempting to eat me.

It will close, if that's what you mean. But, it won't "eat" you. The traps secrete an enzyme that slowly kills the bugs it catches and eventually dissolves it, so the plant can absorb the nutrients. But, you can just immediately pull your finger out when it closes.

Example: I want to know the message of this dream! help?

i had this dream were i was with my friend kristina and i looked at this plant, and this plant had frog bodies as the buds of this plant, like a venus fly trap plant but they were frogs, and the frog ate a fly with its long tounge, then a thorn bush pricked me and i pulled it off, then me and krisitina were laying down and she grabbed my hand, then i said good time (; and then we started walking and she let go of my hand and she looked at me and said rob, remember when i said that i don't starve myself, well i starve myself, and then i gave her a hug and that was the end, what does thiss mean? and me and krisitina have talked about her weight and if she starvess herself in reality before,

Example: Shall i change gender or not ?

I just want To Die right now because i won't become happy if i change My gender and i won't be happy if i don't Do it..
I want To be a girl so badly, i am a girl stuck in a guys body..
But My big passion in Life is music and i am talanted and i have big Dreams about moving To Los Angeles and live on My music...
If i go through the transition i won't be Able To succeed with the music...
How am i gonna Do ?

Example: Does my cousin hate me? help!?

right i know this seems weird and stupid... but hes really killing me here.
ok here i go.. well a few years ago i started to go out with my cousin and weve became good friends, but soon afterwards he started copying everything i did and have.. well i got myspace and then he got it and copyed everything, i started doing sports before him and then he join and started saying he was better because he moved u quiker than i did, hes just copying my identidy i can never go out with any of my friends without him other wise he goes in a big mood and hates me , also my friends from my school , he thinks there his friends. its soo anoying!
then about a year ago i got a bonsai and it was cool then he got one and i was like ok but when i went out one day i got another one . he got really mad and got another bonsai and a venus flytrap(my alltime favourite plant!) now hes like im winning the plant wars haha but now im really upset and depressed because i can never escape him because he always sleeps over at the weekend and omg i cannot stand this anymore so can anyone please help me because he like lives in my house he backstabs my mum and grandparents in front of me! the other day he went omg you grandad is soo anoying i hope he dies soon and i was like omg how can you say that but as soon as he came the next week he seemed to of forgotten i just cant cope ineed him to get away and ive become so depressed and ive had dreams of were ive died omg i feel suicidal! sorry for going on but i need help

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