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Dream About Vehicle meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamt that it was my dad my sister and me in a car. we were driving through in the dark and there were many tough looking people around. but there was this young man in particular who stared at me. then he pulled out agun, i was still in the car, and he was out side still. i told my dad to drive and then ducked and he was sitting next to me with the gun on the back of my head and shot me. it didnt hurt i just felt a tingly feeling in my head. the young man felt bad and he kept saying he was sorry and he shouldn't have done it. then we went to the hospital and i got the bullet taken out and i got stitches and some of my hair shaved off and i made a big deal out of that! but i never died!
so what does it mean.
i dreamt twice about Thursday at 7 pm before this dream.

Sometimes in a dream a vehicle is our self or life. Who is driving is significant in that that is the person in control, so your dad maybe ? Dark can mean unknown, have you just started dating or about to? A gun can mean sex. Worried about having sex? But it turns out fine, your dad steers you through a difficult period, you weren't damaged , some minor inconveniences (hair shaved etc.) but overall everything is o.k. But then again I could be completely wrong, just trying to help.

Example: What does or could this dream mean?

*Im not gonna use any of the real names*

I went to my friend Jacks house and when I got there Jack and Cody walked out and said "hey" and that there were on there way out. They took Jacks car and Cody said I could take his car and follow him. So I did but I like had to push the car at first and I told Cody "I think im gonna crash it" and then i ran into another car and he came back and said "Don't run into other cars" and i said "okay" and after that I was actually in the car driving it following them.

Then we went to like a city central, to a place to a hair place to get someone i believe. Then all of sudden there was this warning, screaming sirene, and we all ran out side and it was for a hurricanen warning. Then we went to this dentist office to get a map of where to go. And liz showed up and the city central was green and just outside of that was yellow and just out side of that was red and just out side of that you were in the clear. ( the colors are like the level of safety, clear being best then green, yellow, and red being worst) And Liz wanted to get us in the clear and didn't want to stay in the city central. So the only way to get out was to go threw peoples houses, secret passage ways. We went to this house when we opened up the door we saw a family who were sitting on their couches and staring at us, them looking dead, and the father pointed to this door and their was a path way made from baseball bats leading to the door, as we were heading to it, the little girl jumped up and started to scream and cry don't go in there,don't go in there!" So we followed her to another door and she showed us what to go threw (all the while her father was screaming "Maci how could you! we had a plan!" over and over and it sounded like he was coming towards us, so we started to hurry.) We went threw a fire place and then then behind a book shelf then she told us we had to move the table. We did and then there was a latch and a wooden door, we opened the latch and a wooden door then and then there was just a lot of fabric that you had to pull out of the way piece by piece and as i went down i felt like i was being sucked in. Then I woke up.

And the whole dream wasn't like adventure feeling, it was like death, like a do or die feeling.

Example: WHAT does my dream mean?

i had dream that i was in a hit and run (someone hit my vehicle and fled from the scene) and the only witness was KERMIT THE FROG.

Example: What does this crow dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I was a passanger in the back of a car, the driver was speeding. He shouted something I couldn't understand and then a huge flock of crows flew overhead. I look out to see them better and they are white crows with long skull-like faces. Then the deriver grabs one and thrusts it right under my face and I scream and scream...

Example: Reccuring dream meaning?

I had this happen in my dreams for the fourth time the other night, so I thought it might be a good time to get an opinion or two.
In my dream I'll be with my mother, on occasion my siblings appear. We'll be having a nice drive and come across a body of water (usually at the end of a pier). I always think my mother will stop the car but she just doesn't. She'll drive directly into the water and I'll see an enormous slash out my window then our car will slowly start to sink. I find myself unable to breathe, as though my lungs try to pull air into themselves, but there simply isn't any to take. After, this I'll wake up gasping or breathing very heavily. What I find strangest about the whole ordeal is the fact that as our vehicle becomes submerged in water my mother seems happy, ecstatic even. More full of joy than I ever see her while awake.
I've also had a similar dream to this one, the difference being my father was in the driver's seat. Also he seemed willing to let me escape with my life I could find a way. His reaction also differs from my mother's, he, on the brink of death he seems content and peaceful, ready to accept his fate.
Any thoughts?


Well recently i had a dream that i was fighting with someone i didnt know i mean im not the kind to look for trouble and i was just wondering what that meant. Another was that my sister telling me today that she had a dream that my sister was waiting outside our house and a car turned around the corner and when she got into the car she saw my uncle and grandmother who have been dead for almost 4 years. my sister would give my grandma a kiss on the cheek and my sister said her face was cold then they would just drop her off somewhere else...what could these dreams mean...?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccurring nightmare where I'm in the car with my older sister and mom and we go up a REALLY HIGH and steep mountain. The drive up is almost 180 degrees. I tell my mom and my sister I'm afraid if highs and can't do this. So I get out of the car and watch them from the base of the mountain, go up. I watch them get 3/4th's of the way up and the car tumbles down. I see my sisters and mothers face fill with horror as I watch the car crush more and more with each impact. As I view my sell fall to my knees I see the world around me turn darker and more evil. I've had this dream 2-3 times past 10 years. Please help me find out what my dream means

Example: What does my driving dream mean?

I dreamt that I was driving a large vehicle (possibly a van or light truck) and I turned a blind corner into oncoming traffic! I then had to navigate through all the other cars to get to a driveway so I could turn around again, but all the other cars were beeping at me and I got embarrassed and flustered and then I woke up. I've read all about driving dreams but none mention driving the wrong way? Can anyone interpret this for me PLEASE?

Example: Dream meaning please?

I was driving alone, on a road I know, a nice SUV at night (which wasn't my car, ive a pickup truck), the road was really really dark, suddenly 3 black cats started attacking the vehicle, trying to jump on it to harm me, only one of the cats could get attached to the windshield and I turned the wipers on haha, but it wouln't let go so I put down the window and pulled it off, while still driving. What's the meaning of this? thank you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

it started when my dad told me that we were going to drive to the southern part of the state, and i instantly fell asleep. i woke up as we drove up to a couple of houses out in the middle of no where. we saw a bobcat and watched it walk back into the woods, then my grandma came out and she was skinny and not as old looking. we went into the house and all the rooms were on the 2nd story, they told me we were staying for a while, and i complained that i didn't have extra clothes or a phone charger. and i just sat on the bed the left me with in a small room and i watched tv. there was an old window with frail curtains behind me that looked out onto the back yard.
and it suddenly got dark outside. all the sudden my tv went mute and someone played a violin behind my head outside the window, so i freaked and darted out of the room.

the went to look and see what was at the window, but whatever/whoever it was left, or was hiding. so i went back to watching tv and it happened again, but this

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